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Best Mountains For Beginner Skiing — Our Top 4 Picks

Are you preparing for your first skiing? If you haven’t find the right place on where to start, well, we have something for you that you will definitely like. Although there is numerous spot for skiing but not all of them are beginner-friendly. Some are for seasoned and experienced skiers while others are great for entry levels. So if you belong to the latter category, we have the best mountains for beginner skiing.

That said, if you want to learn and want to experience skiing, we have prepared some of the best lists that you may want to try. According to our recent and surveys, these places are among the popular winter ski trip. So scroll down for a bit and see what’s on our list.

Reasons why you should take skiing

Skiing is fun especially when you have some friends with you. This activity is more than a hobby or a trip, you get to explore the icy covered terrain and you get to see the stunning view from above and descending down a mountain. Who wouldn’t want that right? So we have listed some of the reasons why you should take skiing and we hope to somehow persuade you!

Learn Something New

Instead of being a couch potato in the winter season, why not get up on your feet and join your friends with their skiing adventure. This is the perfect time to learn something new which can add happiness or at least fulfilling your bucket list in life. Skiing has more to offer than descending down from the top of the mountain.

It is also great for fun memories which are more invaluable especially when your nostalgia kicks in. So, if you don’t know what to do during the winter season, you should probably try skiing. It’s great to learn something new once in a while.

Connect With Nature

Another way to connect with nature is to try out skiing. Other than camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, skiing is among the best way to connect with nature and marvel at its scenic view.

Obviously, there is nothing greater than standing on the top of the mountain while savoring the moment the full 360-degree view around you and then descending down the piste and have some moment of fun.

Also, skiing allows you to have the opportunity to connect with nature and you can’t find them in many other activities. Not only you marvel at the beauty of nature, but you also learn to navigate the natural terrain features.

It’s guaranteed that you will find an indescribable experience and have a peaceful moment while you are with nature. Also, mountains are great for beginner skiing and even for everyone.

It’s a social experience

Skiing seems more fun when you have the company of good friends or your family. Although it’s great to spend time alone, there nothing better than to look at the spectacular views together, have some meaningful conversation, and laugh at each other.

These are one of the most treasured memories that you will keep for a lifetime.

Also, this is the perfect time to meet new people and establish relationships with them. In addition, you can also have the chance to meet experienced or veteran skiers.

They might even teach you the proper skiing techniques and tell you the hidden location of the mountain where there is a challenge.

Skiing will make you stay fit

Did you know that skiing is not only a great outdoor activity where you can have fun all the time? Besides that, skiing offers more than fun, in fact, you can burn some calories and lose a few pounds.

Because whenever you are going on skiing, you will literally have a whole day moving around and using your body for twists and turns without even noticing you have burned some calories.

Also, it’s a great workout especially if you are at high altitudes, your body will have difficulty in moving which will force your muscle to flex.

Besides that, you will be walking around with your heavy ski boots and moving your body constantly just to adapt to the terrain you are in.

You get to explore new terrain

The joy in skiing is one thing and exploring new terrain is another thing. Although you can definitely combine these two which gives you more challenge and more fun ways to enjoy skiing.

Because skiing involves exploring new terrain. Who doesn’t want to leave their skiing spot when they are playing there for several years, right? Of course none. That’s why skiing is very amusing because you get to explore new and exciting terrain.

There are numerous ways to enjoy skiing but among them is to explore new terrains and test them. Skiing can be additive because once you discovered a new terrain, you’ll want to explore more and you are going to take that challenge very well. You will get to explore the mountains as a beginner skiing.

Skiing is a challenge for everyone

Skiing is easy to learn but hard to master, and this is the challenging part. From beginners to professional skiers, there’s always a new challenge waiting in the field of skiing.

That’s the beauty of skiing. You will never get satisfied because every time you try a new terrain, there will be numerous possibilities to try.

For beginners, it can be a bit overwhelming especially when it’s your first time pick up the ski. But as you progressed and become good at it, challenges may arise and it will continue to hone you until you become comfortable and ready to move on to another challenge.

Because it’s fun

To express the feeling of skiing in words, it’s just fun. But that word has a different meaning and form of expression and you only end up saying the word fun. Because there’s no better word to experience the fresh mountain air and the cool breeze while you are skiing down the mountain. Skiing is the perfect outlet to recharge and reinvigorate your physical and mental health.

This is great for forgetting all about the stress and other pressures in life and just enjoy the wintry season while shooting down the piste. It’s actually a holistic approach to therapy albeit for a short time only.

Best Mountains For Beginner Skiing — Our Top 4 Picks

“The Boat”

Located at: Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Planning your next skiing adventure to Colorado? There’s the only great spot for skiers within the area and it’s Steamboat Springs. It’s just a three-hour drive from Denver. This location is nestled in the rocky mountains. Also, the place is stunning with scenic views.

There’s also a ski resort available for accommodation and about 165 trails. Some of those runs include green trails, plenty of bunny hills which are excellent for any beginners who are into skiing.

There’s also a school for ski, an appealing lodge for accommodation, and a learning area. If you are going to ask any local skiers in Colorado they will certainly point this among their top skiing destination.

Because many locals and outsiders visit this frequently. However, this is considered an underrated ski resort in Colorado, but this is still a go-to.

This is beginner-friendly because it has a great environment for skiers who are beginners. Besides that, the people are very welcoming and ready to assist you all the time.

It’s fantastic for beginners because it has easy ski runs, open, wide, and there are guides and lessons that are readily available. They also offer 2 days of how to learn skiing.

You can plan your trip and know more about the details on their website.


Located at: Carrabassett Valley, Franklin County, Maine

If you are from the East Coast and looking for a skiing spot that is for beginners, why not try going to Sugarloaf, Maine. This place is stunningly gorgeous and you can see the white plains and mountain top covered with snow. Also, it’s among the popular spot because it’s near Appalachian Mountain Trail.

Besides that, this offers a numerous variety of terrain and located just above the upper slopes. You better check this because it’s the ideal place for newbie skiers who are living nearby.

Sugarloaf’s trails have more than 160 plus and some of the terrains are great for beginners. Meaning, you have many options and terrains to challenge yourself.

If you want proper training, you can just apply at the nearby resort for lessons. It can be group or private, there are also rentals, hotel accommodations. So, expect nothing more but to have fun in this particular skiing destination.

This is an ideal place for beginners because it offers beginner-friendly trails, and some of the rails are just over the upper slopes which makes it safe for beginners.

Because there are few dangerous slopes and other obstacles, plus the scenic view is spectacular. Apart from that, this is among the few ski resorts that have many beginner-friendly terrains.

If you want to inquire and know more about lessons just visit their website.

Canaan Valley Ski

Location: Canaan Valley, West Virginia

Canaan Valley is another option for beginner who are living within the East Coast region. It’s popular and loved by skiers of both beginners and experienced levels.

It has 48 ski trails and some snowboarding trails with 850 feet of vertical drop. The amount of visitors here increases especially when it’s peak season. Get your gear and definitely check this out.

The resort is something to mention here also, it offers all year resort, fitness center, and spa. There are also dining options. You will definitely enjoy the accommodation here.

The location is very spot on. It also offers different terrain and trails. Once the winter season hit, people in the nearby city will go here just to have fun and relax while enjoying the spectacular views and different trails.

If you want to try skiing, Canaan Valley is your perfect place to go. Because they offer lessons and they rent gear. There are designated ski trails that are for beginners, there are also tubing slopes which is extremely helpful especially if you are tired.

Besides skiing, Canaan Valley is known for mountain biking and offers numerous biking trails. People had a great experience here and it offers nice amenities also. Another one of the great mountains for beginner skiing.

If you want to inquire and know more about lessons just visit their website.

Northstar, California

Location: Lake Tahoe on the Northern California side

People who are in the California area, this is your time to experience skiing. Suitable for beginners and for a family who just wants to go on skiing during vacation. Also, it’s located near the stunning Lake Tahoe where you can try ice skating. This is the perfect opportunity for people who are just getting into skiing. Also, it’s just a day’s drive if you are from Los Angeles or San Francisco area.

However, when it comes to trails for beginners, there are only a few trails for them. But worry not, the spectacular view, the exceptional atmosphere, and above all, the fun makes up for it. Also, there’s an interesting skiing spot where you can ski on top of the extinct volcano.

In addition, after a whole day of skiing, you must take advantage of the hotel’s amenities. Among those are tubing, outdoor skating rink, and even spa.

Why you should go here? Because Northstar offers various lessons for beginners and you can rent some skiing gear. Also, this place is full of nice people and you will meet new people who are also beginners and some are experienced which may give you tips and tricks.

Moreover, you will definitely grow here because of the various trails which are quite challenging and will force you to become good at it. The mountains are suitbalefor beginner skiing.

You can plan your trip and know more about the details on their website.

Final Thoughts

On that note, kickstart your wintry season full of outdoor activities such as skiing. These are what we think are the best mountains for beginner skiing, drawn from our past experience staying in these areas. Also, if you are just going to pick up skiing as your added outdoor activity, be sure to maintain your physical fitness because most of the time you will move your body especially if you are at a high altitude.

Moreover, just take skiing as an easy outlet for your mundane life. Because skiing can be beneficial to you. You can connect with nature, you get to meet new people, and most of all, you have the time to enjoy yourself and just forget about your problem even if it’s just temporary.

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