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4 of the Best Sleeping Bag for Warm Weather

Whether you will spend the night in the woods for long days or you will just sleep there for just one night during the hot season, we always want to have a relaxing and good night’s sleep. There is no way for us to bring a comfortable bed together with an air conditioning unit in the wilderness. So, the perfect solution is the best sleeping bag for warm weather. With that, you will not easily get sweaty and uncomfortable as you sleep outdoor.

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In this blog post, I listed and reviewed 4 of the best sleeping bag designed for a hot season which I personally used during my previous camping. See which one is the coolest!

List of the Best Sleeping Bag for Warm Weather

OUR TOP PICK: Western Mountaineering AlpinLite Warm Sleeping Bag

Product Name: Western Mountaineering AlpinLite Warm Sleeping Bag

Product Description: Premium quality, lightweight, and warmth are all the features that Western Mountaineering AlpinLite Warm Sleeping Bag can offer. It generally comes with a no-snag zipper, well-molded foot box and hood, draft collar, and draft tube. However, this warm weather sleeping bag also has a sizable price tag that really worth the cost as it is highly long-lasting if treated well. The material basically comes from ripstop nylon which should be highly credited for the high thread value of the sleeping bag. Using this warm weather sleeping bag in the woods will keep you easily well-ventilated through the presence of a coil zipper with a two-locking slider pull. The no-snag zip and smooth flow zipping are actually the main responsibilities of the Dacron stiffening tape that it has.

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  • Warmth
  • Lightweight
  • Quality
  • Body covering


If you are looking for the best sleeping bag for warm weather that can generally give you all the comfort that you need, Western Mountaineering AlpinLite Warm Sleeping Bag will not fail you. It actually highlights an award-winning ultralite property with an incredible space inside. You will basically have a blissful encounter at the night in the woods with the comfort of this warm weather sleeping bag.


Product Details:

  • Closure Type – Zipper
  • Temperature Rating – 25OF
  • Item Weight – 1 lb. 15 oz.
  • Shape – Mummy


  • Warm
  • Full-length draft tubing
  • Premium quality materials
  • Lightweight


  • Too pricey


Nemo Insulated Down Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bag for warm weather

Another inclusion in the list of the best sleeping bag for warm weather is the Nemo Insulated Down Sleeping Bag. As you can see, its shape is generally unique compared to other ordinary mummy bags available in the market. This is basically roomier allowing lots of space for side sleepers.

In terms of features, this warm weather sleeping bag basically highlights elegant characteristics that you’ll surely not resist. One of those is the presence of a pocket that allows cradling of the pillow in place. There are also the thermo gills which is the distinct signature feature of the Nemo sleeping bag brand. This sleeping bag’s property usually aids in venting heat when the nights are warm.

However, since this Nemo Insulated Down Sleeping Bag tends to offer added roominess, the heat efficiency is quite lesser.

Product Features

  • Offers a feather-light and toasty warm experience during your night out in the woods
  • Comes with the cozy Nemo’s Blanket Fold that supports regulating the temperature inside the sleeping bag.
  • The Thermo gills gives off extreme control of temperature and extra versatility
  • Includes foot box that highlights waterproof characteristic and breathability that generally protects the feet from condensation keeping it warm and dry

Product Details:

  • Closure Type – Zipper
  • Temperature Rating – 25OF
  • Item Weight – 2 lb. 11 oz.
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • With pillow pocket
  • Waterproof foot box
  • Difficult to warm up
  • Heavy
  • Bulky

Kelty 3-Season Camping Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bag for warm weather

Taking functionality and price into account, the Kelty 3-Season Camping Sleeping Bag is actually the best sleeping bag for warm weather. It is actually comfortable to use at night in the woods. Moreover, this warm weather sleeping bag is also an ideal one for beginners and car campers.

Basically, the trapezoidal baffle structure that it features supports the improvement of this warm weather sleeping bag’s thermal efficiency. Due to its DriDown insulation and maintainable sourced materials, the Kelty sleeping bag is easy to pack, use, and dry. Moreover, this warm weather sleeping bag is constructed with dual-sliding, locking zippers.

With that, you may able to sleep on an anti-snag draft tube. The unzipping is done from the bottom portion allowing the sticking of the foot on the outside. Thus, it also permits self-regulation of heat while enjoying the comfort of the bag. Another good feature of this warm weather sleeping bag is the interior reserve pocket with a zipper for cellphone or headlamp storage.

Product Features

  • With enhanced thermal efficiency that retains heat within the sleeping bag
  • Lightweight and highly compressible
  • Made of durable, premium quality materials

Product Details:

  • Closure Type – Zipper
  • Temperature Rating – 32OF
  • Item Weight – 2 lb. 13 oz.
  • Shape – Mummy
  • Warm
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy
  • The zipper may snag for some time

Tough Outdoors Summer Sleeping Bag

Well, Tough Outdoors Summer Sleeping Bag is truly the best sleeping bag for warm weather and also a really big bag that can even fit a 6’6” individual. This warm weather sleeping bag is made of a highly waterproof shell and insulating filler. Moreover, it also has double zippers and a comfortable inner lining.

Aside from that, folding this bag results in an actual compact package contained within a bag. Yet, its affordability makes some campers double think about its use, quality, and durability. But, testing proved that Tough Outdoors Summer Sleeping Bag is the best sleeping bag for warm weather that is also highly recommended for light backpacking.

Product Features

  • Product dimension highly fits king-sized individuals
  • With pockets that allow storage of campers essentials like phone, amulets, keys, or lucky charms

Product Details:

  • Closure Type – Zipper
  • Temperature Rating – 60OF
  • Item Weight – 2.05 lbs.
  • Shape – Mummy
  • Durable
  • Soft inner lining
  • Roomy
  • Too bulky to pack
  • Difficult to warm up

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Sleeping Bag for Warm Weather

Like all other products, buying for the best sleeping bag for warm weather involves different factors for consideration. Below are the things that might generally affect your buying decision.

1-Temperature Rating

As you can observe, all of the sleeping bags here on the list has temperature rating. Actually, this aspect is highly important as it tends to be the legal standard for sleeping bags which was developed by the European Advisory. This aspect was adopted eventually by numbers of countries around the world in which some may use the term “comfort level”.

Generally, the term temperature rating or comfort level for sleeping bags describes the lowest possible temperature that the bag is made for. The said temperature can able to withstand by the sleeping bag prior to the average individual will feel cold. Usually, most sleeping bags show the EN or European Norm Lower Limit which is equivalent to 10 to 15 degrees lower than the EN Comfort Rating.

However, when you decide to choose the appropriate temperature rating for the sleeping bag, there is no exact science to use for it. Keep in mind that there are lots of factors affecting the warmth inside the sleeping bag. These factors generally include the clothing of the individual, sleeping pad insulation, altitude, hydration, and nutrition.

Increasing Temperature Rating

Additionally, there is also the so-called increasing temperature rating that comes in the sleeping bag. This is also a crucial thing to remember when buying warm weather sleeping bags. Always remember that you can basically elevate the warmth inside the sleeping bag most of the time by adding extra layers.

For instance, a jacket with a hood will relatively increase the warmth inside the sleeping bag as you will sleep with it. Wool base layers, gloves, or warm hats will also basically contribute to achieving extra warmth. You may also consider eating prior to getting inside the sleeping bag or keeping yourself well hydrated. Moreover, placing hot water inside the sleeping bag on the feet will also do the trick.

2-Season Rating

Aside from the temperature rating, sleeping bags are also described in terms of the season ratings. Well, this aspect tends to be a simpler one as you will have to check the following codes for the ratings:

RatingSeason ConditionTemperature
Season 1Summer+5 degrees and above
Season 2Spring / Summer+0 degrees
Season 3Spring / Summer / Autumn0 to -5 degrees
Season 4Year-round-12 degrees and lower
Season 5Extremely cold

Based on table, it only shows that camping on hot places would generally necessitate you to go for Season 1 or Season 2 rating.


The material of the sleeping bag and even of any camping gear dictates if the gear really fits in your purpose. Generally, in the market, majority of the sleeping bags come with either synthetic fabric or down. Comparing the two, a synthetic sleeping bag is the ideal sleeping bag of choice for going into hot places. This is due to the less insulation feature that it has compared to that of the down.

Additionally, the synthetic type of material for sleeping bags is actually budget-friendly and requires lesser care and maintenance. In terms of the down sleeping bags, this type tends to be more compact than the synthetic one. Moreover, down sleeping bags are also light in weight making it comfortable to carry along.

The fabric lining is also an added consideration here. Flannel linings basically have high insulating capabilities making it undesirable for hot weather conditions. With that, great alternative would be light and breathable materials like the cotton. You may also consider using a silk sleeping bag liner which offers incredible coolness during an extreme hot weather.

4-Shape, size, and weight

Generally, the sleeping bags have different shapes and sizes. Along with this is the variation in weight. There are two most common shape types of the sleeping bags. These are the envelope-shaped or also known as the rectangular and the mummy-shaped or the tapered sleeping bags.


From the name itself, the mummy-shaped sleeping bag basically fits around the body and makes you look that you are mummified. This sleeping bag is usually tapered which provide better retention of heat. The mummy-shaped sleeping bag also has a lesser weight compared to the other type.

Moreover, this bag also features a stuff sack having a drawstring and toggle. The purpose of such accessories is to allow the bag to get compressed. That’s the reason why the mummy-shaped sleeping bag tends to be an ideal one for backpacking as it is much easier to carry. So, it is better to go for this type of sleeping bag when you want to pack an ultralight backpack.


Also known as the rectangular sleeping bag, this usually comes with zippers along both sides. This generally means that the sleeping bag can be turned into a blanket due to its fully opened feature. Meanwhile, as it tends to zipped up, this envelope-shaped sleeping bag offers additional space for individuals to move around.

This sleeping bag also features a less insulating property that basically permits the movement of air. Yet, in terms of weight, this is actually heavier than the first type. Typically, the envelope-shaped sleeping bag does not include a compression sack making it bulky to carry. Because of that, using this for backpacking is a no-no.

*Which sleeping bag shape is better for warm weather?

Well, warm weather backpacking usually necessitates you to choose a mummy-shaped sleeping bag that has the lightweight feature. Make sure that it compresses in a smaller size and made with a full-length zipper to have better ventilation especially during extremely warm weather. Moreover, you can also consider using an envelope-shaped sleeping bag provided that it is also lightweight and has a stuff sack to avoid bulkiness.


Sleeping bag zippers also need to take some things for considerations. These are the following:

  • Left or right-handed zipper – having the appropriate zipper will allow an individual to easily hop out from the bag at night during an emergency. A left-sided zipper is generally ideal for right-handed backpackers and vice versa.
  • Two-way zipper – this sleeping bag is highly ideal for warm conditions because it produces extra ventilation.
  • Half-length or full-length zipper – warm weather sleeping bags with full-length zipper is the perfect one for hot places due to its feature of fully opening up the bag and allowing the heat to get out from the inside.


Moreover, you should also consider the length of the sleeping bag as it should fit in your height. Being on the edge means that you will have a better fit if the size of the sleeping bag is longer.


Obviously, this has something to do with your set budget. So, it is better to check on its price carefully and always go for the one that you can generally afford.

8-Personal Preference

Since we are all different individuals, we also have different tolerance when it comes to the weather or temperature. There are some who can able to take the heat compared to others. That’s why this factor should also be taken into account when buying a sleeping bag for warm weather. Check on the individual’s ability to deal with the heat.

In case you are comfortable working in warm conditions, better to consider this factor and choose the Season 2 sleeping bag. Moreover, in terms of gender, women have the ability to feel the cold easier than men. Additionally, women also have lower body temperature during the night. This means that female campers or backpackers should go for a slightly warmer sleeping bag.


Some sleeping bags are treated with durable water repellent in order to make the water bead up into the outer layer. However, this kind of treatment will eventually wear off over time. With that, reapplication is needed. Perhaps, this is a great feature to consider. Although it doesn’t make the sleeping bag totally waterproof, it will still incorporate added protection.

10-Add ons

Sleeping bags with inner pockets are actually another thing to consider here. This is most likely true if you are staying within a hostel. The ideal location of the inner pockets should be on the top portion of the sleeping bag. This will generally offer security and safety of valuable items like cellphones or wallets.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Usually, a warm-weather sleeping bag has a temperature rating of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can still opt to get sleeping bags with higher temperature ratings during warmer climates. There are also the 3-season sleeping bags that typically fall between 15 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet, these bags will work best in mountains or cooler weather.


A: This is generally too hot during summer but you may consider unzipping its side and make it as quilt.


A: Generally, camping out in places with warmer climates requires the use of sleeping bags with a temperature rating of about 30 to 40 degrees.  

Final Thoughts

Some sleeping bags designed for use during warm weather may generally give you better ventilation during the summer season in the woods. It is important to make your choice appropriately so that you will have a comfortable night encounter in the middle of the wilderness. So, it is always a good idea to consider those important features that you must have to look for. That way, you can basically have a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh and recharged the next morning for your camping or backpacking session.

What do you think of the sleeping bags we reviewed here? Is there anything that you’ve used in which we’ve not included in the list? Please share your thoughts with us!