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10 Tools For Survival In The Wilderness You Need To Bring Always

Do you know what are the tools for survival in the wilderness? If you can’t name at least half of them then it is time to rethink and plan your next extreme outdoor activities. Because it’s guaranteed that you won’t last long in the wilderness given your lack of knowledge in surviving the wilderness. Hence, it is your utmost priority to know the tools for survival because they will save your life when you are in an uncomfortable crisis.

That said, we have asked some of the seasoned outdoorsmen and survivalists and a bit of research about what tools to have for survival in the wilderness.

So, if you think you lack some knowledge regarding the essential tools to bring out in the open, then here are some of those tools you need to bring always. So dig deeper by scrolling down.

10 Tools For Survival In The Wilderness You Need To Bring Always

1. Fire Starter

Tools For Survival In The Wilderness

To start with the list, one of the most important tools you need is the fire starter.

You know how the temperature in the wilderness works when it’s the day, it can be exceedingly hot but when it’s night, the temperature drastically goes down.

That’s why you will need a fire stater for you start a fire and survive the cold, keep your stomach filled with some meal you can cook from the campfire. Also, you can fight off the predators that are a potential risk to you.

Having a campfire in the middle of the wilderness is so crucial because it’s literally your beacon of hope. The fact that it can be a sign that there’s a live human being within the area especially if you are subject to search and rescue.

Apart from a fire starter, you should also bring backup fire starters like waterproof matches, a lighter, and a striker. also, supply that with some lighting aids. At least if one method fails, you have some other options.

Never ever forget this tool and you need to bring this every time you are going on camping or any activities that involve outdoor.

2. Multi-Tool Or Survival knife

Tools For Survival In The Wilderness

Having a multi-tool or survival is another lifesaver whenever you are in the worst-case scenario like stranded in the wilderness. But we prefer to have both of these because they are extremely useful tools.

These tools are very versatile as they can be self-defense for dangerous predators, for hunting tools and for skinning, or for the repair of camping gear that’s been broken, and other various things.

Fortunately, most of the designs of multi-tools are specially design for survivalists as well as the knife for survival.

Although it’s a matter of personal preference if one likes to bring either of the tool or both. The most important thing is that you never forget to bring this when you are planning to go on outdoor activities that include camping, long trails, and other extreme activities.

With that in mind, if you are bringing both of these or at least one of these, better invest in a high-quality multi-tool or a knife for survival. Because high or decent quality tools will guarantee your chance of survival than having poor and cheap quality ones.

3. Topographic Map

Tools For Survival In The Wilderness

Gone are the days of the age of discovery where the world is full of unknowns and full of unexpected events where maps are not in full details and a lot of exploration to do which involves too many risks.

Good thing we are now in the age of explored world where maps are readily available and they are even installed on any smartphone device.

That said, you need to take this opportunity by always bringing a topographic map. Much better if you have installed offline maps with your smartphone device as a second option in case you lost the map.

Furthermore, although it’s unlikely that you would get lost on your backpacking or hiking trip, there’s still a chance albeit small that you might get lost due to unpredicted events.

So in order to be prepared, it’s important that you have a map with you and know how to use it confidently. This will definitely save your life as you can easily pick up the track where you have lost.

How to read a map.

4. Compass

Similar to the level of essentiality, a compass is among the important tools for your survival in the wilderness.

This little device will help you navigate to the right path when you have taken the wrong one. That is if you know how to use it. Although you can use a GPS system.

However, relying too much on a smartphone or a GPS device will likely your downfall.

First of all, devices that are battery or electric-powered will not last long and they may not be reliable especially if you are stuck in the wilderness for several days.

You always need to think in advance and always think of the worst-case scenario in order to be prepared. So better if you know how to read the manual compass as well as bringing a GPS system or your smartphone device with installed GPS.

It’s highly advisable that you need to learn how to read the manual compass to keep you safe. So, this is another important tool to consider whenever you are outdoor.

5. First Aid Kit

Another and probably among the most important tools for survival in the wilderness is the first aid kit.

If you have a fire starter, survival knife, knowledge in hunting, and a first aid kit, these tools will guarantee your high chances of survival especially if you are in the total wilderness.

Another thing, first aid kits are so invaluable, particularly in the backcountry.

Getting stranded in a remote place is a matter of life and death because dangers are just half a step and you may be wrestling between life and death.

So, it’s important to always bring a first aid kit whenever you are camping in the wilderness. Because this is your ultimate lifesaver especially when you are hurt and to prevent any worse conditions.

Your first aid kit should have some of these items:

  • Antibacterial ointment (e.g., bacitracin)
  • Gauze pads (various sizes)
  • Adhesive wound-closure strips
  • Scissors
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Medical adhesive tape
  • Butterfly bandages
  • Sterile pads (Non Stick)

For a more comprehensive list, visit this website.

6. Emergency Survival Whistle

An emergency whistle may be a small device, but it’s so powerful enough and critical especially when in time of need.

Always carry a whistle around your neck and much better if you have some spare with other tools for survival.

A good loud whistle will signal for help and will alert nearby people who will hear it that someone is in trouble.

Just be sure to know how the basic morse codes. Aside from that, better have an emergency whistle that has 100 decibels or more.

This is because it can cut through the ambient noise and able to travel at great distances. Not only that, it will likely alert the animals such as bears and others with your presence.

7. Water Filtration

Did you know that average humans can only survive three days without water? Also, don’t assume that the water you bring is enough for your camping trip. What if you miscalculated it?

Then, you are going into deep trouble early on. Because the water you will bring will not be enough.

That’s why experienced outdoor people always bring water filters because they come in handy when their water bottles have run out.

In this case, having a handy water filter ensures safe drinking water so you stay hydrated whenever you are trapped in a remote area.

Aside from that, a water filter is extremely useful for cleaning wounds, cooking meals, repairing gear, and even for cleaning yourself. Be smart enough and wise to consider this as among your essentials whenever you are going in the wilderness.

8. Space Blanket

As we all know that the temperature in the wilderness can drop significantly especially when it’s night.

Therefore, being prepared is your best protection against harmful elements. Among the important tools for survival in the wilderness is the space blanket.

Because the open field, middle of the woods, or other places, can be a big challenge in any survival scenario.

Most of the mentioned places can affect your body’s ability in retaining the heat particularly if your clothes and body are wet.

Your body will have a hard time leveling down and stay at the right temperature. That’s why a space blanket is what you will need in those difficult situations.

What’s fascinating about these space blankets is that they are lightweight. However, you need to keep in mind that they are not an alternative to sleeping bags but they function well as a bind.

This is capable of retaining your body heat because a space blanket will reflect back the body heat and get back effectively.

9. Paracord (cordage)

Paracord is extremely handy especially if you are trapped in an elevated area such as mountains.

Every hiker and even most of the campers and other outdoor folks always have a paracord with them.

This is because it’s among the best weapon and tools you can have.

With this simple tool, the options are endless when you are going to use this.

It’s amazing how modern paracord is more sturdy and lightweight and engineered with multi-function. The materials used are multiple strands of fiber and sturdy nylon.

It’s great for climbing, reinforcing your tent’s structure, and can be used to rig tarps and even repair gear. Clearly, a paracord is in the survivalists’ checklist because of its importance.

10. Torchlight / Flashlight

Every camper or even the experienced adventurer always has a flashlight or a torchlight as part of their essential tools for survival.

And not every one of them wants to be shrouded in complete darkness because that’s a complete suicide.

So, if ever you are going for a camping trip to a remote place, wilderness, or any unfamiliar place that will take days, better bring your brightest flashlight as possible. Because flashlights should be in every campers’ survival kit.

Bear in mind that you need a flashlight that’s lightweight, compact, and small but has enough lumens to keep your surroundings bright.

Also, don’t forget spare battery packs because you never know how long a battery-powered or rechargeable flashlight will last.

Additional Tools For Survival In The Wilderness

11. Knowledge

You should also impart knowledge as well as common sense. Because this is the first step before you venture into the wilderness.

Having sufficient knowledge not just in familiarizing the tools for survival but also how to survive out in the open is the key. In addition, knowing how to read the manual navigation system i.e. compass and map is also a big factor in having a bigger chance to survive.

That said, make sure you have at least a basic understanding of each tool because this will be your companion when you get stuck or stranded in a remote area where you are unfamiliar. Also, there are numerous books and videos available that teach survival skills and it’s good to learn from them also.

Final Thoughts

With that in mind, if you are venturing into the world of the unknown make sure you are mentally and physically prepared. As they say, never go to war without complete gear and munitions. And that is also applicable to any outdoor activities. Because these tools are your lifeline and if some of them are not present in your checklist, then you will put yourself in grave danger.

On that note, never ever forget bringing some of these, if not all these in order to ensure your safety and survival. Because you never know what might happen outdoors. It’s important to be prepared and always keep calm when you are in uncomfortable situations.

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