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Best Motorcycle Camera Systems — Product Review for 2021

Every biker should have motorcycle camera systems or dash cams. This device will be your supporting evidence that is readily available in case there’s a car accident. It can also be an important tool for witness accounts. Therefore, anything that happens on the road while you are driving your motorcycle is going to be recorded. That said, dashcam or motorcycle camera systems are a lifesaver especially if you are a frequent road traveler.

On that note, if you are on the search for the best motorcycle camera systems, don’t worry. Because we have carefully picked the best dash cam just for you. Plus, we have some buying guides and tips just to make your buying experience worthwhile.

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Why you should use motorcycle camera systems (dashboard cam)?

Technology seems to catch up really fast especially in security camera innovations. There’s a bit of a sense of heightened security features and complacency have given the fact that the technology is advanced. The same goes to dash cams.

This device has become increasingly popular because of its added security and also from different benefits. All those benefits are for your life’s sake. So, here are some of the numerous benefits that this device can give you.

You have strong evidence in case of a motorcycle accident

This is probably the main reason why dashboard cameras exist. It is also the foremost reason why thousands, if not millions of bikers have invested their money and time in one of these motorcycle camera systems.

Because this type of camera device is so powerful that you can use this as your first-hand evidence in case there’s an accident.

This camera works as soon as you install it and it will start to record which will provide real-time traffic movement. That’s why dash cams are very reliable, efficient, and straightforward proof when there’s an accident. Investing in this is your life-saving option. It will also save you a lot of money, time, and trouble in the long run.

A dashcam is your perfect companion when there are undisciplined drivers

The road is full of inevitable unexpected moments. Chances are, there will be drivers that are too lackluster when it comes to their driving skills. Because not all drivers are well disciplined, some drivers will just drive without even considering the traffic rules.

In this case, there are some drivers ending up in a heated argument due to basic traffic rules. Worst case scenario is when those two drivers got into physical violence because of road rage from a simple misunderstanding of the traffic rules.

Now, this is where your dashcam will come into play. The dashcam will record real-time the whole incident if you or others have encountered a bad driver.

These bad drivers (both in motorcycles and vehicles) are irresponsible and they can be bothersome and annoying. But with your dashcam, you can help them report with your dashcam as a piece of evidence so the road will become a better place to drive.

Expect the unexpected

Sometimes, there is a lot going on when you just turn your head left and right. In some rare cases, you will see some of the accidents right in front of you which is really unexpected as if the accident just came out of nowhere. The internet is the home of many things some of it is just crazy and some are bizarre turn of events.

Those bizarre events can be seen on online video platforms. Some have morbid footage, others have recorded shootouts, vehicular accidents, paranormal activities, and many things. In short, with a dashcam installed, this will help you capture some of the things that are definitely unexpected.

Once you have something that has an unexpected element while on the road and uploads it on Youtube and another popular online video platform, there’s a guarantee that it will earn thousands, if not millions of views.

Prevent any parking accidents

Although some of the brand new vehicles, vans, trucks, and buses have built-in camera systems in the rear especially if it’s a blind spot.

This will greatly help them to efficiently park. Beginner drivers will greatly benefit from this device. The fact that one of the most common nightmares in driving is parking especially if it’s a difficult area to park.

With the dash cams installed, there’s a huge chance that your car will never get scratched or seriously damaged during parking.

This also applies in motorcycle, sometimes it’s hard to park backward while looking back which let your front becomes vulnerable. Dashcam will help you park your motorcycle without looking back, instead, you are looking into the dashcam.

Record your journey on the road

Among the reason why you should own motorcycle camera systems, more particularly the dashcam is to savor every moment while you are on the road.

Moments like this will be stored digitally so you can go back anytime and take a look at your road trips while on your motorcycle, especially when your nostalgia kicks in.

It’s an excellent investment if you want to record your long road trips and expecting some unexpected moments while on the road.

You can also make your recorded video turn into a documentary or cinematic style. All you need is creativity and skill and high-quality camera systems so you will capture every inch of the details.


Product Description: If you are looking for a premium motorcycle camera system with a crystal clear video resolution, fret no more, because what we have here is our top pick. It's no other than the INNOV motorcycle dashcam. It's highly advanced and the overall performance is stunning. You can also integrate this into your smartphone device and this is capable of GPS and Wifi connection mode. So what we feature is currently the best product on the market. You'll be amazed by the video resolution that it captures. Using the 4k ultra HD recording at 30 FPS, it's like you are also having the best camera for professional videographers. With its 8-megapixel sensor on the front powered by Sony, you know your motorcycle is in good hands. Not to mention, this camera is water-resistant. It's also efficient and durable whenever there are harsh weather conditions. What you'll probably love in the INNOV dash cam is the smart parking mode. You can park your motorcycle very safely with the help of this feature. Simply enable the function while your away.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Quality
  • Video Resolution
  • Value for Money


All in all, this is more than a dashboard camera, because you can vividly document your journey while on the road and make it a collection of memories, especially when nostalgia kicks in. You can also use this for vlogging because it has a stunning 4k resolution. Also, the smart parking mode makes this distinction from any other products reviewed here.


4K Ultra HD Resolution
Smart parking mode feature
GPS trigger


Very expensive


Blueskysea Dash Cam

If you are going on travel by road with your lovely motorcycle, why not invest in something that can document your road on the journey and also ensure your safety. One thing that comes to mind is the Blueskysea Camera System.

The recording power of this is superb and also the video quality of this is stunning. Also, will not miss out on a thing that happens right in front of you.

Blueskysea Camera System has a resolution power of 1080P and this dash cam can record at an angle 130 degrees wide at maximum.

It’s solid waterproof rated IP67 which is perfect to use even when there’s a downpour. This functions both front and rearview so you don’t have any problems looking at the back.

This also features a 2.35 inch LCD display. Also, the dashcam allows you to see even when it’s nighttime because of night vision capability. Like any high-quality dash cams, this features G-sensor which automatically triggers the file to lock-in mode.

With that in mind, we strongly recommend investing in this product. Because it’s designed to keep you safe at all times due to real-time recording. There’s also a GPS connection to keep you on track if something goes wrong. Above all, you are going to love this because it’s built to withstand any weather condition.

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • G-sensor feature
  • Day and night recording
  • Loop recording
  • None so far

Sena 10C Dash Cam

If you don’t want your dashcam to install in your motorcycle but in your helmet instead, there’s a particular product for you. It’s the Sena 10c Pro. You can just attach this to your helmet while the GPS has connected and also your smartphone.

Capture your ride with this magnificent camera. Built to capture your motorcycle diaries. This features a lot of functions which can be helpful especially if you are driving on the road.

Capture every detail that this camera can cover with its crystal clear resolution of 1440P and 16:9 resolution, also offers a field of view of 135 degrees.

You can also communicate to other rides who are also using this because this has 4-way Bluetooth intercoms. Communicate clearly with your friends while on the road with this device.

You can adjust the settings via the Sena camera app. This will allow you to preview some of the recorded video footage. You can also tweak the audio and others else. Plus, you can easily download the files using the wifi connection.

Will you dare buy this amazing product? I do. Because this is an excellent alternative to a dashcam that requires installation in the motor. Also, you can communicate with your fellow riders who also use this device which is very cool to have.

Above all, it’s important to mention that it has Quad HD video resolution which is very clear especially when you need video footage.

  • Quad HD
  • 4-way communication via Bluetooth
  • Super high tech
  • Wifi integrated
  • It needs a little improvement according to Amazon reviewers


VSYSTO Camera System is perfectly designed for motorcycles. This features a dual dash cam that is able to record the front and rear while you are hitting the road.

It has numerous features and built for long-term use. Having a dashcam like this one helps you navigate the road efficiently and guaranteed safety. This device aims to improve your safety while it records when in use.

You don’t have to worry about getting blurry when it rains. Because this is IP67 waterproof which resists any droplets of rain coming inside. In addition, it has superior night vision.

When nighttime hits, the device is able to see even if it’s dark. When it comes to the lens, it’s 150 degrees wide-angle both front and rear. The lens has 6 layers of full glass lens for an anti-glare and polarizing filter. Also, the quality of the video is 1080P, expect a clearer image and video.

It has a built-in app so you can tweak the settings via smartphone. This also features loop recording which will overwrite the file the moment the memory is full. In addition, this can automatically capture any accidents and save the video files.

Overall, the VSYSTO motorcycle dash cam is an excellent unit that offers video quality and safety measures while on the road. Like most products here, it’s very handy and useful making it a powerful piece of evidence. That’s why this product is worth buying and see it for yourself.

  • Weatherproof
  • Features g-sensor for critical video footage
  • Compatible with smartphone and WiFi
  • GPS tracker not included

VIOFO MT1 Dash Cam

VIOFO MT1 is a decent dashcam for a decent price. The camera offers a view from both rear and front view which ensures your safety while on the road.

If you are a frequent motorcycle rider and loves to go somewhere on any day, this should be your first call whenever you are going to invest in motorcycle camera systems.

The camera has 170 degrees wide-angle and it’s dual recording. This dashcam guarantees you that it will record every moment and real-time while you are on the road.

The camera offers clear and fine details at 1080P and 30pfs, it can totally work even in low light conditions. No problem when taking hard turns in curved areas where there are blindspots.

Because dashcams in motorcycles are often exposed, the VIOFO camera system is well protected from dust and water, It can capture and record details even if there are heavy rains and any other harsh conditions.

You can connect this via mobile app and it can even control using wifi. Above all, it has GPS to track wherever you are.

All in all, this product may be on our last list but it doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Of course not. Another amazing dashcam where it has decent video quality.

In addition, added features like WiFi connection, GPS, low light visibility, compatibility with smart devices, and so on. This is definitely recommended for motorcycle riders out there.

  • Have GPS and Wifi connection
  • Memory up to 256 GB
  • Water-resistant and dust resistant
  • None so far

Features to consider when buying your ideal motorcycle camera systems

Before you even buying and looking our product reviews, you should consider the overall quality and feature of the motorcycle dash cam system. Because these factors will determine whether the product will last long or will easily wear out when used regularly. With that in mind, we have listed some factors you should know when buying your ideal motorcycle camera systems.

Quality counts

Great motorcycle camera systems are made from high-quality materials. This means it has all the features that you need in a device. In other words, it’s should be an all-in-one package. Although these types of dashcam systems are hard to come by on the market. Your best bet is to aim for quality material.

Cheaper products obviously won’t last long and they are not waterproof and poor video quality. That said, buy your ideal camera that is premium in quality and built to last so you will not replace it all the time.

Consider the dash cam’s environmental feature

Dashcam systems in cars need not have waterproof or water-resistant, although it’s optional. But for a motorcycle, it’s not optional to buy waterproof, able to withstand snow and the blazing heat. The main difference between motorcycle dash cams is they are exposed to numerous elements which affect their longevity compared to a car where the device is safe inside.

That said, choose a device that is able to withstand any weather condition and also waterproof. Because you never know what will be the weather on the road.

Video quality matters

The other you should consider when buying a motorcycle sash came is the video quality. The quality of your video will determine if the evidence is worth it or not. Also, higher video resolution can have greater details in a recorded video.

This means that you won’t have any problem when you zoom an object because it’s not too grainy and you can still see the object very well. If you are using a poorer video quality, it’s actually useless. So, determine the video quality you want in your ideal dashcam.

Consider other features as well

There are many dash cams that are highly innovative and can fit perfectly in your motorcycle. Having said that, you will need some extra features that will guarantee you have the best experience while your dashcam is recording.

Other features you need to consider are the wide-angle camera of at least 120 degrees, nigh vision, has GPS tracking, records in SD card, and should be able to detect vibrations.

These are some of the added features you need to take into consideration. Because these factors will also affect your driving and your safety on the road. Above all, when buying your ideal motorcycle camera systems it should be appropriate and match up your motorcycle otherwise your new device will just go waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a motorcycle dash cam better than a GoPro?

Among the main reason is that the motorcycle dashcam is specifically designed for motorbike alone. That said, there will be special features that are only compatible with motorcycles. The fact that these dashcams offer a wider field of view. Some have a dual camera which is front and rear.

Also, the battery in the dashcam never runs out. Plus, most dashcams can be automatically operated.

Are dual dash cams worth it for motorcycles?

Definitely! dual dashcam is not only worth it but they are the best for motorcycles and even in cars since they help you capture the events both front and rear of your ride. That said, you don’t have to look back and have a hard time when you can just look through your dashcam which is safer.

How long is the recording time on a dashcam before it overrides?

This will largely depend on the given memory of the SD card. For 32 GB, it will hold up to four hours of video footage when it’s 720p HD or 1080p with 30 frames per second. The maximum footage it can record for 1440p Quad HD is two hours. The bottom line is the more memory you have the more hours you can record in your dashboard camera.

Final Thoughts

Are you still on a search for your best motorcycle camera systems? It’s okay if you haven’t find the ideal dashcam for you. You can still spend a little time researching and weighing the option. But, you can read our buying guides and the products we have reviewed. Also, if you don’t have the time to read our article, you can just look at our quick product highlights.

In addition, if you have found the right dashcam for you, then set it up and use it. Because having this device will capture every moment while you are on the road. But be sure it has the best quality and able to last long for several years.

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