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Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Boy – The Ultimate List

Whether you plan to stock up your pile with an outdoorsy present or send a gift right away, we always want to give something worth valuable, fun, and interesting. Actually, boys are active kiddos that always explore around to make up their curiosity. That gives us a hard time thinking of the perfect give for them especially if they are adventurous enough. So, the ideal solution for that is to send them the best gifts for outdoorsy boy.

In this blog post, we listed 15 of the most interesting gift items that you can send as a present to outdoorsy boys. The items listed below are not just for fun but may also be educational and valuable. See which one is highly interesting!

Ultimate List of the Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Boy

Personally, gift-giving is the hardest yet challenging task for me. To add to this is the fact that the recipient of the gift is someone that is adventurous and outdoorsy. So, this means that you should not give them just a simple toy that they can play on. Luckily, there is plethora of items that you can give as present to outdoorsy boys.

Unlike those simple toys, gifts for boys who are outdoorsy generally encourage them to continue doing their outdoor activities. That will basically help them a lot in stimulating their curiosity and help the boys to engage themselves in nature. The good thing about the following gift items below is that they are generally useful and are very handy for the small hands or pockets of the boys.

Aside from that, these toys highly offer educational value for the boys. So, being on the outdoor is not just a simple playing for them but a great valuable experience.


Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Boy

The first on our list of the best gifts for an outdoorsy boy is the walkie-talkie. This is not just a wonderful toy for the kids but it also offers a big help to the parents. Generally, this gift idea is one way for the parents to always get connected with their kiddos. This is very helpful when the kids are out of the house exploring everything around. Hikes and camping trips are two outdoor activities in which walkie-talkies are basically useful.

Huaker Kids Walkie Talkiesare actually excellent gifts for playful kids. With its small and compact design, this durable walkie-talkie is a great idea to offer fun and excitement to outdoorsy boys. Regardless if they go hiking, camping, or spring outing, this gift will generally make them enjoy the outdoor the most.


For boys who really love adventures and spending the night out of their home, a sleeping bag would definitely be an ideal gift to give. Just make sure that the sleeping bag you will send is of premium quality. Just like this Kelty Big Dipper Sleeping Bag. It is highly portable because of its lightweight. Aside from that, it generally provides extreme warmth to the body which will make the outdoorsy boys have a comfortable sleep.


Who won’t love binoculars? Well, this is one of the best gifts for outdoorsy boy because it is, no doubt, the most loyal travel buddy to have. Adventurous boys actually enjoy the moment of having the binoculars hanging over their necks. They can generally use this gift to explore the wonders of the city or just live within every corner of the park.

The kids may generally use this gift item if they want to observe the birds. They can also use it in reverse position to see a miniature figure of their friends as they look through its lens. Binoculars are generally a convenient toy for the boys that entertain them a lot while pursuing their outdoor activities.

BESPIN Kid’s Binoculars are a totally functional compact binocular for kids. With this, outdoorsy boys cannot only engage themselves outdoor but also enjoy learning the wonders of nature.  


Outdoorsy and adventurous boys and even adults like to look in the space up there. Most of the time, during childhood, a kid’s fave outdoor activity is to gaze at the stars during dark nights. With this, a portable telescope is one of the best gifts for outdoorsy boy. Basically, this giftable item is widely available in various sizes and shapes.

This can be more interesting if you give this present with an astronomy book that the boys may also browse. Or, you may also consider adding a constellation map together with that telescope to make the moment more interesting.


Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Boy

Actually, the thing is kids really love to help around the house. Because of that, one of the best gifts for outdoorsy boy is a tool set. You can actually give them a small toolbox set having assorted tools. This may include hammers, nails, screwdrivers, drills, pliers, level, and wrenches. If your boy is a little bit old, try to give him a real set of tools that they can use with their own hands.

Another great example of the tool set that you can give to adventurous boys out there is a tool set used for gardening. This G&F JustForKids Garden Tool Set is like a real shovel and rakes made out of real wood and high-quality metal. Generally, this gift for outdoorsy boys is too sturdy for them because of the excellent binding technology it is made of.


Other things that kids, especially boys, are also obsessed with are animals and small critters like bugs. That’s the reason why this item is one of the best gifts for outdoorsy boys. Usually, this set includes a butterfly net, magnifying glass, and observation capsule. So, if you know some boys who love to chase after bugs and insects, why not try this Educational Bug Catcher Set.


Looking at it, the magnifying glass tends to be a simple gift idea for outdoorsy kids. However, it is actually an incredible one that could generally offer the boys great fun. Unlike the binoculars, a magnifying glass is actually a tool that gets kids closer to nature. This makes them learn all about the flowers, leaves, soils, insects, and other small creatures around.

Carson Big Eye Magnifying Glass is really a great one for kids and even for adults of all ages. With this, adventurous boys may explore the wildlife or imitate other inspection-like activities.


Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Boy

Headlamps are a highly irresistible gift for outdoorsy boys. And, all of them would definitely love this item as it could be really useful for them. Boys who love to camp with their parents will surely love to receive this giftable headlamp. This is also a very handy tool for the boys as they went on their way into the tent within the campsite.

This LED Headlamp is really comfortable for boys and has an easy-to-wear style. It is actually ultra-bright and has shock resistant feature. Boys and girls, even adults would love this giftable item as it is ideal for any expedition activities, outdoor sports, and wildlife spotting.


An affordable, yet the most interesting gifts for outdoorsy boy are the survival bracelet. At a budget-friendly price, your boys will definitely receive a present that they will love and enjoy as they go out. This bracelet can be carried in all their outdoor activities making them feel completely geared up.

The A2S survival bracelet is an excellent outdoor gear that is also an interesting gift item. It is not just a simple bracelet but also a great survival tool in the wild. Meaning, this survival bracelet includes a compass, fire scrapper, and a fire starter. Aside from that, this can also act as an emergency knife. It has an adjustable size making it suitable for everyone.


Boys are really active and letting them out with nature also needs them to stay hydrated most of the time. So, it is actually a good idea to give them an insulated water bottle as a gift. The water bottle will keep them refreshed and hydrated while they are outdoor. This giftable item will also maintain the coolness of the water that they can drink during their outdoor activity.

This Takeya Water Bottle basically comes with a straw lid ensuring that the water inside the bottle won’t spill out. Another thing that makes this giftable item loved by kids is its size that is not that big enough for them.


Basically, a ticket to get into the national parks is a good gift idea especially for boys who love exploring around. This giftable item may actually last for the entire year. The ticket generally covers the fees for the entrance and standard amenity which can be used for more than 2,000 national parks and wildlife.


Like the ticket for national parks, this membership coupon for local attractions is also a year-round giftable item for outdoorsy boys. You can generally sign-up a membership to any local wildlife sanctuary, nature center, local zoo, botanical garden, or science exhibit center and give it to them as your present. Luckily, more of those places give special discounts and advantages along with the membership. That basically includes the event tickets, early hours entrance, free parking, and discounts on snacks.


Actually, lessons for kids like horseback riding are highly beneficial for them especially in terms of strengthening the body. Well, horseback riding will allow your boys to get connected with nature and others animals. Aside from that, this lesson could also advantageous for them in terms of muscle strengthening. Moreover, it is also good for the improvement of posture, coordination, and balance.

Other than that, studies show that horseback riding reduces the levels of stress hormone for kids and adults. The great effect for the kids of horseback riding that makes it one of the best gifts for outdoorsy boy the development of patience, self-discipline, and responsibility. A horseback riding lesson gift certificate is an excellent gift for adventurous boys as it teaches them a lifetime skill.


Another incredible gift for adventurous boys that may also promote lifetime critical responsibility is teaching them swimming lessons. This lesson is actually imperative; however, it can be a little bit expensive. So, make sure that you have enough budget if you plan to send a swimming lesson certificate as a gift. It is actually a fun and exciting gift for kids that may teach them skills. Get access to a local pool or any swimming facility for a swimming lesson and let it enjoy by the boys.


For kids, including outdoorsy boys, s’mores make one of the best desserts over the globe. In fact, s’mores are perfect to be enjoyed while on the outside. The boys will surely love to eat it while sitting around on the campfire with their loved ones.

Final Words

The above list of incredible and interesting gift ideas for an outdoorsy boy is a great help for you to make them enjoy the outdoor a little bit more. Aside from that, the giftable items listed above are not just simple toys that will allow them to play around. Most of them are also valuable items that help a lot in bringing out the best skills for your boys. So, send them those amazing and unforgettable presents that will surely make their childhood worth living and really enjoyable.