Finding Great Hikes near Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous tourist destinations in San Francisco Bay.

But of course, getting a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge for sightseeing and photoshoots would require that you put it some effort into the shots. The great hikes near Golden Gate Bridge can certainly give you that option.

First, why should you hike?Hiking can be extremely energizing, calming, and just straight fun. Hiking can change your whole outlook on life by connecting with nature. Hiking is an outlet for many people around the world, whether it’s to escape the daily stresses of life or just to get in touch with nature again. Now hiking can be fun and relaxing, but there are some dangers involved in it.

Here a few safety tips you can remember whenever you go hiking:

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Hiking in a territory you’re not familiar with can be quite perilous. If you do hike in a new territory, you should be aware of your surroundings, watch out for cliffs and other similarly dangerous areas. When hiking in unfamiliar territory, it’s always best to bring along a friend or guide that knows the area well and can guide you along the safest path. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is extremely important when partaking in tough activities such as hiking. Make sure that you bring a full bottle of water when going on a hike. Stay hydrated to keep your energy up to continue on your journey. To know exactly how much water you’ll need to bring, be aware of your local weather and climate. If the temperature is on the hot side, bring a large amount of water, a bottle or two would suffice though this depends on your unique needs. If the temperature is on the colder side, still bring at least a full bottle of water or more depending on your own needs. Getting dehydrated in the middle of a hike can be very dangerous, this could cause varying health problems especially if you have some comorbidities. So overall, make sure to bring enough water for yourself. 

What if you run out of water in the middle of a hike? Well if this happens, you may look for a freshwater spring nearby or a house that may have clean drinkable water. When filling up from a freshwater spring, make sure the water is clean and not contaminated in any way, check the source of the spring, and decide whether or not it’s safe enough to drink from. If the water looks dirty and has particles in it, it might be best to look for a different source of water.

Do Not Go Hiking Alone

Hiking can be fun and relaxing to do alone, but now and then, you could bring along a friend or buddy that could accompany you on your journey. This makes you safer because you’re not alone, if anything happens to you, you can depend on your partner for assistance. If needed, bring someone who knows the territory you’re hiking in along so you don’t get lost if anything happens such as sudden weather changes. If you do decide that you want to go solo, make sure that you tell someone when you should be expected to be back and make sure you inform them of your return.

These are only a few safety tips that you can keep in mind when hiking, all of which are beneficial and important when going on a hiking journey.

So be sure to keep these in mind the next time you decide to go on great hikes near Golden Gate Bridge.

Before we hop into the list of the Great Hikes near Golden Gate Bridge you can visit, it might help to know a little bit more about the history that surrounds thus magnificent structure.

A Brief History of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge spans the Golden Gate at a length of 1.6 kilometers. It is a structure that connects the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Designed by Joseph Strauss in 1917, the Golden Gate Bridge is declared as part of the Wonders of the Modern World. Proclaimed by the American Society of Civil Engineers to be one of the most celebrated structures that deserves recognition in the world.

The Golden Gate Bridge has a main span of at least 4,200 feet with a height of 746 feet. With its grand design, it is one of the most photographed man made structure in the world. Included in the list of the most celebrated engineering wonders in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge offers a proof behind the advancement of the human society in terms measuring advancing engineering innovations.

We have collected a selection of some of the great hikes you can consider to get a great glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Crissy Field Waterfront Walk

This 2 miles of back-and-forth trip is considered as the easiest hike that is near the Golden Gate Bridge. This walk has been restored in 2001 from a military airfield.

Ever since its restoration, the Crissy Field Waterfront Walk became one of the best places for families to hike and get a great view of the Golden Gate was well as the North and East San Francisco Bays.

Easy Crissy Trail

This hike is only measured at 0.21 miles. It is an easy hike that even children could engage in. If you are bringing your family to the hike, make sure to stop by the Crissy Field Center and take an educational trip within the Park’s Conservancy educational center.

This environmental center operates with the National Park Service to bring about awareness to the visitors and hikers.

At the vantage point of this trail, you will get a great sight of the Golden Gate Bridge which is best for a family photo. Pick the right angle to make sure you capture the best features of the trail and the Golden Gate Bridge as your backdrop.

Battery East Trail

This 0.80 miles hike is one of the easiest hikes near Gold Gate Bridge. The Parks Conservancy around the area have projects that are designed to improve the hiking trails in the area make the hike even safer.

From this vantage point you will be able to see the grand towers of the Golden Gate Bridge. As you hike a little higher, you will certainly enjoy overlooking a wide span of the San Francisco Bay.

SCA Trail

This hiking trail is still considered one of the easiest and is measured at 4.02 miles.

It is best to go through this trail in the morning when the sun is up and the clouds are clear. This gives you an option to see the Golden Gate Bridge completely and wonder about the wide span of San Francisco Bay.

Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail

With a 75-feet elevation. This 1.10 miles roundtrip hike usually takes one hour to travel through.

The best photos taken from this area is often captured on a panoramic view. At the edge of the vantage point, the Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail boasts a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bonita Cove, and the San Francisco Bay with a distinct feature of the wild pacific.

Depending on the weather the lighthouse is usually open for visitors to enter.

Hence, when planning to hike up to the Point Bonita Lighthouse Trail, you ought to check the day’s weather to make sure you would get the best out of our hike and enjoy the best out of your journey.

Slacker Ridge Trail

This trail is an easy hike measured at 0.45 back-and forth length of trip. This fairly easy hike to the Martin Highlands certainly gives you a grand view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Take note that the trail is steep and slippery. First time hikers may not enjoy this trail so much.

Nevertheless the best photos of the Golden Gate Bridge have been taken from this vantage point.

Coastal Trail

With a trailhead coming from the direction of the Baker Beach, walking through this trail takes only an hour. This trail boasts at least 260 ft. of elevation. This trail is also embedded within the California Coastal Trail or the CCT.

Grand views could be seen from the vantage point of this trail. Ready your camera and capture Golden Gate Bridge from this trail.

You can leave your vehicle at the parking sites at the Baker Beach and some other accessible spots at ADA.

China Beach Stairs

This is a medium rate hike up on steep stairs that faces the Golden Gate Bridge to the north of San Francisco.

China beach is a small destination compared to larger options in the area namely the Ocean Beach and the Baker Beach. But the views at the top of these long grueling stairs is more than just rewarding. Taking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge from this perspective is simply a breathtaking experience. If you want to get more out of the area, feel free to put the rich neighborhood of Sea-Cliff right at your background.

This place can be busy though, so it is best to visit early in the morning or late into the night. If you decide to visit late into the night, be sure to bring in necessary photo equipment to try and capture the grand beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge at night with the city lights and the beauty of the bay surrounding it. If you are aiming for a dramatic photoshoot, then this is certainly the location for you to explore.

Kirby Cove Road

One of the most known hiking trails in California, it is also considered an interesting hike because of the grand reward at the end. It is dubbed to provide a moderately strenuous hiking activity for visitors within a 2.25 miles round-trip.

This steep trail begins right from the parking area which is situated above the Battery Spencer. Once you get to the Conzelman Road, you will see the Golden Gate Bridge Towers within eye level.

The Kirby Cove Road is easy and a steady path along the coastline. At the bottom of the trail, you will surely be refreshed as trees and grand green display of natural beauty will surround you right at the campgrounds.

Lands End Loop Trails

This is 5.5 kilometer trail that is known for the heavy traffic that passes through it. It is located near San Francisco, California which makes it a convenient location for road hikers.

With wild flowers rich within the trail, hiking through this path is certainly a great experience for everyone and anyone who wants to explore the area through nature trips that are easily accessible the whole year and is open for pets to tread along.

Among the interesting destinations in the trail includes Sutro Baths alongside the grand backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge in the area. The Pacific Ocean also presents a rather exceptional picturesque for visitors through this vantage point.

Remember that this path offers the rockiest roads in San Francisco. Shipwrecks could also be seen in the area and make it more interesting for those who love to take on historical trips during the hike.

Hawk Hill Trail

The reason for the name of this trail is that you can actually watch hawks circling around with the blue sky as the background right from the Marin Headlands. Besides the hike itself, this trail offers a grand experience with the wild life.

Once you get to the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, this trail offers you the grand reward of capturing the Golden Gate Bridge from great angles. Capturing all these and experiencing the rich wildlife in the area is certainly a great reward for anyone who wants to get the best out of a long trip.

 Batteries to Bluffs Trail

This 0.70 miles round-trip of a hike stretches from the southern region of the Golden Gate Bridge. It gives you an expansive view of the ocean as you hike up through to the western shoreline of Presidion.

The first sections of the hike are quite steep.

Upon reaching the Lincoln Boulevard, you reach an elevated section which gives you a view of the Pacific Ocean towards the horizon. From the northern angle is the Golden Gate Bridge.

While you are on the trail, watch out for dolphins in the ocean. You can make this hike more than just a search for a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Some of those who were patient enough were able to capture everything that nature has to offer right within the area. Imagine dolphins in the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge, the grand blue skies, and the wild flowers in the trail- all in one picture, won’t that be the greatest reward ever after a steep and grueling hike?

Down Roald Trail

 This 1.17 miles round-trip hike is rather easy. You can actually take it with children and enjoy the outdoors with your family to take grand pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The trail also features good shade. It is also wide and offers great safe space for hikers.

Key Takeaways

These hike trails are all remarkable and are open for both first-time hikers and experienced ones who want to take photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Remember though that when visiting these hike trails, you need to observe the limitations and rules that are perceived in the area. Accordingly, respecting these laws within the areas will certainly give you a better chance at getting the photos you want while staying safe along the way.

Great hikes near Golden Gate Bridge are dubbed to give you more than just the regular hike experiences you might have in mind. The truth is, with the rich natural reserve surrounding most of these areas you are surely going to gain experiences that are worth of sharing after your hike.

Known for the exceptional wild life and diverse trees, these hike trails are both challenging and refreshing. The best thing about each of the ones included in this list is that they gives you grand vantage point to see more than just the Golden Gate Bridge.

With the right camera, the right creativity, and the patience to get find that perfect angle and frame all the necessary elements in your picture, you will surely have something that will capture this exceptional memory and make your hike worth all your time and effort to reach the area.

Remember though that when you hike, with the hope of getting beautiful photos of the Golden Gate Bridge, you ought to pick the right time to go through the hike and always consider safety measures as you walk through the path.

Of course, you would want to keep a great memory in mind and grand photo to prove it. May it be for social media or just for your files, the photos you are going to capture, with enough patience, will surely be something to get back to in the future.