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Best Fishing Vacations in US — 5 Top Picks For You!

Do you feel the urge to go on fishing but can’t seem to choose where’s the perfect location? If you are an angler wanting to stretch your skill again while you are on vacation, well, there are numerous fishing vacations that you can hone your fishing skills. After all, fishing has something to offer more than catching a fish. Because even Ernest Hemingway is hooked in the field of fishing.

The United States is stunningly vast. With that fact alone, there are numerous ponds, lakes, and other water sources. But which has the best fishing vacation in the US? With that question in mind, we have a list that we know you will going to like. Because even we have experienced these great fishing spots.

Why You Should Take Fishing Vacations in the US?

You should take a fishing vacations at least once in a while. But for seasoned anglers, it’s one of their prime hobbies. For them, fishing is like an escape from their regular jobs. On that note, there are many reasons why you should take fishing as some sort of escape like hiking or camping. So, to get you into fishing, here are some of the reasons why you should go on a fishing vacations.

Promotes Mindfulness

Picture yourself on a boat and fishing in the middle of the like while the sun’s glory shines upon you. Isn’t that idyllic? It’s idyllic and even, in reality, it’s much more fun than that. Because when you are going out fishing all by yourself, chances are there won’t be noise or any distraction.

All you have is the stillness of the water. Spending some time in this kind of environment will help you get focused and practice mindfulness. This activity is often associated with lowered blood pressure and decreased anxiety. In short, you are in a state of relaxation albeit for a short period of time.

An Achievement

Fishing is quite challenging and requires a great amount of patience but it’s fun. Fishing is worth a trying activity. Although at first, it’s frustrating because it’s hard to catch a fish especially if you are a beginner.

But fishing is a worthwhile experience. The thrill of reeling the fishing rod and the resistance give you an adrenaline rush. That’s why fishing can be addicting because the more you catch a fish, the further you will progress.

This will allows you to keep on fishing until you are satisfied with your skills. It will also require a great deal amount of dedication and more practice in order to be good at fishing.

Boosts Immune System

While you are fishing, you are also basking under the sun. And that is actually a good thing. The fact that you are absorbing vitamin D under the sun’s glory.

Not only you are catching fishes but also you are catching vitamins and required minerals such as phosphorous and calcium which help the immune system and help fight against diseases.

Fishing activity is among the best source of vitamin D as well as other outdoor activities. Bring your children or friends who need some vitamin D. Sometimes these simple outdoor activities will give you a boost in both mind and body.

It Will Develop You Physical Strength

Fishing will help you make strong and physically fit. Your muscle groups, lungs, heart, are getting a nice workout because of your movement.

Going to a fishing spot can take you about 5 to 15 minutes depending on the location. This alone will let your muscle warmed up a bit giving an obvious boost to your leg muscles. But when you get into the actual fishing activity, your body will get pumped up.

There are some fish that are bigger which will require your muscle to adjust accordingly. A huge pike or a carp is one of the challenging fish you can catch. Let alone the deep-sea fishes which require more strength. That said, fishing activity engages the back, arms, shoulders, core, and legs in this kind of workout.

Fishing Lets You Unplug

While most people spend their weekend at home, most often they are engaging too much screen time in their gadgets which can be harmful.

The fact that most of the content on the internet today is full of negative views about the world and so on, also it can make you stress by opening your emails when you can just relax and have something for yourself away from work and any stressful things.

When it comes to fishing, this kind of activity lets you pause from work for a moment and it also disconnects you from electronic gadgets and emails.

Instead, fishing gives you a sort of peace and makes you forget all the stressful things because you are mentally focused on the fish alone. This allows you to unwind for a bit while catching some fish and enjoying a spectacular view that surrounds the body of water, plus the cool breeze that keeps you comfy.

Teach Your Kids to be patient and how to fail

Whenever you bring along your kids with you in your camping activity, you can also teach them how to fish. Because fishing does not only deal with catching fish. This also requires the mental and physical aspects of a person. Also, fishing activity can gain some valuable lesson for your children and that is learning how to be patient and how to fail.

Because fishing may not be an easy hobby at the start, your kids are expected to fail. Although, teach them why they fail and how are they going to succeed in a certain scenario. Also, this activity will also develop your kid’s patience which can be applied in many ways.

Best Fishing Vacations in US — 5 Top Picks For You!

Lake Tahoe

Location: Border of California and Nevada

Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States. This lake is home to a wide variety of fishes. And you know what that means? There’s an abundance of fish and perfect for your next fishing vacation. Also, the place is incredible and spectacular. Not only people within the area go to this for vacation, but people also spend some time to have some fishing activities.

Why you should take a fishing vacations here? Because it offers various fishes such as rainbow trout, brown trout, and even salmon. However, you can’t fish whatever you like to fish because there’s a limit to prevent over fishing. That said, visitors are only allowed to fish 5 trouts a day.

Lake Tahoe has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States because of the mountaintops and the granite cliffs sides that are very picturesque.

Also, the lake itself is like a reflection because of the crystal clear water. The area boasts of its miles of hiking trails.

Besides that, you can also camp within the area with no fee at all. But expect to have no amenities and they have strictly implemented the “leave no trace” policy. But don’t worry this place offers a beautiful landscape. So even you are done with your fishing, you can just savor the moment and take awe in the surroundings.

Bighorn River

Location: Montana

This river should be at the top of your list, especially for fly fisher folks out there. Bighorn River is home to many brown trout, but not only that but there are also large rainbow trout. For seasoned anglers, rainbow trout is among their prized possession fish because it’s somewhat scarce. If you are near the area, you might really find this very amusing for your fishing vacations in the US.

Bighorn River has clear water and a gentle cool kind of water. Although, you must be careful when fishing here because of the slippery rocks that have aquatic vegetation.

These factors make rock slippery and quite deceptive especially when you are too focused on fishing. Also, be sure to know your fishing area. The upper land in the high water line is mostly owned by private. So, stick to the rules.

Furthermore, there is also strict implementation of fishing limits. This is to preserve the fish quality. But if you are a trout fanatic, you caught them anywhere in the river regardless of the depth or the current.

You just need to take note that the only accessible area for fishing grounds is the first 13 miles below the dam. You need to release your catch afterward especially if you exceeded the maximum number of catches.

Lake of the Woods

Location: Minnesota

Most anglers and fishermen prefer to go to Minnesota to catch some of their favorite fish. Because the Lake of the Woods is the Walleye Capital of the world. Also, Minnesota is among the ideal place to go on a fishing vacations in the US. But it’s more than the fish the makes this lake so immaculately enticing. The spectacular scenery surrounding the body of water makes this a perfect and prime location for a fishing vacations.

In addition, it’s also a good spot for all sorts of water sports such as waterskiing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, to name a few are accessible to all.

You can also rent a boat with a motor for fishing activities. It will be an excellent choice if you are going to book for reservation here instead of a walk-in guest. This is to make sure there’s more room for an activity for you and your family.

Among the notable fish, you can catch here are the walleye, sauger, and the northern pike. It’s so precious to catch one of these because of the white meat and flavorful taste which most people want for their meal.

Also, Lake of the Wood is so massive that it will take much o your time to roam around and find the perfect spot for fishing.

Chesapeake Bay

Location: Maryland

The Chesapeake Bay has been knowing for its striped bass and the Maryland crab which is so tasteful when it’s cooked. That’s why every angler will relish the moment to go to the Chesapeake Bay just to get their fishing rod ready and let them have some fun while on a fishing vacations.

The fact that this particular bay is home to different species of fish and has many great fishing spots to offer.

Other than crabs and striped bass, the Chesapeake Bay has also other fish to offer such as flounder, bluefish and red fish, Spanish mackerel, cobia, and many more. With these varieties of fish, who wouldn’t love to take a chance, gear up, and fish in this area, right?

So, if you are near the Chesapeake Bay and want to engage in some fancy offshore adventure, this is probably what you will need for your fishing vacations.

There are excellent fishing spots down in the Chesapeake Bay and this is among their popular spots:

Chesapeake Bay Shore Fishing – Perfect for beginners and experienced.

Chesapeake Bay Pier Fishing – Although there are plenty of piers around the Chesapeake Bay, there’s a large chance that you’ll catch some fish within these areas.

Chesapeake Bay Kayak Fishing – For serious anglers who don’t want to fish at one position, this is their best choice. Besides catching a fish, you get to experience the body of water by kayaking.

Also, this is the best fishing vacation in the US, but also in the world because of the amount of fish you can catch in one location.

Kobuk River

Location: Alaska

Kobuk River stretches about 200 miles and home to various fishes. Anglers of any experience from beginner to expert know that there is the perfect haven for any kind of fishing activity not to mention an excellent spot for a fishing vacation. However, it’s important to note that you need to know the best fishing season here.

That said, plan your next vacation trip here in July, August, or September, because these months are the most welcoming season for all fishers.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to catch. Because there is many fish to catch and among these are arctic grayling, arctic char, lake trout, northern pike, and chum salmon.

So, gear up, bring your family, and let your fishing vacation start here. Other than the lake itself and the fish, you get to experience the wonderful beauty of the Alaskan landscape. The lowlands, low rolling mountains, sloped plateaus are some of the best scenic views you can get a glimpse of while in Alaska.

Also, don’t miss to catch the thrill of Sheefish. It’s the most renowned fish in the Kobuk River. A quick tip to catch them in a bigger size, as the fisher folks say, the further you go north the bigger the Sheefish you can catch.

Top Tips for your fishing vacation

Know your location

Obviously, the foremost thing you need to do when going for a fishing vacation is to know exactly where you are fishing. Consider the temperature, weather, and environment. You may enjoy going out fishing on the lake, but if your kids suddenly get bored, then it’s a hassle for you. You need to at least look for a place where there is a fishing activity as well as an area where you can also swim, or any water sports activity.

Hire A Fishing Guide

Because you are don’t have the knowledge to know all the details. One thing is for sure is to hire a fishing guide. This is really much preferred if you have an extra budget. Because A guide knows the perfect place where you can catch a good fish. Not only that, you’ll be able to support the local organization.

If you are just new to fishing and want also to introduce them to your family, having a guide is your best option. The best possible way to gain fishing knowledge is to learn from experienced fishers. They will teach you the location of the best fishing spots and help you whenever you are struggling.

Bring the Right Gear (Always)

Having the right gear is also closely associated with the location, conditions, and weather. If it’s cold or a possibility of raining, you might need a rain jacket. If you are basking under the sun, you better have sunglasses and sunscreen. Also, it’s important to bring a first aid kit in case something bad happens.

In addition, you should be aware of the appropriate fishing tool that matches your location and environmental factors. Be sure you have the right rods, rigging materials, reels, and other important gear for fishing. Because these factors will also affect the chances of catching a fish.

Know the Rules and Regulations

Before you go fishing, it’s important that you have read all the guidelines, the dos, and donts of the particular fishing area. Also, be sure that you have acquired a proper fishing license. There are some areas that implement catch and release only rue, artificial lures only, size limits, catch limits, hook laws, open and closed seasons.

Every state has a different take on the fishing rules and regulations. It’s important to scour them through and be a responsible fisherman once you are in the actual fishing ground. If you can’t recall what are they, then you should at least hire a local guide to assist you.

If you want some comprehensive fishing directory, you can refer here.

Final Thoughts

Once you decided on your best fishing vacation in the US, it’s important to know their rules and regulations. Also, this kind of off-ground adventure can be a worthwhile experience, especially for your family. Taking a break with usual camping and other excursion is great. Because experiencing the fishing activity can be more amusing because it will teach you some valuable lesson and it will also leave you a different kind of experience.

In addition, be sure that you have planned accordingly and in advance so there will be lots of planning and preparation. The best thing to experience this kind of activity is just to enjoy every moment. Because fishing activity can be once in a while outdoor hang out.