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5 Best Gloves for Shooting in Cold Weather

Whether you want to master your shooting skills outdoor or just want to enjoy a fun way to pass the time, we all want to let our hands feel the comfort while hunting even out there in the cold. There’s no way for us to protect our hands while we also elevate the hunting experience, so wearing the best gloves for shooting in cold weather is a great idea. Having this protective gear will allow you to comply with the activity’s safety requirement while providing enough dexterity.

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In this blog post, I listed and reviewed here 5 of the outstanding cold weather shooting gloves in which I’ve personally bought and tried some of them in my previous shooting activities. See which one is a perfect fit for your hands.

List of Best Gloves for Shooting in Cold Weather

OUR TOP PICK: Mechanix Wear Tactical Shooting Gloves

Product Name: Mechanix Wear Tactical Shooting Gloves

Product Description: Mechanix Wear Tactical Shooting Gloves is the first on our list of the best gloves for shooting in cold weather. Well, it justifies its spot by performing on an abundantly long period. Its highly durable synthetic leather component makes you use these shooting gloves in any kind of environment the moment you need them. Due to their comfort and grip features, these cold-weather shooting gloves are highly versatile. The camouflage pattern also makes you feel safe and secure while wearing it in any hunting activities that you are in. Moreover, the Mechanix Wear Tactical Shooting Gloves are highly comfortable even if you are wearing them over a long period. Give credit to its wrist closure and trek dry system. Being multi-functional, these shooting gloves for cold weather are really worth buying for their price.

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  • Comfort
  • Value for Money
  • Durability
  • Touch Screen
  • Heat Resistance
  • Water Resistance


If you are looking for the best gloves for shooting in cold weather, look no further as the Mechanix Wear Tactical Shooting Gloves are designed wonderfully for that purpose. Due to the distinct features that it has, these shooting gloves highly offer functionality without compromising comfort.

Product Features:

• Made from form-fitting TrekDry material for maintaining hand coolness and comfort
• Include Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure of hook and loop type for a secure fit
• Designed with seamless single layer palm providing optimal dexterity
• Web looping made from nylon material gives convenience for glove storage
Product Description: Material – Synthetic Leather / Style – MG-78-010 / Closure Type – Hook and Loop


• Highly ideal for cold weather as it keeps the hand warm
• Keeps the hand safe and secure
• With added grip
• Viable option for military use
• Affordable
• Comes in different sizes
• Extremely durable


• Difficult to clean
• Not waterproof
• Design is not suitable for daily use


PIG FDT Full Protection Shooting Gloves

best gloves for shooting in cold weather

PIG FDT Full Protection Shooting Gloves are the other best gloves for shooting in cold weather that should not be excluded from the list. Its ability to give optimal dexterity lets you be on top of any tasks in the field. By wearing these cold-weather shooting gloves, you will not generally put your hands at risk. Offering a perfect grip, these shooting gloves highly guarantee that you are performing any outdoor task with great performance.

The extremely durable materials that it possess ensure the long-lasting use of these shooting gloves for cold weather. With that, you won’t get disappointed in using it after a couple of months. Even the US Special Operations in combat already proved that going for these tactical gloves will allow you to land on the right product.

Moreover, the innovative touch screen feature offers the wearer to also make use of their phone at the same time. There is also a hook located at the palm base of the gloves. This gives a more secure fit as you will have to close the gloves perfectly. In general, these excellent features that the PIG FDT Full Protection Shooting Gloves have made lesser room for negative feedback.  

Product Features:

  • Designed with single layer multi-piece palm giving off a barehand shooting feel
  • Offers optimal reliability for touch screen mechanism without compromising tactile dexterity
  • The inner layer comes from venting material for optimal wicking while the outer layer is made of synthetic suede for more durability
  • Product Description: Material – Nylon / Hand Orientation – Ambidextrous / Closure Type – Hook and Loop
  • Extremely multifunctional
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Various size selections
  • Good grip
  • Highly suitable in any rough environments
  • Can be used under the rain
  • Too simple design making it not appealing
  • The material is not a benchmark of the same class

HATCH Kevlar-Lining Shooting Gloves

best gloves for shooting in cold weather

The HATCH Kevlar-Lining Shooting Gloves are extremely attractive in their black aesthetic color shade. It is not actually intrusive when it comes to your shooting gear, yet it gives all the functionality that you are looking for. The synthetic leather palm and the excellent grip patches that it has made it the best gloves for shooting in cold weather. Aside from that, these cold-weather shooting gloves offer dexterity and comfort at the same time.

These shooting gloves are made of Neoprene and laminated fabric Nylon Spandex at the back portion allowing more room for air circulation. This feature generally keeps the airy feeling within your hands while doing outdoor activities. Moreover, there are hooks over the end of the shooting gloves for a more secure grip. Generally, these shooting gloves will give you a great style without compromising your wallet.

Product Features

  • Made with Kevlar, inner palm liner offering great versatility and enhanced cut-resistance
  • Enhance gripping due to the embossed, synthetic palm design
  • Back-hand stretched style providing comfort and breathability
  • Comes with a design that is highly versatile and offers extreme dexterity
  • Product Description: Material leather, nylon, synthetic, and spandex / Style Glove / Closure Type – Hook and Loop
  • Elegant looking black design
  • Breathable and highly comfortable
  • Great gripping capabilities
  • Hand safe
  • Budget-friendly
  • Different sizes available
  • Design is too minimalist making it not appealing for some
  • Not that good in keeping the hands warm during the cold season
  • Cannot be a replacement for regular gloves
  • Do not have a touch screen friendly feature

HOT SHOT Camouflage Shooting Gloves

best gloves for shooting in cold weather

If you are looking for gloves that you can wear for any outdoor activities like shooting, hiking, running, and cycling, you can definitely choose these HOT SHOT Camouflage Shooting Gloves. It generally provides a great grip and, at the same time, extreme comfort. Being insulated leather shooting gloves that have some extras; these tend to be one of the best gloves for shooting in cold weather.

Basically, the main goal of HOT SHOT Camouflage Shooting Gloves is to protect your hands from extreme cold and frostbites. Moreover, these cold-weather shooting gloves give off a remarkable grip. There is also the presence of an Aqua E4 insert that is highly breathable making the gloves protected during the rain.

The camouflage design is the one that should be credited for making these gloves stand out from the rest. Although there is a high probability that these shooting gloves may get warm during the hot season, this protective gear is highly suitable and comfortable in any weather conditions.

Product Features

  • Perfect gloves for outdoor activities like shooting, hunting, and fishing
  • Inserts generally come from stormproof laminate material which resists wind and water for all weather conditions protection
  • Utilizes touch-sensitive setting highlighting Pro-Text Technology which connects to the hunter’s smartphone unit while keeping the security of the gloves through an elasticized wrist
  • The cuff materials generally come from spandex and microfiber fleece while the shell fabric is filled with TPU laminate and monkey fleece backing
  • Designed with a more realistic camo pattern
  • Product Description: Material Thermoplastic Polyurethane / Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
  • Highly attractive camoflauge design
  • Provide excellent grip
  • Suitable for making the hands warm
  • Wide range of size selections
  • Touch screen technology
  • Extremely breathable
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Insulation may provide too much warm
  • Not suitable for gripping small items
  • Too big sizing

Kutook Multipurpose MTB Shooting Gloves

With 3MM Gel Pad Protection, the Kutook Multipurpose MTB Shooting Gloves are no doubt the best gloves for shooting in cold weather. These will be your best buds in any other outdoor activities such as hunting, cycling, running, and many more. The material is specifically nylon with some Neoprene lining over the back portion. With that, these shooting gloves tend to be durable.

The sweat wiping lining located at the back of the thumb offers great convenience especially when you sweat profusely. Because of that, you will not have to look for a Kleenex to wipe it off. Aside from that, you can generally use your phone with ease as you wear these Kutook Multipurpose MTB Shooting Gloves because of the screen-friendly technology that it has.

Product Features

  • Made with multi-fabric material which is composed of nylon, neoprene, and microfiber for wear-resistant feel and comfort
  • Great protection design that is enhanced by treating with protective material
  • Utilizes screen touch-friendly innovation
  • Includes Poly towel thumb and terrycloth pads to exhibit a high-performance perspiration control
  • Perfect for numbers of outdoor activities including shooting, cycling, repairing, climbing, and many more
  • Product Description: Material Medium / Style Modern / Hand Orientation – Ambidextrous / Closure Type – Hook and Loop
  • Extremely durable
  • Great snug fitting
  • Excellent tight gripping
  • Water resistant
  • Needs improvement for breathability
  • One design selection
  • Can be too warm under direct sunlight
  • Steel lining over the top tends to be not appealing to some

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Gloves for Shooting in Cold Weather

Actually, it is such a challenge to choose the best shooting gloves that you may use during the cold season. But, it is still important for you to have an idea for the things that you must have to consider when you opt to buy these kinds of gloves. So, if you do not want to fall in the mistake of getting the wrong one, check the list of features that you should have to look for in shooting gloves.


The most critical feature of the shooting gloves that one must have to consider is their material. Look for the one that is highly made of premium quality materials provided that it will not affect the comfort and versatile aspect of the shooting gloves. Moreover, opt for gloves that have textured surface within the palm and fingertips as it provides extreme grip.


Ventilation is another important feature of shooting gloves in cold weather. In relation to this, go for shooting gloves that are made from different breathable materials. Having that, you will feel highly comfortable while you wear a pair of gloves on a shooting activity for a long time period on winter’s day.


The closure of the shooting gloves can be placed either on the top portion of the hand or on the wrist. Actually, the closure of the most common gloves is on the top of the hand. This is basically due to the reduction of shooting performance when the closure is in the wrist because it can get in tangled with the clothing. Definitely, you can get an added support over a tight and comfortable shooting gloves closure.


Getting to know and looking at the size chart is really crucial in choosing the best shooting gloves in cold weather. Basically, a successful shooting activity results comfortably when you end up on the right fitted shooting gloves. Keep in mind that a perfect fit of shooting gloves must not be too big or too small.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Basically, among the other parts of the body, the fingers get colder the fastest. The reason behind this is that fingers do not have the major muscles that generally produce heat. Once the body becomes colder, it immediately stops the body by giving off too much blood to the extremities. The best thing to do with this is to guarantee that you get the gloves that have additional lining and support within the seams.


A: The following tips are good suggestions to maintain the warmness of the hands especially during extremely cold conditions:

  1. Let your body stay warm.
  2. Wear warm cloth layering and take care of your torso.
  3. Always keep your hands dry.
  4. Prevent the wind
  5. Do not wear tight clothing
  6. Allow your body to keep on moving
  7. Provide additional heat

A: Always keep in mind that properly sized shooting gloves for cold weather offer excellent dexterity, comfort, and warmth. In terms of performance, proper fitting gloves must have the ability to fit snugly and permit sufficient space on the tips of the outstretched fingers. Through that, you must have to pinch around a quarter of an inch of the fabric.


A: Here are the basic steps for you to make your hands warm during the extreme cold conditions:

  1. Initially, form your hands in a cup position so that it will keep the heat inside as long as possible.
  2. Afterward, rub your hands together in a really quick motion so that you could spread the warmth within the back portion of your hands.
  3. Look for a fire or heat source and lay over your hands in there to warm it out. Good and highly accessible fire or heat sources are heaters, running computers, or hot car engines.

A: One of the best ways to stretch out the winter gloves is the so-called cowboy method. Basically, you need to soak the gloves in warm water and wipe off most of the water in them. Do that by using paper towels and, afterward, put those paper towels and leave them inside the gloves. Remember to let the paper towel stay there until the gloves are completely dried. Initially, the gloves will have to stretch out and will eventually shrink in to fit into your hands.

Final Words

The best shooting gloves that you can use during the cold season must have the ability to provide extreme comfort, warmth, and a perfect fit on your hands. You must have all the freedom to work successfully and effectively in performing your outdoor activity, especially during extremely cold weather. However, you should have to be very keen on looking for the best shooting gloves for you. Don’t forget to always consider the important features like material, ventilation, size, and closure before buying one.

Well, it is nice to conclude that all of the shooting gloves we’ve listed above are great choices in providing excellent functionality and extreme quality. With that, which one seems to be the best pair to fit in your hands? Please share your thoughts with us!