Best Place to see Hollywood Sign without Hiking

Perhaps you have seen in on Instagram, perhaps you have seen it on Facebook; perhaps you have seen your friend photographed in front of it- and of course, you want your share of that picture too.

Given that the sign is placed at the top of Mount Lee in California, then you would certainly need to hike to get that close to the Hollywood sign and get your photograph right beside it. However, not everyone is up to hiking.

Going on a hike requires planning ahead of time. It requires strength and of course the time that you would need to dedicate to the hike itself. If you are just passing through Lost Angeles and would like to get the photo, then hiking might not be for you.

The good thing is, you can actually see the Hollywood Sign without the necessity of going on a hike.

We list here the best place to see Hollywood Sign without hiking.

But before we give you these best locations for a close-up sightseeing and photo-shoot, it is best to have a bit of background on history behind this grand city sign.

The Hollywood Sign: A Brief History

As noted earlier, the Hollywood Sign is standing at the top of Mount Lee. Nonetheless, according to the history of the city, there is more to this sign that the representation of the city alone. The Hollywood Sign is considered to be among the world’s most famous monument that represents the dream of those who want to be known. It represents glamour and the luxury of the lives of artists.

But this was not always the reason why the Hollywood sign was established.

It’s fun to know that the original plan was to use this sign as a campaign for a housing development in Suburban California. The development project was called Hollywoodland. Hence, at first, everything was about real estate. However, because of the distinct changes in the structure of the community surrounding the area and the development of the entertainment industry Hollywoodland became Hollywood and is now a representation of the world’s most successful entertainment industry.

This is the reason why even just a glimpse of the sign is invigorating to many who travel along the road.

The sign was situated at the most visible angle at Mt. Lee, it is often hard to get a good photo around the area. One thing to remember is that it is illegal to actually get close to the sign. Even if you have hiked the mountain just to get a closer photo with the sign, the Los Angeles Police Department stationed at Sign 24/7 is there to make sure that no one gets too close to the sign. The goal of this policy is to maintain the sign’s integrity and avoid accidents along the way.

So, to get a good photo of the sign with you in it would require a strategic way of finding the right angle.

So how do you do this without breaking your back on a hike towards the mountain? Here are some places you might want to consider:

Best Place to See Hollywood Sign without Hiking

Lake Hollywood Park

Come through the path to Lake Hollywood Park through 3160 Canyon Lake Drive.

As mentioned earlier, there are policies established around the area where the Hollywood sign could be accessed. For instance, it is discouraged that visitors go beyond Lake Hollywood Park.

As you drive along Canyon Lake Drive, now also known as Mulholland Highway, you will find a sign that says “local traffic only”. Drive through there and get down at the park. Find a place at the park where you can see the sign. If you can find an angle from there, then it would be best to take your picture for the park. However, if you feel like you want something more out of this location, you can hike a little towards the road ways for just a block or so. Remember to keep to your left as you hike to find a good angle to see and capture the Hollywood sign. This is by far the closest you can get to the Hollywood sign within legal distance allowed by the LAPD.

Jerome C. Daniel Overlook

This location is also known as the Hollywood Bowl Overlook. It is located within Mulholland drive and not far away from the Canyon Lake Drive. Found at 7036 Mulholland Drive, around west of Cahuenga Boulevard, this location gives you a fair view of the Hollywood Sign. But it is not as close as when you visit the Lake Hollywood Park.

Other grand views that you can see from this vantage point include the Hollywood Bowl and Downtown Los Angeles. If you want to see more than just the Hollywood Sign, then this vantage point is the best for you to visit.

Mulholland Drive

The great deal about going through Mulholland Drive to find a great view of the Hollywood Sign is that you would go through streets where famous artists’ homes are located. Of course, some of these streets are prohibited to tourist drivers, but if you enjoy just going on a joyride, then this option would be best for you to take. Find a spot where the Hollywood Sign would be at best angle for your photo and take shots all you want.

An even greater chance to take when driving through Mulholland Drive is to take pictures not only with the sign but with grand display of other interesting areas within the reach of your horizon that represents the rich culture and lifestyle that communities in Hollywood live by.

Bloggers and Vloggers find that journeying around Mulholland drive gives them a greater view of what Hollywood life is really about this giving them a great option for rich stories that they can share with their audience.

Beachwood Canyon Drive

If you want to shoot photos or videos of the Hollywood sign in multiple angles, then the Beachwood Canyon Drive may be the best option for you to take.

The grand display of luxurious houses with a backdrop of greenery and lakes, this vantage point gives you an overlooking visual of what Los Angeles has to offer. IF you are good at choosing the right angle for a photoshoot, picking this as the Best Place to see Hollywood Sign without Hiking may be a great decision to make your journey more remarkable and satisfying in many ways.

Griffith Park Observatory

If you are already journeying through Canyon Lake Drive, you may want to visit the Griffith Park Observatory as well. The Griffith Observatory gives you a great view of Hollywood and allows you to have a panoramic view in your photos.

From the Hollywood Sign to very specific important sites in the city, you will surely love the photo you take from the Griffith Park Observatory. This is certainly a worthwhile stop to get a great photo of the Hollywood sign without having to hike to the mountain.

Hollywood and Highland Center

Drive through the Hollywood Boulevard and from there, find the hub where you could shop, dine and be entertained during your journey. The Hollywood and Highland Center certainly offers you everything and more.

Go to the top floor and experience the breeze of the wind and find that perfect spot where you can see the Hollywood Sign at its best. Other sections of the center where you can get the best photos of the Hollywood Sign is at the fourth floor. There is an observation deck at this floor where you can actually find the perfect spot where you can capture not only the Hollywood Sign but a great view of the overall visual of the city.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you are already walking around the walk of fame, why not take a picture of the Hollywood sign with all the grand display of the Hollywood life in the background.

With Hollywood in the background, you can surely add in several landmarks in the photo. Take note too that when it comes to making sure you have everything in the picture, try to take a panoramic photo.

Tips to Remember When Getting the Best View of the Hollywood Sign:

  1. The best time to capture photos with the Hollywood sign is at noon and at dusk. If you can visit before the sunrise, it would be great too. The reason behind these time slots is because there are angles during this time when the sun rays would actually pass through the sign and the result would certainly be dramatic. Just be patient to find the right angle where the sun’s rays could be seen to be peeking into the different parts of the Hollywood Sign.
  2. Mind your manners. It is best to check the areas where there are police check points are stationed. There is a reason why these restrictions are being imposed in the said specific areas. It is best to respect them and not go beyond these limitations
  3. Be patient. Sometimes, there are interesting spots along the road within the areas mentioned here that you can actually find a perfect spot that you want to feature in your photo.
  4. Be creative. This is especially true when you have limited time during your visit, you might find it frustrating to find that perfect spot to take your photo. Nonetheless, nothing beats creativity. If you are taking photos with your phone, then you might want to use the special features and editing apps in your phone to tweak your photo instead.
  5. Lighting helps in making a great photo. Besides the angle, the lighting helps in making your photo as grand and remarkable as you want it to be. So, to help with the lighting, you might want to position yourself in a way that you are using the natural available light at its best. This is often best achieved with the right equipment; the right camera, the right flash effect, and the right light control.
  6. When setting up for a more serious photoshoot, be sure to get permit from LAPD. When doing so, make sure you are honest as to where you are going to take the shoot and what time you are going to visit the place as well as how long you would be in the area. This will help avoid any traffic disturbance and road accidents. Take note that these permits are allowed only for a limited time, so make sure everything is clear between you and the LAPD before you proceed.

Taking photos of the Hollywood sign is one thing, but there is more to visiting Los Angeles, California than just sightseeing and saving memories in pictures.

Behind the glamour and the fame that Hollywood is known for, there is much more that this city can offer you. Strolling around the famous streets of Hollywood gives you that instant feel of being in a movie and perhaps walking with the stars at one point in your life.

Getting down from your car and walking down the streets, even for a few hours, will certainly make a difference on the travel that you make out to Hollywood.

Key Takeaways

The Hollywood sign is certainly an American mark that has been one of the most visited highlights among tourists visiting Los Angeles, California.

There are several exciting places around Los Angeles where you can find great views of the Hollywood sign and get grand photos for your memories. The Best Place to see Hollywood Sign without Hiking as noted in the list featured in this post certainly give you a great chance of using the best of your time and your strength to make sure that you get the best photos without having to go through a hike into the mountainous regions of Los Angeles.

Just remember to take note of the policies put in place in order to protect you and the Hollywood Sign and all the other areas where you might roam around in. Respecting the laws surrounding your journey will certainly give you a better take at making this travel more remarkably satisfying.