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Best Hiking Shirt Hot Weather – Our List of 5!

Whether you are out in the wild to go hiking or you just have to enjoy other adventures on the road, we always want to wear something comfortable and cool. There’s no way for us to get rid of the sun if we decide to enjoy the outdoors in hot weather, so the solution is the best hiking shirt hot weather. This outdoor gear provides comfort and protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.

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In this blog post, I listed and reviewed 5 of the excellent hiking shirt that is ideal to wear during hot days. I personally bought and used some of the apparel below during my previous hiking adventure. See which one is the coolest and coziest under the sun! 

5 of the Best Hiking Shirt Hot Weather


Denali Performance Mega Solar T-Shirt

best hiking shirt hot weather

Another best hiking shirt hot weather is the Denali Performance Mega Solar T-Shirt. It generally comes from 100% microfiber premium quality material making this hiking shirt for hot weather an extremely absorbent one. Regardless of the length of your trekking, Denali Performance Mega Solar T-Shirt basically cools you down and keeps you dry.

The good thing about this hiking shirt is that it is best for all kinds of outdoor sports. Meaning, you can wear this during cycling, hiking, camping, or climbing. Although having a turtleneck design, this hiking shirt for hot weather is really comfortable and cozy at all times. Aside from that, this shirt is also good to wear during in-home activities like gardening.

Generally, Denali Performance Mega Solar T-Shirt is a UV fabric protectant as it utilizes WiKZ technology. With that, this hiking shirt eliminates sweat coming from the body. The moisture that is transferred to the cloth will be easily dispersed off through this technology. Because of that quick sweat evaporation process, your body is kept cool and dry even while walking on terrains.

Regardless of the distance of your walk, this hiking shirt does not absorb stain or dirt. The looks generally offer a sophisticated and eye-catching appearance. Lastly, Denali Performance Mega Solar T-Shirt is wrinkle-resistant and won’t easily get wear and tear.

Product Features

  • Offers UV protection for the skin
  • Dirt and wrinkles resistant
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities
  • Hiking shirt for all sports
  • Cozy and highly comfortable
  • Fast-drying
  • Washing is very simple
  • Not accurate sizing
  • Hard to take away the stains

BALEAF Quick Dry Hiking Shirt

best hiking shirt hot weather

If you are looking for the best hiking shirt hot weather that is also perfect for road trips and other activities outdoor, BALEAF Quick Dry Hiking Shirt is a great option. Because of the mesh lining that it has, this hiking shirt tends to be highly constructed compared to its competitors. Air circulation is generally guaranteed all around the body. Moreover, as you go on a higher temperature area, wearing this hiking shirt will let you feel the best ventilation.

Its 100% nylon material generally allows you to wear a durable and sturdy hiking shirt. This is also the main responsible for ensuring that the shirt won’t easily get wear and tear. Additionally, the BALEAF Quick Dry Hiking Shirt also caters to lightweight features and excellent breathability.

Basically, this apparel is a button closure hiking shirt for hot weather. With that, the ease of adjustment is highly guaranteed making you feel comfortable as you wear it. Aside from nylon, this hiking shirt is also made from 100% polyester material. So, you will generally be sure to get increase ventilation and keeps the skin dry.  

Product Features

  • With 2 chest pockets that have hook-and-loop
  • Highly lightweight and breathable
  • Nicely designed and generally comfortable
  • Perfect for all activities outdoor
  • With highly convertible sleeves
  • Great for any road adventure
  • Reduces sweat quickly
  • Offers good ventilation
  • Collars tend to be big
  • Sleeves are short

Outdoor Research Hoody Men’s Shirt

best hiking shirt hot weather

From the name itself, you may already know that this apparel comes with a hoody. Well, a hoody may not be ideal for hot weather. However, this Outdoor Research Hoody Men’s Shirt is really an exception. The construction of this apparel is made of 100% polyester resulting in a strong and durable hiking shirt. With that, aside from being the best hiking shirt hot weather, this product is also perfect for use on rugged activities.

Generally, the design of this hot weather hiking shirt is to maintain the coolness and dryness of your body during the hot season. Having an excellent thermo regulator, this apparel highly features breathability and comfort. It also disperses air equally all throughout the body.

What’s nice with this hiking shirt is that it does not retain sweat or water in its fabric. This means that if you will be going to hike today, washing this hiking shirt can be done quickly as well as drying it. It also eliminates sweat from the skin by evaporating it so that you remain feeling cozy.

Well, if you love hoodies, you can already wear them during the hot days through this Outdoor Research Hoody Men’s Shirt. Moreover, this hoodie hiking shirt can also be a great base layer for a jacket without making you feel inconvenient on long terrains.

Product Features

  • Perfect to wear during summer and even on winter outdoor activities
  • Highly comfortable and lightweight
  • With thermal regulator
  • Can resist stain and wrinkles
  • Sturdy and highly durable
  • Basic maintenance needed
  • Good protector from the sun
  • Ideal for any gender
  • Quite costly
  • Short sleeves

Merino Organic Wool T-Shirt

Merino Organic Wool T-Shirt should not be excluded from the list of the best hiking shirt hot weather. Due to the 100% organic merino wool material that it is made of, you can comfortably walk during summer days while wearing this apparel. Organic wool is actually a safe and durable material as it comes from natural sources without using any chemicals or pesticides.

The great features of this hot weather hiking shirt are its breathability and being lightweight. The breathability highly guarantees your comfort and coziness while on the road. Meanwhile, the lightweight feature supports you to feel highly convenient as you climb up even the highest mountain.

Since it is made from 100% natural material, wearing this apparel helps in preventing the production of unpleasant bodily smells. As this hiking shirt for hot weather evaporates the sweat from your body, it also keeps you cool and dry. Either you use a washer or dryer; you can basically wash this shirt off without wearing or tearing it. Yet, keep in mind that this apparel should be lay flat to air dry.

Product Features

  • Ideal one to wear on climbing and trailing activities
  • Helps in regulating body temperature
  • Maintains coolness and dryness of the body
  • Perfect for everyday wear
  • Ideal for hypoallergenic individual
  • Odor resistant
  • Involve simple washing
  • Poor quality neckline
  • Easily shrinks

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hiking Shirt Hot Weather

Look for the following features before buying a hiking shirt perfect for the hot days:


Remember that hot weather hiking shirt is made from lightweight and breathable materials. The most common materials used for hiking shirts are synthetic ones like polyester, nylon, and spandex. Sometimes, they are combined with cotton for the purpose of wicking the sweat away from the body and allowing air circulation.

Aside from that, the hiking shirt should also have antimicrobial properties to act upon the inevitable odors that resulted from the hiking activity during the hot days.

2-Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)

This is an important factor to consider when you are looking for a hiking shirt that you will be going to wear during the hot season. Sun rays may generally be harmful to the skin during prolonged and unprotected exposure. Generally, nylon, polyester, and lycra are the hiking shirt materials that usually possess high UPFs. Yet, make sure that the shirt doesn’t get wet or stretched out too much because these will compromise the UPF.


Going into hiking may actually lead us to sun exposure and when this aspect is the concern, more coverage is always the best than the lesser counterpart. Yet, the problem is some people are not able to stand wearing long sleeves. Actually, long sleeves may restrict you from moving in some situations. The good thing is that this adds some more protection to the arms from sun exposure.


The hiking shirts for hot weather usually involve two basic styles – the crew and the button front. Both of them have short and long sleeves. The crew type is the basic shirt without pockets, while the button-front comes with a long sleeve having numbers of pockets and collar.

5-Cooling properties

Some hiking shirts use mesh material to help your body to feel and keep cool as you walk down long terrain.  

Frequently Asked Questions


A: When you decide to hike in a hot season, it is advisable to wear loose and breathable clothing. Make sure that the clothing is lightweight so that it helps in the regulation of body temperature.


A: Clothing items that let the sweat disperse easily will make you feel cooler. Loose shirts are actually the best as it permits better airflow.


A: Newer hiking shirts already improved their features due to the incorporation of technology that deals with the natural cooling process of the body.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to hike during the hot days need you to prepare and equip yourself with the best hiking shirt. Make sure that you are getting the appropriate apparel for hiking because if not, your sweat won’t get evaporated. With this, chances are you will be too smelly during your hike. Go for a hiking shirt that is lightweight, easy to wash and maintain, and quick drying. Most importantly, it should keep your body dry and cool on any terrain.