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Camping Breakfast Ideas For Large Groups: Recipes You Should Try

Camping breakfast ideas for large groups is important to be much organized with your adventure. What is your family’s best recipe for breakfast? 

To have checklists when having your future trips is a great idea. You need to ensure that everything will work accordingly. From the clothes you need, gadgets, protective gear, water and especially food. When preparing foods you need to make sure that you will bring extra and not just an exact. You need to set your budget for this kind of adventure, this is very applicable for the people who are planning to camp with a large number of individuals in the group. 

Here is the information you need to know when planning to have camping with a group. These are the ideas/ recipes you can try with. 

Camping Breakfast Ideas You Should Try

1. Pancakes

Planning your camp with the whole family is a little bit challenging. Organizing things especially the menu of foods need to definite and clear. Pancakes, whether you are at home or outdoor this is a classic all-time favorite of everyone. For a lot of kids, they tend to choose this kind of food. There are many brands today available in the market ready to cook pancakes that are more convenient for trips and adventures. 

If you are with a larger number of people in the group when camping it is a great idea to choose easy to cook foods. What do you need to do with this type of food? Usually pancake available in the market is very easy to cook, you just need to add water and eggs from the flour then mix it. Then after this, you can cook already either one by one or by two. 

2. Scrambled Eggs with bread

This kind of food is an all-time favorite both by adults and kids. This is very easy to cook knowing that preparing foods in the campsite is limited, the reason why you need to try simple recipes like this one. When you choose to look for the campgrounds, choose the one which allows every camper to cook their own foods inside their RV or outside their tent.

The recipe is so simple you just need to beat the egg, put this on the pan, and try to mix it with the other ingredients like onion leaves,  spinach, or mushrooms.  A loaf of bread is the best partner for eggs aside from fried rice. Some people choose toasted bread but some love the regular one.  While the others prefer eggs with bacon or ham.

When you are many in the group, eggs, and bread are great ideas to put on your menu serves as your breakfast. You don’t need to spend your time that much cooking, you have more time having fun with friends and family. Worry less as everyone can eat at the right time with this simple recipe!

3. Sandwhich

Creating your roup breakfast menu depends on your choices.  a simple breakfast like this Is easy to make. You can prepare the following like patties, vegetables like lettuce or tomato and cheese. Of course, choosing the type of cheese you want as the filling of your sandwich is also your preference. You can look for the cheddar or the ordinary one.

This one is considered the ultimate kind of breakfast. When you go on camping with a group you want to make or cook a simple yet can make you full.  This must be the reason why a lot of people prefer this kind of food.

In addition, you can also choose your sandwich to be simple like this: one kind of filling it could be chocolate, cheese and many more to choose from. Then, you can easily enjoy this food with coffee or beside you. 

4. Oatmeal with toppings

When you choose to have this in your bowl as your breakfast make sure you have hot water with you. Most people, choose oatmeals especially if you are with a larger number of people on camping. You can prepare this oatmeal in your way, you can mix it with milk, nuts, and fruits. Oatmeal is a portion of very healthy food and at the same time preparing this is quick and easy. 

Breakfast is one of the most significant meals in a day, so you must have food that is comforting and filling as well. Hence, if you choose this food as your breakfast, whatever your desire combination, you can definitely do it. As the combination of other ingredients and discovering the right mixture is endless. Another good thing is it’s more economical to prepare considering your group budget. 

5. Toast bread

If you go on camping with RV, then there is a little oven available for you to use. Usually, people in a group choose RV as their travel buddy and as a temporary shelter. This kind of breakfast is very easy to do for those people who have installed an oven in their RV. 

The electric appliances are powered either by solar energy or a generator. French toast is common for campers as you all need to have is a loaf of bread and toast it to the oven. While others, choose to start from scratch and stick to their recipe. 

Turning french toast into the best breakfast, you can add honey, peanut butter, eggs, milk, or even cinnamon. This will give you and your family comforting food whether it’s dry or winter season. 

6. Granola with milk or yogurt

This breakfast is the same as oatmeal only differs in your preference mixture of this. Thinking of a good menu for breakfast and looking for food that is not that easy to prepare is not advisable during camping. What you need to have on your plate is the food you just need to mix and you’re good to go. 

Like this granola, you can mix this either on milk or yogurt. Others prefer to prepare this with honey. You just need a bowl the same number of the people you are with and you can probably prefer which one they want to mix their granola. 

Do you think it would be better if you add some fresh fruits on top of it? 

7. Hotdogs and bacon

These are the frozen goods that you can easily cook. If you have the kids with you on your camping adventure, these are the perfect foods for you to cook. You might be thinking that during camping the taste of hotdogs changes. This is because your mind got to relax and appreciate the food even more. You don’t need to think of the other things. 

Hotdogs and bacon are so easy to cook especially if have many in your group. The best thing to have for you to prepare this is cooler. Foods like this can preserve to a longer life with a cooler in your RV. 

8. Cereals

It’s an all-time favorite breakfast for the kids but also good for adults. Preparing food for a group of people like your circle of friends might be so tiring. So, for you to avoid overwork on camping choose cereals as part of your breakfast. 

When you choose this kind of breakfast, you don’t need to spend that much of your time. This food is a no-cook breakfast, you can just simply add some fresh milk as the common mixtures of cereals. You can also ask your group what they prefer, just cereal or with milk and yogurt cereals. 

9. Banana Bread

It is always the best option to have banana bread on your table when camping. This is made from protein where it can help you to boost your energy. Banana bread is common kind of breakfast wherein you can match this with milk, coffee or tea. 

The good thing about this banana bread is it’s very affordable. You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying this for a group of people. This has a very simple recipe to try also at home, but for camping, purposes look for the bread which you just need to toast if you want to. 

Tips In Preparing Foods During Camping 

1.  Plan your daily menus.

This is a must if you are the organizer of your camping activity. Camping in a group can be tiring especially if you have a lot of fun activities to do. Thus, planning the breakfast menu seems so easy you can have a lot of recommendations and inputs from the group. 

In planning your breakfast meal, it’s important to hear the majority. Consider putting on lists 2 or 3 options every day for the whole group. Through this, you will not be able to prevent any problem regarding food when camping.

2. Always communicate with your group. 

The thing is you can’t bring everything your group needs. So, you need to communicate with them as part of the planning system. You need to ensure that all the members of the group can eat right on the time and serves comforting food. To deal with this, you need to ask your friends what they can bring. It is more practical to assign the ingredients to each of them. 

Always ensure that you have to finalize all the menu planning ahead of time. You could plan this and ask them if they are sure that they could bring it.  Through this, you can prevent forgetting things especially with regards to food. 

3. Ask if there is a medical issue or condition in your group like allergies. 

Before planning your day-to-day breakfast meal, you need to ensure that all your group member is safe to eat this type of food. So, for you to prevent any problem in the future, you need to check your camping member’s medical condition. 

The thing is you need to voice out your recommended food and let them aware of the ingredients for a particular recipe. It is important for you to know about this thing to prevent any emergency scenarios on the camping site. 

4. Prepare food ingredients beforehand

Preparing food ingredients is a primary thing to do. Organize it by labels, you should use plastic or containers. For instance, you want to prepare pancakes for breakfast or scrambled eggs. You just need to put all the needed stuff for this food. Choose the easy and quick food to cook. Another is you could bring a cooler, for your frozen foods, like hotdogs or bacon. So that, you don’t need to worry about your next trips and adventure.

5. Prepare according to the weather.

You need to consider the fact that foods also depend on the weather. If you decide to go on camping during the winter season then you must think and prepare foods good for the weather. You can prepare soap, oatmeal, hot choco, coffee, or even tea. 

While when your family decides to go on camping during the dry season, then you can try to add as your appetizers cold foods like frozen strawberries, grapes, or blueberries on top of your granola, or in cereals. 

But, aside from considering the weather you also need to consult the whole people from the group for the finalization of the meal plan. 

6. Choose the food for breakfast that has a longer life and doesn’t spoil that quickly. 

You can bring a cooler with you especially if you are in a group, where you can easily ask someone to help you. Thus, cooler can’t support the whole time for your frozen goods, especially if you choose to stay in the camping area for 2-3 days. 

So, it is important to look for the foods which have a longer life even it is not on the refrigerator to preserve. Choose vegetables like carrots, cabbage that can stay for a longer time. And also, fruits like apple, orange, pear and many more to choose from. It is always better to be healthy even when camping.

7. You need to consider eating with the group the more perishable meals.

If you choose to eat the more perishable foods and prepare this in your breakfast meals this will help you to save money and prevent spoiling of foods. For instance, if your group decides to marinate the chicken ahead of time. Then you need to label the container for you to identify easily. What you need to write on your label is the date you marinated the chicken. 

This will help you to prevent food from spoiling. Try to level up your organizing skills today, by applying these tips! 

8. Always ready with your cooking equipment. 

Look for the cooking pan or other cooking tools which is lightweight to carry. Regardless if you use RV as your way of transportation, you need to look the tools that are not disturbing to carry. 

You don’t need to get the one which has a bigger size and also a lot of weight. What you need to do is to assign each cooking tool for every member of the group when camping.

9. Choose the food which is grab-to-go

When you say the food which is grab-to-go meaning you don’t need to spend a lot of time cooking the food. You can eat this by just simply tearing the plastic container. For the breakfast sample of this food, you can choose cereals, oatmeals, cookies, and many more. 

You don’t need to worry about the cooking tools for this kind of food, you’ll just need a set of bowls. This kind of food is very convenient to have! 

10. Choose the food where you can cook in a bulk yet a simple one.

Pasta like spaghetti is a very simple kind of food, this is a great idea for breakfast as well. When you do camping with a group, you need to ensure the number of people who will go with you. Thus, preparing with pasta can be that easy, and it will save your time in preparing foods. You don’t need to cook repeatedly, you just need to cook one time for bulk. 

Wondering what would be the next recipe you will have with your next adventure? Try to include pasta in your food lists today! 


Camping with many friends and the whole member of family relieves your stress. At the same time, you are able to communicate with nature in a more natural way. But, oftentimes camping with a larger number can cause you a problem unintentionally. So, for you to prevent this thing you need to have your own checklists for camping. You need to ensure that you have all the things that you needed.

In terms of preparing foods, you need to have your own menu plan for the rest of the camping days. This will help you to prevent any trouble while preparing foods for every meal of the day. In preparing foods, you don’t need to be that extravagant you just need to be simple yet able to serve all the group members. 

So, are you having a hard time in planning and preparing your food for the camping? If so, then you need to try to read this blog for your preference.