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Outdoor Activities for Toddlers in Winter – 13 Fun Ideas Here!

Kids are really playful and regardless of the season they always want to play outside. For most parents, the summer season is the best time of the year to allow the kids to run around the park or even go hiking with them. Yet, the change of season should not procrastinate the excitement of your kiddos to have fun outdoor, especially during winter. So, with this, it is actually important for parents to know the outdoor activities for toddlers in winter.

In this blog post, we have here the list of winter activities that your toddlers may enjoy out there in the snow. So, gear up put those mittens on, and get ready to toss those snowballs!

List of Easy and Enjoyable Outdoor Activities for Toddlers in Winter

For parents, it may be worrisome to take the kids outside especially during the winter. The cold weather and the snow may possibly cause illness if our kids are not properly protected with appropriate winter gear. But, it is also important to let the kids stomp around in the snow for some time during the winter. When you explore the winter environment out there, it generally offers a plethora of learning activities for your kiddos.

Below are some of the fun and exciting outdoor activities for toddlers in winter in which your kids and even you may enjoy. Aside from that, this could also be a great bonding time between you and your toddler.

1-Tree searching

outdoor activities for toddlers in winter

Try to have some walk in the park or nearby forest with your toddler. Ask them to choose a tree that they would like to observe. Encourage the toddlers to think in a critical manner by asking some questions like what help does the tree offers to the environment. Or, you could also ask them what makes his chosen tree similar or different from the others in the park.

Moreover, you can also tell your kids to note down any signs of winter that they observe within or on the surrounding of the tree. Signs of winter may include animal trails on the snow or animal shelters within the tree trunks.

2-Blow up the bubbles

Well, if the summer ends, it doesn’t mean that the kids are not able to blow up some bubbles anymore. Just get that bubble solution and take the kids out in the cold. Allow them to blow some bubbles and let them notice the crystallization of the bubbles right before their naked eyes.

Moreover, you may also consider getting a blacktop and take it outside. Blow some bubbles on the blacktop and notice how they roll over the ground rather than popping. Ask your kids to touch the bubbles and feel them. Afterward, the bubble solution will freeze. Let your toddlers observe the crystals that slowly show up within the surface of the liquid.

So, aside from enjoying outdoor activities for toddlers in winter, you can also incorporate the concept of science about liquid freezing to your kids. However, take note that this outdoor winter activity works on below-freezing winter days. Additionally, make sure that before you and your kids go out in the snow, the bubble solution is also cold enough.

3-Exploring the evergreens

Generally, during the winter season, the evergreen trees give off various smells, views, and sensations. This is actually a good way for the toddlers to have a connection with the environment. In case there are lots of evergreens nearby, take your kids out and let them enjoy this one of the outdoor activities for toddlers in winter by doing the following:

  • Look for pinecones on the ground and also look up to see pinecones still hanging on the evergreen trees.
  • Find and discover animal homes within the deciduous trees.
  • Lie on the ground under the evergreen trees and let them observe its branches.
  • Check out for whorls of branches within the conifers, count those whorls, and have an estimation of the age of the evergreen tree.

4-Pinecone birdfeeder

During the winter season, there are other species that come out of their shelter and stick around. This is the best time to discover with your kids what those species are. Do that by creating a pinecone feeder.

  • Initially, tie a string over the pinecone.
  • In a bowl, combine peanut butter, cornmeal, and oats.
  • Afterward, spread the mixture over the pinecones through a spoon or your bare fingers.
  • Put on birdseed into a plate and let the peanut butter-covered pinecones roll over the seed. Do it continuously until the pinecone with peanut butter is completely covered with birdseed.
  • Finally, hang the pinecone birdfeeders in a tree. Let your toddlers observe and discover birds, squirrels, and other winter animals that take a closer look at it. Ask your kids to take note of those winter critters.

This is one of those other outdoor activities for toddlers in winter that can also be a great learning experience for them. During this activity, you are now incorporating zoology or the study of animals in their activity.

5-Water and snow

Another fun science experiment that can also be an enjoyable winter outdoor activity for toddlers is this water and snow activity. Basically, give your kids three cups and ask them to fill each cup with some snow. On one cup of snow, pour on hot water. Then, on the second cup of snow, put some water at room temperature. And on the third cup of snow, transfer some cold water.

Let your kids observe what would happen next on each cup. This time, the toddlers may learn about the snow and the basic concept of melting temperatures.

6-Detectives of the wildlife

Even on the winter days, you can go out in the wildlife with your toddlers. To make them enjoy the cold environment, let them be animal detectives for that day. Since you will be going to the wild, ask them to hunt for wildlife tracks. Have your kiddos practice observation skills by solving the mystery of what animals made those tracks.

You may consider bringing an animal field guide so that your little animal detectives will be guided on the clues that they would have to look for. And this may include the following:

  • Browsing marks – these are claw marks stamped over the bark or some nibbles within vegetation
  • Feather marks – great clues include dropped feathers and wing imprints
  • Gait patterns – check if the animal is running or simply walking or investigate if the position of the gait is parallel or diagonal
  • Prints – find some claw marks and how many toes are present
  • Scat – this might sound exciting for your kiddos as the scat may allow them to see the animals that are eating.

7-Winter color hunt

Basically, white snow dominantly covers the winter surrounding. This means that all around us would be white. However, on this one of the outdoor activities for toddlers during winter, your kids may be amazed that there are still other colors that they may found in the winter environment.

Before going out in the cold snow, have your kids a handout with two columns. The first column should be assigned for the “color” and the next column should bear the label “drawing”. When you are already on the outside, ask your kids to jot down the other colors that they may see in their surroundings. Let them draw something that matches those colors.

Another idea of doing this is to have your kiddos fill out the “color” column with the shades that they’d like to see before going out. This would be quite challenging for them as they will have to look for things matching those shades that they wrote in the first column. This winter activity outdoor will bring out the creativity in your toddlers.

8-Snow shoveling

Most of the time, the toddlers are great imitators. In fact, they always love to imitate the things that the adults are doing. So, it would be a better idea to purchase a kid-sized snow shovel for them. With that, you tend to be ready to play snow shoveling with your toddlers when the snow is all around.

9-Experience the sled ride

outdoor activities for toddlers in winter

If there would be another thing to purchase for your toddlers aside from the kid-sized shovel, that would be a good quality pull sled. This could be a funny and handy thing for the children while out there in the snow. There are actually several ways to make your kids enjoy this pull sled. Basically, you can pull them around, slide them in the backyard, or allow them to pull their doll for a fun sled ride.

For added excitement and challenge, consider looking for small hills to play around. Make sure that the hill is not big enough to avoid your toddlers from getting scared of going down. However, if only big hills are around, don’t forget to accompany your kids while going down.

Moreover, always prioritize your and your kid’s safety here by wearing a helmet. Additionally, you can also add more blankets into the sled for extra cushion and protection.

10-Paint the snow

This winter outdoor activity for toddlers generally requires some kind of preparation. Yet, it is still fast and easy to prepare, anyway. Basically, the concept here is to place colored water inside a watering can, spray bottle, or pop bottle. Simply add a drop or two of the food coloring of your choice to the water.

Moreover, it depends on you if you want to make the colors look stronger on the snow. If that’s the case, just add some more food coloring into the water. Keep in mind that the slower the water gets out from the bottle, the longer the toddlers may enjoy the activity. However, be careful not to let your kid’s shirt get colored within the entire process.

Outdoor Activities for Toddlers in Winter within Your Garden

outdoor activities for toddlers in winter

Well, if you do not want to go too far from your home during winter, the best option would be doing outdoor winter activities for toddlers just within your garden. Actually, there is a number of ways to get your toddlers into gardening. Besides, gardening is highly beneficial for both kids and parents. Here are some of the winter garden activities for toddlers that you may consider doing with your kids:


Well, it is very obvious that the main thing that you and your toddlers may do in the garden is planting. Since it is winter don’t keep running out of ideas about which plant to grow in winter. In fact, there are lots of vegetables that can grow well during these cold months.

These are actually the hardy plants yet make sure that they are protected from frost. Brussel sprouts, chard, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, leeks, and parsnips are the ideal winter vegetables that can be harvested through the winter season.

2-Making seed bombs

During winter, one of the best winter activities that you and your toddlers may enjoy in the garden is the creation of the seed bombs. Well, this is a great opportunity for the toddlers to experience playing with the seeds and the mud. Allow the kids to make seed bombs and let them have fun throwing those seeds within the garden or out of the yard. That way they may actually help in spreading wildflowers thus also helping the environment.

3-Plant propagation in water

Another winter gardening activity that the toddlers may actually enjoy during this season is propagating plants in water. There are different ways of plant propagation in water. These include the cutting, offshoots, and runners but it generally depends on the plants.

Final Thoughts

The change of season won’t change your reason as a parent to allow your kiddos to play outside and enjoy the fun. So, whether it is winter, there are various outdoor activities that your toddlers may really love. Just don’t forget to wear appropriate outdoor winter gears to protect your kiddos and yourself from the cold weather. And, most importantly, enjoy this bonding moment with your kids and, for sure, both of you will have great fun!