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Best Field Watches Under 500 — OUR EXCELLENT PICKS!

Field watches are more than just a fashion statement, they had their huge purpose in history which is to keep time especially in World War II. It’s amazing how a single timepiece device turned into more sophistication than ever before. We have been flooded by numerous watches and one of them is the field watches. Good thing that there are best field watches for under 500 dollars right now. Within mind, are you in search of a stylish time-keeping device? We bet you do and we have something for you that you will like.

We have carefully selected what we think the best of the best watches for under 500 dollars only. Yup. You read it right, for under 500 bucks only! With this price range, you can get quality and durable field watches right now. Not only that, these watches will make sure they will provide a perfect timekeeping, performance, and most of all stylish look when you are out in the open.

So, if you are dying to know what are the best field watches for under 500 dollars, better scroll down further and we are pretty sure you will see something you will love.

Timex Weekender
Chronograph Field Watch
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Citizen BU2055-08X
Field Watch
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Field Watch

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Hamilton Khaki
Field Watch

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Atlas 38 Field Watch

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Best Field Watches Under 500 — OUR EXCELLENT PICKS!

OUR TOP PICK: Timex Weekender Chronograph Field Watch

Product Name: Timex Weekender Chronograph Field Watch

Product Description: The Timex is another favorite brand not just because of its popularity, but because it's among the best watchmaker in the modern world. Among their currently best watch is the Weekender Chronograph Field Watch. The watch is so elegant that's as if you are head over heels with the product. But it's not just the appearance that should be considered here but also the underlying performance and amazing features. This watch has a genuine double-layered strap and it's adjustable 20 mm and can accommodate up to 8-inch wrist circumference. The case is made from silver-tone 40mm brass with mineral glass crystal. The strap of this is a quick release that you can change at any time with ease. Moreover, this Time features an Indiglo backlight which makes you see the time even in the dark. Like any other quality watch, this is water-resistant with up to 30 meters although this is not suitable for bathing or swimming.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value for Money


What’s more amazing about this watch is that it has 11 style options you can choose from. We also recommend that you get an extra leather band for the extra strap whenever you feel like changing it.

All in all, we considered this among the best watches under 500. Because the brand is Timex which is an established brand in the market up to this day, secondly, because this offers super stylish design and great for a formal or informal setting. Lastly, the performance of this is not that great compared to other field watches here but you can’t deny its stylish design.


Quick-release strap for easy replacement
Features Indiglo backlight
Vintage appeal
Genuine double-layered leather


None so far


Citizen BU2055-08X Field Watch

Best Field Watches Under 500

Another great brand that needs no further introduction which is the Citizen and the model is BU2055-08X Field Watch.

By looking at the picture you can see how magnificent the watch is and the striking balance of colors, as well as the strap and bezel material, is so distinctive.

This is the reason why we included this in our featured products. Not only that, it has amazing features that will surely make you invest in this watch.

The Citizen field watch features chronograph functionality. Among the greatness of this watch is the way it works.

Because this doesn’t need any batteries. Featuring its Eco-Drive technology which is powered by light (be it natural or artificial) and then convert it into energy via an inbuilt solar panel. This also recharges continuously in any light condition.

This field watch is complemented by a Condura strap and it has an adjustable Tang buckle closure. You can use this even in swimming in deep lakes or any bodies of water because of 330 feet max water resistance.

The band material is composed of Top-grade Nylon while the bezel material is made from stainless steel.

All in all, another Citizen watch that looks so promising, what more if you have an actual one? This field watch is truly a masterpiece device made with premium quality and cutting-edge technology. For under 500 dollars, it’s a bang for the buck.

  • It includes Condura Strap
  • Features Eco-Drive technology which requires no batteries only a light source (natural and artificial)
  • None so far

Hamilton Field Watch

Best Field Watches Under 500

Another stunning watch by Hamilton and it’s very similar to the above-mentioned Hamilton but it offers more features. Also, a lot of our readers are on the look for Hamilton due to its classic military design of field watch.

Not only that, it is among the best watchmakers over the years. That’s why this is worth considering because it’s so grandeur and perfectly stylish in every setting. It’s another excellent field watches for under 500 dollars only.

When it comes to features, this boasts like no other average field watch can compare. Boasting its 38mm matt case which is made from stainless steel.

This includes a strap that is NATO and also an adjustable buckle which is also stainless steel. Just like the other Hamilton, it’s scratch resistant due to sapphire crystal making this more durable and has a long lifespan.

Additionally, this watch is water-resistant and up to 50 meters. The movement mechanism is mechanical hand-wind. This features Super-LumiNova for a brighter color for hour and minute hands. It’s among the ideal watch for every style and fashion you are wearing.

Why buy this? Because this is very stylish and great for any certain style be it formal and informal or even in any outdoor setting. It’s a perfect complement to your attire. In addition, it’s a Hamilton brand, so you know what you are getting and it’s understood that’s it’s worth buying for its price and elegance.

  • Impressive design
  • 38mm matt stainless steel case
  • Includes green NATO strap
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • All positive reviews so far

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Maybe it’s time to replace your old field watch with something new. Not just new but offers great performance and has great durability that’s reliable in outdoor and for long-term use. We have found that criteria and it’s the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch.

Wearing this will heighten your looks and you will able to watch for the time all the time. It’s developed and design with a Mechanical Hand Wind movement mechanism.

The beauty of this is not grandeur but simplicity at its best. The features are impressive. The bezel material is fixed and right on its width not too thin and not too thick. In addition, the function type of this is analog.

This also features scratch-resistant and durable enough because of the built-in sapphire crystal. Moreover, the watch is water-resistant and capable of up to 50 meters.

The Hamilton Khaki case is made from durable silver-tone stainless steel. Given the watch’s substantial size in regards to numbers and clarity, this is very convenient to read with any light conditions. This is a great timepiece especially for any outdoorsman and who is into extreme sports.

All in all, Hamilton is among the best field watch on the market right now and they deserve the praise. Not just because of the brand awareness but because of the performance, stylish design, and ability to last long which makes this among our best watches under 500 dollars.

  • Stainless steel
  • Great design
  • Convenient to use
  • Water resistant of up to 50 meters
  • Scratch-resistant due to sapphire crystal
  • None so far

Momentum Atlas 38 Field Watch

Our last but among our excellent find products is the Momentum Atlas 38 Field Watch. Made from solid titanium and as you can see, it’s so sleek in design yet offers durable construction at an extraordinary level, yet this watch is so lightweight.

You won’t even think twice whether this is poorly made or not because it’s a high-quality field watch. This is perfect for any outdoor situation and built for heavy-duty use.

It’s an ultra-lightweight watch and made from durable material which is solid titanium. In addition to that, the numbers on the watch are luminous and oversized so you can see it easily even in a single glimpse.

It’s been pressure tested to 100m/330ft, meaning the design is meant for rugged activity and able to withstand any abuse. This also featured the Japanese quartz movement.

There are also various straps in this watch and all of them are impressive and excellent in design. You can also upgrade to a sapphire crystal face which is highly recommended according to some users which is also great to keep from being scratched. The design is minimalist with a 38mm face but it retains the standard date widget.

All in all, the Momentum Atlas 38 is worth investing in because of the materials and even the overall design. In addition, it’s pretty sturdy judging by its material used and what’s more fascinating is that this is ultra-lightweight and water-resistant of up to 100m.

  • Made of solid titanium
  • Minimalist design
  • Long lasting battery up to 5 years
  • Water-resistant with a maximum cap of 100m
  • None so far

Things To Look For When Purchasing A Field Watch — Buyer’s Guide

Keep in mind that the best watches under 500 should have certain key factors to make them the best. Otherwise, you will end up buying what’s not worth your money. When looking for your ideal field watch, we understand that what you are always after is the design and seconded by the overall quality of the watch.

Well, we hate to break it it’s not an advisable guide, That’s why we have listed some of the key factors to consider when buying your ideal field watch in order to find a striking balance between quality and affordability making sure it’s worth your investment.


Among the most obvious factor, you need to consider is its durability. Because not all watches under 500 dollars are durable enough to last long even if put to test say rugged activities.

Among the best watch to consider is to have quality material. Materials like stainless steel, solid titanium, or polycarbonate, cases are your main choices. These materials are sturdy and guaranteed your watch will last long even on rugged activities.

Water Resistance

Another important aspect is the water resistance capability. Although most quality watches nowadays are water-resistant as one of the features. But be sure it’s appropriate to the environment you are going to.

Better to buy a field watch that’s perfect in any weather conditions so you don’t have to worry. Also, if you are an avid swimmer you can check out the field watch that offers more water-resistant capacity.

Luminous Numbers and Hands

The field watch you will buy needs to have a luminous hand and number. After all, the purpose of a watch is to read the time with convenience.

On that note, it needs to have decent luminescence. Because the purpose of a watch is not on the visual appeal but because you need to a watch to keep on track on anything.

Final Thoughts

We completely understand that you are on a tight budget mode. But we still delivered some of the excellent field watches even if it’s under 500 dollars. It’s amazing that even in that price range, you can still have a pretty decent quality field watch without increasing your budget and yet it has a stylish design and delivers great performance.

So if you are still undecided, don’t hesitate to browse our product listings because we carefully curated these field watches just for you. If you have something in mind, which of these is your favorite?