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5 Best Places To Go Camping On The East Coast

The summer is officially here and you know what that means, right? It means that this is the perfect time to unwind and visit the best place to go camping on the East Coast, especially if you live within this area. As you know, the East Coast is bustling with mega cities, and you will also find some seemingly abundant places of National Parks that are serene and perfect for your summer getaway.

Ready your backup and gear up your equipment and your physical attributes because you will need them for your non-stop adventure. In case you don’t know where to go yet, don’t worry, we got you covered in this one. We have carefully selected our best places to go camping because you deserve a place that’s something special and a less crowded area.

Why should you go camping?

Probably every camper you will ask will have a different reason as to why they are camping. But the among the common denominator is that they see camping as a way of disconnection from their everyday life be it at work, school, and others. Also, it’s a way of revitalizing their physical and mental being before resuming again to their everyday lives.

Not only that, camping makes you learn different things. That said, the reason why you should camp may be different from what you have in mind.

With that here are some common reasons why you should go on camping.


Camping is more than an outdoor activity. It’s a tradition where people be it a family, friend, or a foe stay away from their house and go to a place where there is stillness and quietness. An outdoor activity where people get to spend time mostly outdoors as a form of recreational activity. This involves fishing, swimming, hiking, picnicking, and another sort of outdoor activities.

This kind of culture is a modern one which can be traced over a hundred years from now. With this kind of culture, it then turned into a tradition and has been passed down from generation to generation until it became widely accessible to all from lower class to higher class. Right now, it’s a form of getaway, bonding with friends and families, and also self-realization. So, will you honor and pass the tradition?

You get to experience nature

Get to experience nature and wilderness. Camping is really an immersive experience with nature. Even if you just spend a few days in the wilderness, a lot can change within your surrounding be it physical and mental. You are beginning to become aware of your surroundings.

The sound of insects, the rustle of leaves, winds that are howling, and you get to see the lush vegetation and vast mountain ranges. Also, the constellations at night. These things can be fully appreciated by camping and without any use of gadgets.

That said, if you ever been meaning to experience nature, then you must follow your heart. After all, it’s a wonderful experience that’s why there are campers who make this hobby their life.

Quality time with family and friends

If you have a broken relationship that needs mending, the best thing to do is to take them camping. Also, make a rule to keep any electronic gadgets away when you spend some time. This will surely restore the relationship and makes it into a fresh new start. This is the magic of living with nature and with your special someone.

Also, if you got some kids or family members whom you feel haven’t talked to in a while, this is the perfect time to spend some quality time and strike a meaningful conversation with them. This will give them authenticity and their raw personality because there are no hindrances like gadgets or social media platforms.

It will improve your mind and body

Feeling exhausted and withdrawn from the everyday existence of life? Why not try camping. Much better if you will visit the best places to go camping on the East Coast. Because there are many National Parks and lots of camping sites. That said, camping enables you to feel relaxed and calm and getting away from problems for a short period of time.

This way, you will feel new and ready to change the challenges again. Because mental health should stay fit also and de-clutter what shouldn’t be included. Also, it will also improve your physical attributes, especially if you’re camping involves hiking. Your lower and upper body will be used most of the time because of the terrain and the uphill and downhill.

Over time, your muscle will be improved and become stronger and stronger. It will also help you sleep well after a rough and fun-filled activity. Your exhaustion will do more good than harm.

Experience freedom with nature

Feeling trapped in your never-ending cycle of work and life in general? Why not try camping to break those cycles in life even if it’s just temporary. The fact that camping disconnects you from the world of bustling crowds and loud noises that cities produce. Camping will require you to be yourself and experience nature all by yourself. Also, whenever you are with nature, you will feel liberated and feel that life needs to take a break even if it’s sometimes.

Camping is more than just a getaway but it’s also self-realization. Also, this outdoor activity requires you to rely on yourself or your company alone which involves building a bonfire, set up a campsite, and other activities that go back to the primal state of mankind. These kinds of activity are so liberating as if it’s has a therapeutic effect.

5 Best Places to go Camping on the East Coast For Summer Getaway!

We know that that there numerous places to go camping on the East Coast, but this list is drawn from our experience. These campsites are the best. Not because they are famous on the internet, but because they are famous for their life-changing experience and the nature that surrounds them. So, here are the 6 Best Places to go Camping on the East Coast For Summer Getaway!

5. Eighth Lake Campground

Location: 1353 State Route 28 Inlet, New York

Gird your loins and prepare for a place where you can go fishing and enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. It’s more than a campsite but a sense of belonging with nature and also for fishing. This is what the Eight Lake Campground has to offer. The whole area is immaculate and really stunning. Perfect to disconnect from the city life or a place where there are overcrowded areas,

There are no electricity and internet. What you will experience is something authentic and real. You can set up a tent on a designated campsite and also an RV tent. It’s well-forested so expect quietness and privacy if that’s what you want. There’s also a lake where you can fish and catch some salmon or lake trout near the campground.

The Eight Lake Campground offers so many amenities among these are tent trailer sites, hot showers, picnic area, swimming area, sand beach, hiking trails, boat, and canoe rentals, among the offered amenities. With these, you can expect a lot of fun and activities to do.

That said, if you live around New York or near this region, it’s totally worth it to come in here. It has a lot of outdoor activities to offer. Also, the fee will cost you less than $30 per night which is very affordable. So, do yourself a favor, bring your family here and experience nature’s great offering for you.

For more updated information and reservation visit their site.

4. Duck Harbor Campground

Location: Acadia National Park, Isle Au Haut, Maine

Acadia National Park is one of the best places on the coastline of the United States. It’s something you really want if you want to some fun and spends some time alone or with your family.

You may want to reserve your spot in advance because they offer to a limited number of campers here. But this is definitely worth it and see the untamed natural beauty of Isle Au Haut at Duck Harbor Campground.

Although the trip takes planning and wait for the process, when you have acquired the permit, it’s worth the wait. Within the area, you can do a lot of things.

There’s the road for biking stretching 15 miles. If you want more hiking trails, there are 18 miles of the trail if you are up for the challenge. The most promising thing here is the vast wild stretches of the coastline. It offers a picturesque view and stunning rocky shores.

Be advised that camping here is permitted from May 15 to October 15. So, you need to plan ahead and also think about what you are going to do here.

At the campsite, there are five shelters and allows people up to 6. Each campsite has a picnic table and a compostable toilet. Also, it has fresh water. Be advised that rangers will check your permits once a day.

To apply for a permit and know more about details, visit their website.

3. Myles Standish State Forest

Location: 194 Cranberry Rd, Carver, MA

The Myles Standish State Forest has several campsites that are scattered around the forest. There are also ponds near the camping ground which is around 16 in numbers. This is actually the largest recreation area that is publicly owned in southeastern Massachusetts. Also, this site offers stunning views and the forested area is well preserved.

Near the horse camping, there are a lot of activities you can do. These activities include swimming, picnicking, canoeing, and fishing. In addition, you can do bike trails that span 15 miles.

If you are into hiking, there’s a hiking trail that stretches 13 miles which takes you deep into the forested area. Also, there are equestrian trails that range about 35 miles. You can also take your family here for a great swim.

The amenities include a picnic table area, there’s firewood, showers, phone service, drinking water are among their services offered.

All in all, if you want a less crowded area and spend more quality time with nature and with your family, this is our foremost recommendation for you.

Make sure to plan ahead because this only offers a limited number of campers. The campsite will cost you around $17 per night. Definitely, this is among the best places to go camping on the East Coast.

Make a reservation and know more about this at Reserve America.

2. Woodford State Park

Location: 142 State Park Road Bennington, Vermont

Located in Vermont, this is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your loved ones and friends. The place is somewhat secluded offering a stillness and serenity vibe when you are in the area.

A place where you can just relax and think about nothing but the beauty of the forested area and the shining lake acting as a centerpiece of the area. It’s a place where there are no overcrowded people that can ruin your day.

The campsites are scattered around the area and along the shore. Within Woodford State Park, you can go on hiking, there are numerous trails you can select.

You can also do some kayaking. If you know how to fish, then you can fish in the pond. Also, there are picnic tables throughout the park. Bring your family and swim within the designated area.

The best time to go here is from May 28 to October 2. Pets are allowed but they are limited in some areas, so be advised.

Their amenities include coin-operated hot showers, picnic areas, restrooms, among the list. Also, they have 103 sites and 4 cabins. That said, you will definitely enjoy Woodford State Park because of less crowded and more on spending time alone.

For campground reservations, check out Woodford State Park’s official website.

1. White Mountain National Forest

Location: New Hampshire

White Mountain National Forest is among the best places to go camping on the East Coast. Because it has this rustic vibe and the feeling of secluded from your urban lifestyle.

If you want to camp and then hike for a long, we strongly recommend this awesome campsite. Because you will feel the cool breeze from the trees and allows you to spend time and have some bonding with your loved ones.

The site is within the Appalachians. So you know what’s the best thing to do there besides camping? Hiking! Yup. Because as you know this area is also a perfect spot for hikers because of the numerous trails it offers.

Also, the sights are so majestic, especially during the fall. You can see the color palettes of the foliage which are yellow, orange, and red.

Although developed campsites need reservation in advance. There is also lean-to that is scattered throughout the area which is great but expects there are small fees. There is some picnic table in the area, phone service is offered. Plus, you can go on a hike or bike trails.

All in all, this area is open year-round but the visiting hours may differ. Also, there are some places that are free to camp and it’s up to you where you should decide.

Some may require a pass which is $5. Another stunning view that the White Mountain can offer.

For more information and reservation kindly visit their website.

Camping Tips Before You Go

Plan What To Pack

Carefully choose what to bring before your big event takes place. Pack only based on the length of your camping trip and your maximum capacity. If you are going on a day hike, just pack small and few excess items in case of emergency. If you are going on a 2 to 4-day camp you should at least pack 60 to 70 liters, especially if your trek is long.


Nope. Not the gadgets that your kids are playing (iPad, consoles, Nintendo switch). Get the essential gadgets that are needed at a camp such as extra batteries, a flashlight, a multi-tool, and a phone charger. Because these essential items will be your emergency kit in case something happens. So pack wisely and make sure there’s room for these gadgets.

Plan Ahead of Time (Always)

Don’t expect to have some unclaimed spot when you are just a walk-in. Although it may happen, you will need more luck. Instead of going to your preferred campsite drastically, you should plan ahead and make sure you read the details on their website first then make a reservation. Almost all of the National Parks in the United States have their websites available for inquiries and reservations. Also, will require you to have a permit. Acquiring a permit can take time but you still need to wait patiently.

That said, before you go on camping, make sure you have already booked a place so there will be no bad day for you.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready for this camping season? If so, better check out these best places for your next camping on the East Coast. Nothing feels so revitalizing when you are on a camping trip. All your negative energy is flushed away. Also, camping is the perfect time to learn something new be it as a new skill or self-realization.

Keep in mind that you need to prepare and plan ahead so there will be no frustration when you are at the camping site. In addition, always have plans b, c, d, and so on. Because you never knew what will happen. Above all, just enjoy the moment while you are at the camping ground.

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