Experience best camping in Southern Utah

Utah is a state within the mountainous regions of West America. Bordered by Colorado in the east and Wyoming in the Northeast, the mountainous regions of Utah is a gateway to grand scenic views that give you a remarkable chance to enjoy what Utah and its neighboring states have to offer. 

Among the most celebrated camping experiences in Utah include desert explorations, scenic views of rock formations, the breathtaking contrast between farmlands and forested mountains- and in the winter, find snowcapped peaks that are perfect for early morning and mid-day adventures for mini-hiking. 

This is the reason why travelers often consider it to consider the best camping in Southern Utah as part of their options for adventure. 

But why should you consider camping? 

Camping is an outlet for millions of people around the world. It serves as an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of the modern busy world. Camping is usually done outdoors whether it be in the woods, your local park, official camping grounds, or your backyard! Though there are a lot of people who have started to camp indoors, right in their living rooms next to a cozy fireplace. Camping has many proven benefits to mental and physical health, here are a few of them:

An Escape from Daily Stress

Stress is present in everyone’s daily life especially now with the current pandemic situation. Camping can serve as an escape from stress for many people. Listening to the sounds of nature, hearing the birds singing, the tiny droplets of rain, all help in reducing stress. Many people do this by listening to nature soundtracks on Spotify or YouTube, but the real thing is far more relaxing.

 Peace and Tranquility

Camping outdoors can provide you with a sense of peace and tranquility that is hard to find in today’s busy world. Camping outdoors can help you find a profound sense of relaxation that would be incredibly difficult to find at home, especially since today, everyone is working from home. 

 A Better Night’s Sleep

Spending a night camping outdoors can help you sleep better. If you feel that you need a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep without having to check your Facebook or Instagram notifications every 20 minutes, try spending a night camping out. Sleeping inside a tent while you’re under the trees and all you hear are the tranquil sounds of nature, you’ll sleep like a bear for sure. 


Camping outdoors forces you to exercise and move your body. Walking to your desired camping spot outdoors gets your body going. While you’re outdoors, you might as well take advantage of the relaxing fresh air and take a few minutes to exercise. Do a few jumping jacks, jog a little bit, or if you’re up for it, do some push-ups and sit-ups right there on the grass! This helps you connect with nature and feel that you are at one with your senses or so to say. 

A Significant Boost in Vitamin D

Spending certain amounts of time outdoors makes your body absorb larger quantities of sunlight, which gives you Vitamin D. This can give a fresher feel or look thanks to the healthy sunlight your body has absorbed. This won’t just make you feel and look good but it will also energize you!

Memory Boost

While you’re outdoors camping and relaxing with nature, your body produces a higher level of serotonin which is a natural neurotransmitter that regulates your mood, sleep, appetite, and your memory. Taking this into account, you can use the time you spend camping outdoors to maybe read a book or study that subject you’ve been itching to learn. Because of the higher serotonin amounts you’re getting your learning functions are also improved. 

So overall, camping has a lot of benefits, if you’re having doubts about it, why not try it out first, and then you can decide whether or not it does have benefits for you!

So where can you experience the best camping in Southern Utah? 

Here are some very interesting locations in Utah you might want to consider: 


Dead Horse Point State Park

With 20000 feet of height from the Colorado River, the Dead Horse Point State Park is certainly going to offer you a grand overlooking satisfaction of the nearby Canyonlands National Park. 

Imagine waking up to sunshine as it embraces the grand scenic views around you. Dead Horse Point State Park certainly offers you an exceptional experience and a chance to enjoy great hiking opportunities around the area. 

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Known for its dunes and grand blue skies, the Coral Pink Sand Dine State Park certainly offers you that exceptional photo op and a remarkable experience to enjoy nature at its best. This is indeed one of Utah’s most priced camping sites. 

The whole campground is known to offer at least 22 sites that are designed to offer enough space for every camper to enjoy what the location has to offer. This includes red rock cliffs and unique geological makeup. Exploring nearby national parks such as the Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon could also be included in our list of adventures to consider while you are staying at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. 

Gooseneck State Park

The Gooseneck State Park is located above the San Juan River. The stunning scenic views around the area are further highlighted by the windy portion of the location right above the river. 

If you consider going here, you need to take note of the first-come-first-serve rule followed in the area. It helps to arrive early to make sure you have a space in the campgrounds. 

Watchman Campground or the Zion National Park 

The watchman has at least 176 available campsites which means that this campground is much less private than the other ones noted in this list. Nonetheless, this area also highlights the grand views of the Watchman Rock Formations. 

Another great thing about this camping ground is that 96 of the available campsites have a ready connection to electrical hookups making it more convenient for all different types of campers to remain connected even as they take an adventure in the camp. 

Devil’s Garden Campground 

Also known as the Arches National Park, the Devil’s Garden Compound is known for its deep location making its views unbeatable giving campers an exceptional experience of being in a natural diaspora. 

With a presentation of exceptional flora and fauna around the garden, you are sure to enjoy natural-rich beauty that gives you a refreshing option of getting up, exploring around, and sleeping amid definitely beautiful scenery. 

The Devil’s Garden Campground in Utah boasts 51 campsites that are defined by the privacy given to every camper, Because of the satisfaction rate of those who have visited this campground in the past, the campsite reservation fills fast, so it is best to call beforehand to make sure your spot is reserved. Make sure that you come early too or give a heads-up in case you would be late so that your spot will not be given to someone else. 

Bear Lake State Park

The Bear Lake State Park is noted to be among the most famous destination campgrounds in Utah. There are a total of three campgrounds in the area that are located around the lake. All-in-all, there are 136 campsites and have available 46 electric hookups for campers. 

Even though there are more than a hundred campsites in the area, Bear Lake State Park is considered a good option for those who want enough level of privacy as they rest in their chosen campsite while enjoying the grand offer of natural beauty that this location offers. 

Snow Canyon State Park

The Snow Canyon State Park is best for campers who want a serene and quiet environment. This desert campground is known for its ancient lava flows and grand red sandstone. 

If you love long miles of hiking or going for horseback trails or even mountain biking, this campground is best for you to consider. With dunes surrounding the area, the adventures that this campground offers are exceptional and particularly specific in Utah. 

No matter how seemingly nature-inspired this campground is, it remains connected to modern resources of energy and water for the campers. There are also modern flush toilets and hot showers in the area which makes it a good choice for RV campers. 

Capitol Reef National Park

Also known as the Fruita Campground, the Capitol Reef National Park is considered a well-developed campground. With miles of desert surrounding the location, this campground is somewhat a paradise oasis in the middle of a desert. 

Characterized with orchards and the nearby Fermont River, these campgrounds bring you that almost-dreamy feel of being in an oasis while also enjoying the scenic view of the grand display of dunes in the desert on the horizon. 

Natural Bridges National Monument

Although there are other more interesting and scenic campgrounds than the Natural Bridges National Monument, this campground offers access to the world’s thirteenth largest natural bridges. Matched with preserved Puebloan ruins which were abandoned some 700 years ago, this location is certainly historical as it is naturally enticing. 

According to the International Dark-Sky Association, campers who chose the Natural Bridges Natural Monument in Utah also boasts the best night sky views in the world. 

Sunset Campground 

Also known as the Bryce Canyon National Park, Sunset Campground is also known for spacious campsites. There are 100 campsites within three loops around the location. 

To make room for all types of campers, this campground dedicates the first loop of campsites to RV campers and the other two loops are dedicated to tent campers only. 

 Spruces Campground

Located in the Big Cottonwood Canyon, the Spruce Campground is known for its elevated location. With at least 7500 feet of height above sea level, it also has close proximity to Salt Lake City. 

This means that if campers decide to go to the city, they can easily do so within a short drive. 

The views in this location are scenic and look through to the Big Cottonwood Canyon. 

Among the best activities to accomplish in the area include hiking, fishing on the lake, and biking around the campsite. Another great factor to consider is the fact that all amenities a camper could imagine are readily available at the campsite. 

Upper Onion Creek Campground

Do you have a large group coming in for your camping adventure? 

The Upper Onion Creek Campground is certainly one of the best choices of the best camping in Utah that you might consider for your activities. 

There are two very spacious campsites for groups in Utah. Both areas have a direct view of the Colorado River Canyon. Red Rock formations are also easily visible from a near distance. 

If in case your group wants to drive down to the city, the town of Moab is only 40 minutes away from this campground. 

Wasatch Mountain State Park

When you are just beginning to experience the adventure of camping, you might not want to completely immerse in the idea of living with nature through the night for the first time. This is why the Wasatch Mountain State Park is considered among the best camping in Southern Utah that may give you a better take on the good adventures of camping while not completely leaving the comforts of modern living along the way. 

This park is located in the Haber Valley and has plenty of tents ready for accommodation. Several hookups are also available in the area. 

Other interesting locations surrounding the Wasatch Mountain State Park include the Tate Barn and the Huber Grove. During the winter, the area also boasts grand activities within the Solider Hollow. 

Squaw Flat Campground 

The Squaw Flat Campground is located at the Canyonlands National Park. 

This campground boasts 26-sites for camping in the middle of rock formations. 

The best activities 

The remote, 26-site campground is nestled between towering rock formations. Plentiful bouldering and climbing locations are scattered nearby. Miles of hiking trails are also close at hand. Use Squaw Flat Campground as a jumping-off point for exploring the Needles District in Canyonlands National Park.

 Bullfrog Basin Campground

One of the best lakeside campsites in Utah, the Bullfrog Basin Campground half a mile away from Lake Powell. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is also nearby. Major vacation spots around the Bullfrog Basic Campground are known for fishing and swimming. 

Before the pandemic, the Bullfrog Basic Compound draws up to two million visitors every year. 

However, if you choose this campground for your adventure or your vacation, you ought to know that temperatures in the area often exceed 100 degrees. 

Lava Point Campground

Located within the territories of the Zion National Park, campers around Utah consider Lava Point Campground as a more remote location. Only six campsites are available in this area which makes it the best place for those who want to walk completely away from the hustles and bustles of the city. 

Because of the natural feel of silence and serenity in the area, there is also a rule in this campground that there are no vehicles over 19 feet that are permitted to enter the campsites. Hence, if you have such a vehicle, you might need to hike towards the campsite of your choice. 

Twelve Mile Flat Campground

Surrounded by meadows and pines, the Twelve Mile Flat Campground provides a wide opportunity for biking, hiking, and writing ATVs in the area. During 

The wildflower meadow that is Twelve Mile Flat Campground is undoubtedly another one of the best places to go camping in Utah

Calf Creek Campground

Located at the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, the Calf Creek Campground offers 13 campsites that are presented on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Calf Creek Campground is often immediately filled in the summer. Nonetheless, because of the contained capacity of the area, it is still considered one of the best destinations for campers who want the exclusivity of the area where they are to settle for camp. 

Goblin Valley State Park

Are you up for a more luxurious feel of camping? The Goblin Valley State Park may certainly be one of the best choices for you to consider. Among the primary luxuries that the campsite offers include tent pads, heating, and air conditioning facilities, and spacious areas but separated dedicated locations for RVs and Camp Tents. 

Among the best-known factors that the Goblin Valley State Park is known for are the mushroom-shaped pinnacles that surround the park. These are known as “goblins”-hence, the name of the place. 


This list is an exhaustive collection of different campgrounds around Utah that welcome RV campers. If you want to roam around Utah in an RV but do not have one, you can simply rent an RV and enjoy Utah’s best-camping destinations all within your reach. 

Salt Lake City KOA 

A campground near Salt Lake City is known for its convenience. 

The back-in-pull-through service in KOA gives RV campers the best option to hook up with basic electric and water services to get them ready for the next days of travel. Spacious tent areas also allow RV owners to relax around the area. 

Visitors may also choose to rent cabins and get access to the swimming pool and the hot tub. 

This is the reason why it is one of the best choices for RV campers whenever they visit Utah.

Zion River RV Resort

Believe it or not, the Zion River RV Resort offers so much that it is considered one of the best RV campgrounds for RVs in the US. With its green surroundings and its grand views of the Grand Canyon, this RV campsite is one that most RV campers want to go to whenever they are around Utah. 

The Zion River Resort boasts at least 132 RV sites nestled within a green backdrop that gives campers enough space for resting and exploration. Other additional facilities in the area include a playground, a public swimming pool, and a dog park where pets can walk and stretch their legs after a long time of travel. 

Fossil Valley RV Park

If you are in Utah to visit the Dinosaur National Monument on a camper van, then you might want to drop by Fossil Valley RV Park to refuel and relax. 

There are currently 50 RV campsites in the area with enough hookup locations for all RV’s to completely replenish water and electricity supply before they go back on the road. Local businesses. Shopping malls and restaurants are also close by which makes it rather convenient for everyone who wants to enjoy nature while not completely leaving conveniences along the way. 

Sandcreek RV Park

If you happen to explore around the Capitol Reef National Park, you may want to pause at the Sandcreek RV Park. It is not only the location but also the amenities of this campground for RV parks that make it rather popular among RV campers in Utah. 

With close proximity to the well-known Café Diablo, you can surely enjoy everything that you want out of this place especially when it comes to engaging in several other adventure activities such as hiking, biking, and fishing while you keep your camper van hooked up to refill supplies 

These are only a few among the many choices of the best camping in Southern Utah. Besides knowing what best place to visit, you should also know the necessary gears you should carry with you as you go around either in your camper van or with your tents in your back as you hike around the area. 

What You Need to Bring to Experience Best Camping in Southern Utah 

Always bring the basics of camping. Among these basics include sleeping bags and sleeping pads to at least make your camping experience comfortable. 

Other supplies to keep your travel healthy and safe include mosquito repellant, your first aid kit, and extra medications to use for emergencies especially if you have any maintenance medications you need to regularly take. 

Weather changes every time, and if you are traveling for a couple of days, you surely would not want to be caught in an emergency and be unprepared. Bring an umbrella for when you are walking or hiking and extra screening and rain protection when you set up camp. 

Basic sustenance supplies ought to include enough water and power beverages which you might need when you are hiking or biking. Make sure you also have enough easy-to-eat bars and ready-to-eat meals if you are hiking far. Keeping your supplies enough for your travel is easier when you are saying in a camper van. But of course, this is up to your own choice. Should you want to be in a camper van as you roam around Southern Utah, then you might want to rent a camper van instead. 

Other Critical Reminders You Need to Remember 

Experiencing the best backpacking in Southern Utah requires effort. Remember that when you decide to consider this adventure, you need to be ready for any inconvenience and certain emergencies. 

If you are new to the camping adventure, you need to know that uncertainties are a constant factor in this journey. Somehow, it is what makes the adventure exciting and remarkable. So, it helps for you to be prepared for these uncertainties by knowing where you are going and what the areas are known for. If your next target for adventure is experiencing the best camping in Southern Utah, then you might want to consider the following advice: 

First, find your target campground and book early. There are several areas in Utah, including the ones included in the list here allow reservations. Contact your target campground early and ask about the amenities and everything else you might want to know. This will help you prepare ahead of time and be ready for any changes and challenges that may happen along the way. 

Second, on a first-come-first-served basis, take note of getting there early. It is best to secure a good spot and this can only be done if you arrive early. 

Third, know what to expect depending on the weather you target to visit the campgrounds. This will give you an idea of what to bring with you to the site so that you will have that exceptional experience allowing you to enjoy the time you spend camping. 

Remember, it is okay to worry especially if this is your first time camping. But take note too that too much worry will only spoil the fun and relaxation that camping can offer. Once you have already prepared everything you need, let the adventure take you places and simply enjoy what Utah has to offer. Worry is a part of the journey, but remember not to get too caught up in it.