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Best Waterproof Pants for Hunting – Our Top 7 Picks!

Regardless if you want to plan for a hunting adventure or only needs pants to protect you from the brushes of the wilderness, we always want to wear something that allows us to move freely while being comfortable. There’s no way for us to keep our legs dry and protected outdoor, so the solution is the best waterproof pants for hunting. These gears allow for a great range of mobility, protection, comfort, and dryness.

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In this blog post, I listed here 7 of the most popular waterproof hunting pants available in the market. I already purchased and wore some of the waterproof pants below during my previous hunting trips. See which one will keep you dry during your hunting activities.

7 of the Best Waterproof Pants for Hunting

OUR TOP PICK: ScentLok TAKTIX Pants for All-Season

Product Name: ScentLok TAKTIX Pants for All Season

Product Description: The ScentLok TAKTIX Pants for All-Season confidently boosts its signature Carbon Alloy Technology which acts to prevent odor. Aside from that, it also has NeverWet hydrophobic coating that is highly impressive and truly effective. Its water repelling action is generally excellent as well as its function against mud or blood. Wearing these pants during your hunting activity would give improved flexibility and full-length mobility. Give credits to the articulated knees and internal thigh gusset that it has. Its fitting is highly secured because of the presence of elastic waistband and grip waistband on the side and rear respectively. Moreover, these pants have a micro-fleece lining which offers a decent warmth sensation. There is also an 18-inch zipper present on the legs of these pants allowing more heat to get in and for ease of layering. From the name itself, the ScentLok TAKTIX Pants for All-Season are warm and breathable making it one of the best waterproof pants for hunting any time of the year.

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  • Material
  • Waterproof
  • Breathability
  • Versatility
  • Durability


Having all of the best features of waterproof hunting pants, ScentLok TAKTIX Pants for All-Season is highly perfect for any kind of temperature hunt. In general, these pants are of great value giving versatility that you cannot see on other waterproof hunting pants out there. So, it is better to look no further.


  • Uses NeverWet Technology which excellently repels mud, water, and blood
  • Has Advanced Carbon Alloy Technology that is highly effective in trapping odor
  • Comfortable and snug-fitting due to the elastic waistband on the side and grip waistband on the rear
  • With various camo designs option
  • Designed with eight pocket storage capacity


  • Fleece lining produces warmth
  • Quite expensive
  • The closure comes with buttons


Under Armour Men’s Tactical Pants

best waterproof pants for hunting

If you are looking for well-trusted and highly reputable quality hunting apparel, well, lucky for you as you will never go wrong with the Under Armour Men’s Tactical Pants. Generally, they seem not to be an outdoor brand. However, when you come to consider their hunting features in terms of structure and sporty design, these pants are really impressive with great consideration of the price.

The construction of these pants is made to be sturdy enough and highly waterproof. Additionally, the Storm technology that these pants boosted is highly responsible for its water repellent action and breathability. Moreover, the ripstop fabric acts to protect the pants from wear and tear.

It has a stretch-engineered waistband that is really perfect for comfort during trekking. However, the outer material produces a loud sound that might be disturbing. So, if you do not want to get destructed with some sort of sound, then this might not be the one for you.

Product Features

  • Utilizes UA Storm technology that highly repels water
  • Made with ultra-durable ripstop fabric material that is sturdy
  • Highlights anti-odor technology
  • With extremely stretchable waistband to allow excellent mobility and supreme comfort
  • Includes offset belt loops for proper placement of the holster
  • Highly durable
  • Withstand abrasion, tear, and puncture
  • Effective in preventing microbial growth
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Quite noisy
  • With limited range of camo styles
  • Snap closure easily opens up

SITKA Gear Waterproof Camo Hunting Pants

best waterproof pants for hunting

SITKA Gear Waterproof Camo Hunting Pants is actually one of the best waterproof pants for hunting. Generally, they really are pricey enough but these hunting gears are worth investing in. Having SITKA Gear Waterproof Camo Hunting Pants won’t necessitate you to have other hunting pants the soonest.

These waterproof hunting pants are actually the best due to their high-performing features in addition to their excellent waterproof property. The breathable GORE-TEX layering that it has serves as a barrier from any kind of moisture. Another good thing about these waterproof hunting pants is the hydrophobic external brush that it has. This feature generally makes the SITKA Gear Waterproof Camo Hunting Pants a quiet one making anyone hear nothing from those wearing it.

SITKA Gear Waterproof Camo Hunting Pants are designed with articulated knees to achieve a great active fit. With that, these pants are perfectly suitable for any position or movement from sitting to trekking. Also, these waterproof hunting pants have the ability to insulate well on their own giving fair warmth.

For an excellently customized fit, these pants include an internal belt. It also highlights full side zippers catering to double sliders. This aims to achieve ease of layering and proper management of temperature. With all that great features, from comfortable fitting to overall protection, SITKA Gear Waterproof Camo Hunting Pants is no doubt the excellent waterproof pants for hunting.

Product Features

  • Made with 100% material and adjustable closure
  • GORE-TEX laminated pants for comfort, weather protection, and craftiness
  • Waterproof, excellently breathable, and lightweight
  • Utilizes an internal belt system for a customizable fit
  • With full side zips for easy pulling of pants on and off without removing the boots
  • Designed with articulated gearing to increase comfort on seated position and range of mobility
  • Great fit
  • Protects against abrasion
  • A bit costly
  • Some may find it too tight on the upper legs

Columbia Women’s Waterproof Pants

best waterproof pants for hunting

Actually, the design concept of these Columbia Women’s Waterproof Pants is not really for hunting, yet this might fit perfectly for that kind of outdoor activity. Using the Omni-Tech together with the entirely seam-sealed technology, these best waterproof pants for hunting perform excellently breathable. Although lacking with numbers of hunting pants special features, it generally caters to a complete waterproofing property at affordable pricing.

This is actually the one ideal for hunting activity on the rainy upland or marsh-hopping habit within the local wetlands. So, you must check these waterproof hunting pants out if you do not actually mind the scent control, multiple pocket storage capacities, and camo-style features. Since the design of the Columbia Women’s Waterproof Pants tends to be more for hiking than hunting, this highly comes with a truly minimalist style.

These waterproof pants basically come with durability and breathability. Additionally, it can fairly insulate itself. With its nylon shell that makes it highly packable, these Columbia Women’s Waterproof Pants can easily be tossed and pack in an ultralight backpack. Moreover, since these outdoor pants tend to have a gender preference, they can still outperform the number of competitions in terms of hunting contexts.

Product Features

  • The shell part comes from 100% nylon material while the lining of the pants is 100% polyester
  • Utilizes Omni-Tech which is a proprietary technology that offers air permeable protection
  • Waterproof, breathable, and extremely comfortable in any conditions
  • With mesh lining seam sealed which provides additional warmth
  • Includes essential climate control features including drawcord-adjustable waist and cuff tab adjustable leg openings
  • Perfect choice for warm weather conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to pack
  • Can fit into a base layer
  • Creates good insulation
  • Highly durable which prevents wear and tear
  • Reasonable pricing
  • With one inner pocket
  • Camouflage style is not available

Krumba Camouflage Waterproof Pants for Hunting

Generally, the fleece fabric lining of Krumba Camouflage Waterproof Pants for Hunting is the main responsible for its warmth. Aside from that, these pants also exhibit waterproofing action. The performance of these hunting pants even on extremely aggressive rain conditions is worth praising. With that, this tends to be one of the best waterproof pants for hunting even without hurting your pocket.

In terms of storage capacity, there are enough pockets available and also, the presence of zippered fly. Moreover, the pants design comes with a great versatile camouflage style. However, if you want to hunt quietly in the wild without being destructed by noise, you might think to look for better options.

Product Features

  • The shell material highly comes from 86% polyester and 14% elastane while the lining is fleece fabric material
  • Extremely waterproof and windproof
  • Highlights loose-fitting, straight-cut leg, zip fly, and multiple pockets
  • Fair pricing
  • Highly ideal for hunting during cold weather
  • With multiple pocket range
  • Improve heat retention and water repelling action
  • May produce noise output
  • Single camouflage design option
  • Pockets may get wet during heavy rain

Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Pants

best waterproof pants for hunting

Usually, Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Pants may be the one perfect for you if odor control and camouflage pattern are out of your list. In general, these pants from Singbring tend to be one of the best waterproof pants for hunting and become the favorite of all for any kinds of outdoor activities. With these pants, you can generally get what you see, as simple as that!

Aside from that, these also come with a low price tag if your goal is to stay dry outdoor. There is a presence of zippered pockets over the front and back panels. That highly gives extra storage within this outdoor gear. You won’t also have any problems when it comes to kneeling durability because of the reinforced knee design. Still, these pants will stand up for long-term use provided that they won’t be used on viscous upland encounters.

Due to the softshell polyester external fabric, these Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Pants are actually quiet outdoor gear. That way, it could be ideal for hunting or running after game birds in the wetlands. Overall, these waterproof hunting pants are outrageously simple yet reliable.

Product Features

  • Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex materials
  • Absolutely waterproof, windproof, and abrasion-resistant
  • With multi-waterproof zipper pockets for safekeeping of personal items
  • Adjustable waist for a more comfortable fit
  • Highlights patchwork knee making it breathable, sturdy, and wear-resistant
  • Great outdoor pants highly ideal for hunting, camping, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, and other outdoor winter activities
  • Affordable
  • Do not interfere with the range of movement
  • With zippered fronts and have pockets at the back
  • Surface of the polyester shell is generally soft
  • Lacks of specialized hunting features
  • Scent control technology is absent
  • No camouflage pattern available
  • Zippers produce noise

Frogg Toggs Waterproof Pro Action Pants

best waterproof pants for hunting

If you are looking for an affordable option of waterproof hunting pants, then go for Frogg Toggs Waterproof Pro Action Pants. In the case of being waterproof, this feature tends to be highly effective even during the hardest rains. Moreover, these waterproof hunting pants are well-known for their breathability and too much comfort.

Their excellent water repellent action makes it as one of the best waterproof pants for hunting. The polymer material that these pants are constructed with is non-rusting or non-degradable. This feature is actually essential for chase game hunters who are almost near to the saltwater sources.

Another good thing about these Frogg Toggs Waterproof Pro Action Pants is that they can be rolled over and compressed tightly to pack them great for travel. However, these waterproof hunting pants are only ideal for hunting activities on wetlands or upland. With that, these pants tend to be not that versatile. Yet, in terms of low pricing, Frogg Toggs Waterproof Pro Action Pants are incredible outdoor gear to have.

Product Features

  • Made with 100% synthetic material
  • Highlights breathability, waterproof, portability, durability, and wind-resistance
  • With an elastic waist having adjustable cord lock for a more secure fitting
  • Entirely taped seam to keep you dry on the inside
  • With expandable 4” back rise to fit beneath the rain jacket allowing overall coverage
  • Leg openings are oversized with an adjustable hook-and-loop for an easy slide on and off over any rain footwear
  • Highly affordable
  • Made with polymer zipper and clips preventing the formation of rust
  • Highly breathable
  • Fully waterproof
  • Ultralight pants that are suitable for ultralight packing
  • With variety of camo designs
  • Do not offer warmth
  • Quite noisy
  • Poor quality waistband

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Waterproof Pants for Hunting

After all, we’ve made our list of recommendations for the ideal waterproof hunting pants; the decision will be all up to you. And to help you to filter down your choice, here are the things that you should have to look for when making your decision.

1-Actual Size

Well, ending to have the correct size of pants may be really challenging as every clothing brand does not follow the same chart for sizing. You may encounter some brands that have smaller sizes while others tend to be a little bit larger. Hunting pants that are larger have enough space to allow additional clothing or layering underneath.

Actually, that may tend to be a good idea, though, especially when you aim to dress up warmly. Another thing to consider here is the length of the pants. Longer hunting pants that can actually ride up may draw problems on long treks in the wild.

2-Water Tightness

Waterproof pants are normally constructed with membrane tissues that have extreme water-repellent qualities. Yet, in times of physical activity, this does not really deal up with sweat. So, this highly requires thermal underwear. Basically, waterproof hunting pants made with this kind of material are the one suitable for normal hunting scenarios.


Choose hunting pants that have the ability to resist abrasion. Moreover, membrane thickness should also comply with the condition of the weather.

4-Odor control

Actually, when we are outdoor, the human odor is really important, most likely when it is not lingering around. Absolutely, this is highly based on your hunting destination. Generally, animals in the wild can quickly deal with background noise. But, when it comes to unfamiliar smells, they tend to be frightened easily.

So, it is better to pay attention to your smell when you are hunting. This is actually that noticeable smell coming from our bodies naturally. Keep in mind that animals have sensitive smells and through that; they can detect you even from hundred meters of distance.

Luckily, there are hunting pants that already incorporate odor-control technology. So, if you are also concerned about this, it is better to look after this feature in your hunting pants options.


Some hunting pants come with specialized zipper designs for the purpose of adjustment. The adjustability feature normally aims to fit in with the boot width and its shaft. Aside from that, this feature also maintains the heat preservation and ventilation of the hunting pants.


Since hunting is such an active outdoor encounter, the pants that you must have to wear for it must be strong enough. Meaning to say, the fabric materials that it is made of should be sturdy and can withstand any wear and tear scenario. Usually, polyester gains a good reputation as the most common material for hunting. Moreover, the GORE-TEX material which is a specialized tissue is also commonly used.


Again, animals have a very delicate sense of smell and hearing. That’s why all hunting pants should be silent so that the target species won’t be destructed and go away. So, it is a good idea to check the garment in the store. Make sure that the hunting pants should not create any creaking or rustling noise.


Having extra pockets on the hunting pants makes it advantageous over difficult terrains as you don’t need to carry additional bags because you already have some space for storage. The good thing is most waterproof hunting pants available in the market come in 6 to 8 pockets design. However, make sure to check the size of the pockets because some of them are not capable of accommodating some types of items.

Moreover, don’t forget to find hunting pants that feature a sanitary pocket. This pocket is highly crucial for hunting which makes it convenient for most hunters. It usually comes with a back panel zipper that can assists with an easy toilet need without removing the whole pants.


If there’s a feature that may highly affect your personal comfort, give all the credits to the weight of the hunting pants. Generally, it depends on the weight of the pants if you move harder or gain better protection. A little bit of weight can already affect the long trek and make it more uncomfortable. Usually, the pants’ fabric density makes up a part of the total weight of the hunting pants.

10-Camouflage pattern

The aim of the camouflage is, normally, to give you a lesser chance to be noticed by the animals in the wild. Keep in mind that game animals can run away easily once they notice the movements of their predator. Camouflage tends to be really helpful when it offers a look that blends naturally with your surroundings. Knowing that it is highly crucial to consider the soil color and vegetation. Some brands of hunting pants in the market have available camouflage varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Hunting gears are generally an essential part of the outdoor encounter. These products basically aim to keep you protected and comfortable in the wild. Usually, those hunting gears like jackets and pants that utilize the GORE-TEX technology tend to be the ideal buddy of every hunter. It is actually perfect for all types of weather conditions and every season.


A: Usually, the color shades that are not highly visible in the wild are red, pink, purple, and orange. With that, orange tends to be the safe color for hunters out there. Moreover, this color will cover you from deer in any terrain.


A: As much as possible, shower before you go out hunting but make sure to use scent-free soap. Aside from that, do not ever contaminate your hunting clothes as you make your way to the wild. You may also consider keeping your hunting clothes plastic sealed. Or, you may also try to place it inside a bag with leaves or any other debris like dirt or sand. Keep it that way until you reach your hunting destination.

Final Words

Choosing the best waterproof hunting pants may help you to end up on a more comfortable outdoor encounter. This is highly advantageous if you tend to trek over long terrains. However, before making your choice, always remember to consider some important factors so that your goal won’t be compromised. Also, don’t forget to take your budget into account here because there are hunting pants options that are affordable and, at the same time, will give you the preferred quality and function that you need.

What do you think of the waterproof hunting pants we reviewed here? Which one highly suits your preference? Please share your thoughts with us!