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6 Best Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies For 2021

When there’s a powerful storm, hurricane, or any weather disturbance coming to your area, it’s best to have one of the best battery-powered radios for emergencies. Because there will be some instances that your cellphone’s reception will have bad to no reception at all. Battery-powered radios are designed to eliminate those kinds of scenarios. They pick up signals stronger from very high frequency (VHF). So, you are able to get information or news whenever you need it.

If you’re planning an outdoor trip or just want to complete your “just in case” kit for emergency purposes. You consider investing in battery-powered powered radios for emergencies. Because you never know what will happen, it’s better to be prepared.

Midland ER310
Emergency Radio
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Kaito KA500
Emergency Radio
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Emergency Radio
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Eton American Red Cross
Emergency Radio
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Emergency Radio
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Sangean MMR-88
Emergency Radio
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Best Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies — OUR 6 TOP PICKS FOR YOU!

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to trouble yourself by scouring hours of searching for the best radio out there. Because we have rounded up some of the best battery-powered radios for emergencies on the market. Plus, we have some buying guides for you for some tips. So better scroll quickly and see what we have for you!

OUR TOP PICK — Midland ER310 Emergency Radio

OUR TOP PICK: Midland ER310 Emergency Radio

Product Name: Midland ER310 Emergency Radio

Product Description: Our best pick for our product catalog is none other than the Midland ER310 Emergency Radio. Outdoor folks, campers, and enthusiasts know the power of the Midland brand especially those who own the ER210 which is the predecessor of the ER310. Both function impressive and so reliable when in a time of need. But the main difference is the battery capacity. Because this is more powerful. We think it's the best because it provides better performance such as a brighter flashlight, better reception, and more effective in charging options compared to most models. Also, it features plenty of power sources namely a hand crank, solar panel, and a 2600mAh rechargeable battery. Moreover, this can be powered by 6 AAA batteries as an alternative. It has a wide coverage of AM/FM and NOAA weather alerts providing up-to-date news and Infos when needed.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value for Money


Besides that, it has a durable design that can withstand a downpour because of the water-resistant feature, and also it can handle an impact from drops. The LED flashlight is super incredible which shines brightly yet it consumes little energy. There’s also an SOS strobe to signal for help. Capable of running up to 32 hours of continuous use. Now that’s fascinating.

Should you invest in this? Honestly, it’s among the best battery-powered radios for emergencies and your ultimate companion in times of emergency. When it comes to features, it’s par none even its predecessor, the ER210. Nothing negative can be said here only the price point. Although it’s understandable given its sturdy built and overall performance.


Able to last up to 32 hours of continuous use
Better reception
Tons of added features


No dog whistle
High price point


Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio

Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies

No one wants an incomplete emergency radio, right? After all, each feature is a crucial component especially when there’s an emergency.

Obviously, you will need something useful like our second-best pick which is the Kaito KA500 Emergency Radio. This device is a behemoth emergency device when it comes to product highlights.

Not only that, the overall performance of this will make sure that you will get informed with the critical updates and makes sure you are safe.

The Kaito KA500 can be charged through many options such as standard wall outlet, hand cranking, 3 AAA batteries, or via micro USB cable.

Has a comprehensive coverage of AM and FM along with NOA weather channels allowing you to stay updated when it’s critical or if there’s upcoming severe weather. Its antenna has a reach of 14.5 inches in order to gain extra sensitivity for radio broadcast.

Additionally, it’s water-resistant. What’s more fascinating is the design to withstand impact from drops. Because this is made from high-quality ABS material which makes this very sturdy. Moreover, it has a 5-LED reading lamp, a bright LED flashlight, and an SOS beacon light.

Also, this will surely make you alive in worst-case scenarios. No wonder it’s a behemoth and among the top choice for survivalists and for preppers.

All in all, By far the Kaito KA500 emergency radio is the best when it comes to multifunction. It has tons of features that some of it we failed to mention. That’s why this is worth investing in.

  • Tons of power sources
  • ABS material which is very sturdy
  • Water resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Lots of features
  • Battery is somewhat small

RunningSnail Emergency Radio

Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies — RunningSnail

We know that most of the campers, preppers, and disaster-prepared folks want a radio that is capable of providing them an adequate signal to tune in to critical information and weather updates and also a reliable and sturdy device.

But on top of that, the most important factor that they need is affordability. Good thing we have something to offer here which is the RunningSnail Emergency Radio.

It’s affordable and a bang for your buck. It has an AM/FM broadcast and a NOAA weather alert radio that supports all 7 channels for emergencies and updates, especially in severe storms. It’s water-resistant and has a rating of IPX3, though it can’t be fully submerged.

Another notable feature of this is the power source, it has tons of options of a power source which are 3 AAA batteries, a hand crank, solar power, and a built-in rechargeable battery.

In addition, the RunningSnail emergency radio has an SOS alarm and a flashing red light which is crucial for visibility when in need of help. The LED flashlight is bright enough to provide illumination in dark places. There are also USB ports for phone charging.

Why buy this? Because it’s affordable and yet it offers impressive features which are critical in every emergency situations.

In addition, it has a wide range of options to power this. It can be AAA batteries, solar panels, hand crank, or recharge. Now that’s an amazing product at a fairly low price point.

  • SOS alarm
  • Water-resistant with a rating of IPX 3
  • Many power source options
  • Bright LED flashlight
  • Solar panels charge a bit slower compared to other models here

Eton American Red Cross Emergency Radio

Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies — Eton American Red Cross

Looking for an emergency radio that shows off a distinctive design yet brings you a powerful and reliable device in case it’s badly needed? Well, look no further because we know exactly what you are looking for.

And it is an FRX3+ emergency radio made by Eton in conjunction with the American Red Cross. This radio will surely provide you information and news with its strong frequencies. Plus, it’s an all-purpose weather radio and phone charger.

It has a unique design and the red color is vibrant which is very distinct. The 2600 mAh is extremely useful, especially for outdoor trips and emergencies.

Charge your smartphone or electronic device with this. Listen and stay up to current information with its AM/FM/NOAA. In addition, it has an alarm clock, a LED flashlight. Plus, there’s a solar panel and hand turbine for more power options.

Going back with LED flashlight, the radio also has a red flashing beacon which is extremely useful in time of need particularly in search and rescue ops.

Moreover, the “Alert” automatically broadcasts any critical updates especially if it’s an emergency. Although with its immense highlights there are still flaws in the design.

Although the solar panels charge slower compared to models here. But on top of that, it’s still a great radio for emergency needs.

All in all, if you want something that’s distinct in style yet it can be useful in any kind of emergency situation, this is the right companion.

  • Clear and crisp speaker
  • Has red flashing beacon
  • Glow in the dark locator
  • The solar panels charge slower compared to models here

FosPower Emergency Radio

Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies — FosPower

FosPower Emergency Radio is all about compact design but enough to impress you with packed features. If you don’t like bigger-size radios, which is unlikely, then this will be your perfect choice.

Considering the size is very comparable to any regular smartphone size this will make sure that it is a bang for your buck.

Outdoor folks, preppers, and emergency-conscious people will definitely love this. Because prepared to be surprised with the added attributes.

The FosPower’s battery is at 2000 mAh and will keep your devices up and running when connected. This has 3 power sources which make it very flexible.

Among them are solar panels, an AAA battery, and a built-in battery. In addition, it has a micro USB for charging, a hand crank level for full battery power. It’s indeed a great emergency device when you are in a difficult situation. But there are more features to it.

It features 2 LED light sources. One is four-LED reading light and a zoomable light for illuminating dark places. It has a standard AM/FM tune and NOAA station which provides you critical information and details about weather disturbances and other calamities.

Great for any weather condition especially for heavy rains, because this is water-resistant and has a rating of IPX 3.

Should you buy this? A definitely yes for us. Because this radio is impressive both in design and performance. Perfect for any situation and built for emergency purposes. That’s why we included this among the best battery-powered radios for emergencies.

  • Water resistant (IPX 3 rating)
  • Has 3 power sources
  • There are 2 lighting options
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • There’s no emergency beacons

Sangean MMR-88 Emergency Radio

Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies —Sangean MMR-88

Our last featured product is the Sangean MMR-88 Emergency Radio. This is probably the last on the list but it’s definitely not the least. You know why?

Because even if you take a quick glimpse at the radio, you will see how compact and handy it is. Not only, but also have more to offer than its visual appearance. The specs and added features are also worth seeing. This is built to last.

The black rubbers on both sides are not just for design’s sake, this is a rubber bumper that is intended to protect from bumps whenever it falls unexpectedly which is built like a tank.

It’s also water-resistant that has a rating of IPX3 which makes this very useful even if there’s a downpour. In addition, this can be powered without any wall charger because of the built-in solar panel and its battery is rechargeable. It has great specs but it has more to offer.

The Sangean MMR-88 Emergency Radio is Public Alert-certified has AM/FM tuner, can receive all seven stations and comes with 19 preset stations.

There’s also a triple LED Light and includes SOS Signal. Moreover, it also features an emergency buzzer and able to tune in with a loudspeaker.

This emergency radio is a must-have in your emergency kit and whenever you venture on a backpacking adventure, camping trip, and other.

All in all, compact, light, many battery options (solar, rechargeable battery), and offers man features, who doesn’t love this kind of emergency radio?

  • Emergency buzzer
  • SOS signaling
  • Waterproof IPX 3 rating
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Don’t use disposable batteries
  • Battery is small

What Makes The Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies? — Buying Guide

Portable radio (FM and shortwave)

Choosing the best battery-powered radios for emergencies is vital because this is your companion when it comes to emergency situations especially if you are venturing outdoors or there’s an upcoming severe weather tornado, hurricanes, heavy thunderstorms, and others.

Although it can be overwhelming to pick a decent if not finest quality emergency radio because we always choose the cheapest device regardless of the quality which is not advisable.

That’s why we have tested and tried all of these listed products to ensure all of these have quality and reliability enough in tough situations. We also think that you need several key factors in choosing your ideal battery-powered radios for emergencies.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to research those factors because we already listed some of those factors to help you make a sound decision in choosing your ideal radio.

Battery Life

To begin with, among the important factor you need to look for is battery life. This is crucial especially if you are venturing outdoor excursion trips, long road trips, or power outages due to severe weather disturbance.

Because you won’t get any electricity for a power source. Also, longer battery life will reduce the use of cranking your radio and suitable for emergencies.

Generally, it’s better to choose a radio with larger batteries. Normally 2000 to 2600 mAh is more than enough to provide you a full day of use or more before you need to recharge.

Smaller radios tend to have 850 to 1000 mAh which provides adequate energy for your camping trip and for emergencies. So better check the battery life. Keep in mind the larger the battery capacity, the better.

Ability to Receive NOAA Alerts and Better Reception

Among the basic function of an emergency, radio is to keep you informed and partly entertained. That’s why it is crucial that an emergency radio can pick wide coverage of AM/FM.

More importantly, it should have NOAA radio stations to keep you informed and receive up-to-date or real-time updates when a storm is brewing and haded your region.

Most emergency radios have this function. In addition, it’s also important that it can pick up better reception. We advise looking for an emergency radio that has a telescoping antenna for better reception.

Otherwise, poor reception can lead you to great danger, so better consider this key factor for a better chance of survival and be informed.

Multiple Charging Options

In times of critical situations be it severe weather or stranded on a camping trip, there’s no assurance that the battery o the radio will last longer and it will likely go out sooner or later.

With this, you need to ensure that the emergency radio you are looking for features multiple charging options. This will leave you with flexible options.

Such options include charging through solar panels, hand cranking it to restore to full charge, or replace the built-in battery with AAA batteries.

Among the useful source of power is via replaceable battery. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get your radio into a full charge. You can even replace them with the other options.

Solar charging is very helpful although its power picks up while charging is a bit slow and is only useful when the sun is out. The only downside is this can’t be function when there’s severe weather. On that note, you can opt to choose the hand crank.

When the sun is out and you have used all your disposable batteries, your last option is the hand crank. This is also important just like any other power option.

It doesn’t need any energy from a battery or from the sun but from your energy output by cranking away the radio. Be sure to look for an emergency radio that will give you a good amount of ratio per crank.

Additional Features

Another key factor that you need to look at is the extra features. Because AM/FM and NOAA aren’t enough, sure it’s a critical factor in order to stay updated on the news and other important alerts but it will be useless especially if it lacks additional features.

Those additional features are emergency buzzers, LED flashlights (reading light and lamp), USB charging, SOS signaling, sirens, phone charger, and more.

These features come in handy especially if there’s a power outage and there’s no source of electricity.

In addition, this will increase the chances of your survival especially if you are in a critical situation like a search and rescue operation. Because additional features ensure your chances of survival.

So taking this into consideration is a must. if you want a recommendation, among the best battery-powered radios for emergencies that have tons of features are Midland ER310 (our best pick) and the Kaito KA500. These two are highly recommended because they perform well and have tons of features.

Waterproofness and Durability

Obviously, among the key factors you need to take into consideration are the waterproofness and durability of an emergency radio.

Chances are, an emergency situation is always messy. You will likely become clumsy due to difficult scenarios and you will likely drop your radio or getting into a soaking wet scenario due to a heavy downpour.

On that note, you need to make sure that the radio you are buying is tough and can withstand inclement weather. Much better if the radio is made from quality materials like ABS material or features impact-resistant rubber skin on the side. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money on a cheap quality and low price radio.

In addition, it’s important that you know the IPX rating. Usually, the IPX 3 rating is suitable but beyond that is much more preferred.

That said, waterproofness and durability is another important factor to look when buying battery-powered radios for emergencies.

Size and Weight

Because size and weight matter if we are talking about battery-powered radios for emergencies. Because you don’t want to bring a boombox radio of the 80s. You are just risking yourself with more danger and you can’t move easily with bigger radio.

Whether you are completing your preparedness kit or want to use it for outdoor excursions like camping backpacking, and others, be sure that you will choose a very handy and compact emergency radio.

So, this should also be another key factor to consider. An emergency radio that’s easy to carry is ideal and extremely useful. Good thing that most of our product listings are compact and easy to carry.


Of course, another important factor that needs to be considered is the price. Every customer will always look for quality design and stunning performance at a fair price.

Although it’s always a constant battle between good quality and not so good quality especially if you just after with lower price point. What you want is to find a common ground between stunning performance with great design and a fair price point.

When it comes to emergency radios, good thing that you will find stunning and impressive battery-powered radios for emergencies for under 100 dollars and below.

Among the best example that comes with great performance and with great price are the ones we have listed above. keep in mind that you shouldn’t skimp on these products because they can be a lifesaver companion especially in times of need.

Some Benefits of Battery Powered Radios For Emergencies

Many people are bound to struggle more particularly if what they are using is not specifically designed for emergency radios but a regular AM/FM won’t last long even if it’s a pocket radio.

The fact that it missing some of the important features and it’s not engineered to withstand any inclement weather.

That’s why investing in a battery-powered for emergencies is a valuable asset especially if we are talking about severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornados, heavy thunderstorms, and others because this can be your companion in a matter of life and death situation.

With that in mind, we have listed some of the benefits of using emergency radios.


Emergency radios are extremely helpful especially during calamities and can update you in real-time when there’s an upcoming severe weather approaching. Not only this can give you reliable information, but the emergency radio is also great for providing light.

In addition, decent-quality radios have extra features such as an SOS buzzer, phone charger, LED flashlights, and many more.

Hence it’s resourceful and very user-friendly albeit with many buttons and functions. It’s fascinating how this compact yet powerful emergency radio is extremely resourceful when calamity arises.

Very handy

When it comes to the emergency radio, the major feature you will encounter is its design and structure. Most of these radios are built compact, lightweight, small enough in order to prevent them from getting in the way.

What you need when in times of emergency is a handy emergency radio. Filled with extra features which make sure your chances of survival.

Especially if you are currently under search and rescue operation. It’s the SOS and a bright LED flashlight that increase the chances of visibility and survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best emergency radio brand?

A: If you are looking for the best battery-powered radio brands, then we assure you that all of our featured products are top-notch and it’s the best brand. You can refer above and check the products. The best brands for an emergency radio are FosPower, Eton, RunningSnail, Kaito, and Midland.

Although these are not the definitive brands because there are still some great brands out there. These are just the brands that we have encountered and think it’s the best and worth recommending.

Q: When Would I Need an Emergency Radio?

A: As the name suggests, this type of radio is suitable for emergencies specifically in any severe weather situations, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe storms. Although emergency radios do not limit themselves to severe weather conditions, it can also be used in any emergency situations, fires, blackouts from the energy crisis, stranded outdoor, and other else.

The main highlight of this emergency radio is it can pick up special weather channels. Which is the NOAA weather stations that provide critical updates if there’s a storm brewing and headed your area. NOAA alerts will help you to prepare in advance. Also, lets you know if you will need to be evacuated or is it safe to go outside or better stay inside.

Q: What emergency radio charges the phone best?

A: Generally what you want for an emergency radio that has a phone charger is more battery capacity. Ideally most fairly good radios offer 2000 mAh battery capacity which is good. Among those emergency radios, that are worth mentioning is our best pick which is the Midland 310, and the FosPower which has more battery capacity. They are great not only for emergency situations but also for outdoor trips such as long road trips, camping, backpacking, and more.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best battery-powered radios for emergencies can be tough and difficult because you need to make sure it’s reliable, durable, and can last long especially in times of need. That’s why if you are going to invest in one of these. Better not skimp on this because this will be your perfect companion when there’s a matter of life and death situation. In addition, these radios are intended to keep you updated on weather updates and gives you crucial information about brewing storms and other inclement weather.

That’s why, our main takeaway for this, is that choose an emergency radio that has better quality and offers impressive performance at a fair price point. You can start hunting those ideal radios in our featured product listings.

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