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RV Air Conditioner Fan Turns On And Off Repeatedly: How To Fix It

RV Air conditioner fan

Do you love to go on a trip with RV? Are you aware of the possible problem that might happen to your RV? RV air conditioner fan can turn on and off repeatedly. 

It might be disturbing knowing that there is a problem with your air conditioner. You may have this kind of problem even at home and with your RV. This recreational vehicle helps everyone to visit their favorite places. If you are an individual who loves to go on camping, hiking, hunting, and mountaineering this could be the best option to serve as your temporary shelter. Thus, most people choose this RV as their permanent home. They can travel all around the city while living their day-to-day normally on the streets. 

When you decide to have your car, you also need to prepare things for your maintenance. Just like when you buy an RV for your interest, you need to ensure that everything is working well before going on the trip. One problem that may be common that every RV owner may experience is its air conditioner fan turns on and off repeatedly. You might want help from the experts to fix this for you. However, what if you are in a far place and no one to call right away. You need to have basic knowledge about this thing to prevent any hassle when traveling. 

Here is the guide on how to troubleshoot this kind of problem. 

Common Causes Why Your RV Air Conditioner Fan Turn On And Off

1. The problem with the wire connections. 

This is the common problem that triggered the air conditioner to shut repeatedly on and off. RV has two options when you wish to have electricity, you can install solar panels or use a generator. Another option you may consider is to connect your electric devices to the battery of the RV. Thus when you decide to use solar energy or through the battery of the RV, you need to ensure that your wire connection is aligned and secure. 

This kind of problem happened when the wire was not suitable for the electric appliances’ power. That causes the wire to become hot and burnt. Another reason might be is wire connections are not right and loose. For you to prevent this to happen, you need to check all your RV wirings before going on a trip. When you experience the shut on and off of the air conditioner repeatedly, you need to first check the wirings. 

2. Malfunction of Control Board.

You can find all the wiring, switches, and other electrical devices of the RV on the control board. This must be the reason why you are experiencing this kind of problem, RV turns on and off repeatedly. A malfunction to your control board is a big problem for you to check. Most of the time, there might be a problem with the switches the reason why the air conditioner is having a problem. 

In resolving this kind of problem, you will be needing the help of experts from the right field to ensure that everything is in the good condition. 

3. Clogged Air Filter. 

One of the most common reasons your air conditioner is having a malfunction is a dirty filter. A filter is where the cold air passing through, and if it’s dirty it will clog the way to cause a problem. There is not enough fresh air that will come from the air conditioner. Another problem that might happen is overheating, which may cause burnt wire. 

One of the indications that the air conditioner is dirty if the air is not that cold enough. Poor airflow is a simple way of telling you that you need to check your air conditioner. So, for you to prevent this thing to happen you need to make a list. Mark your calendar for you to schedule cleaning of the air conditioner. You need to have a record so that you can distinguish easily if you already need to call someone for cleaning. 

4. Malfunction Thermostat

Knowing that the thermostat is your control for the temperature you desire from the air conditioner, has an important role in solving problems. Malfunction of your thermostat might be the reason for an on and off-air conditioner. What you need to do is to check your thermostat in this way: For instance, the airflow of the aircon is poor then you need to check the air filter, if it’s good then you need to proceed to the thermostat. Here you need to test the on and off, if you turn it on and there is no airflow then the problem is on the thermostat. 

If the thermostat is damaged, then the only option you have is to replace the thermostat or change the wiring connections. 

5. Poor capacitor

The capacitor is responsible for boosting the energy to your air conditioner. Thus, if your capacitor malfunctions then this might affect also the function of your air conditioner. The capacitor also helps for the continuous power of the air conditioner. So, if one day you experience a problem then maybe it’s time to call professional help to change the capacitor. 

6. The condenser coil is so dirty

Maintenance of air conditioner is important, this is where you can determine what are the tools that might be needed. Another is the problem that is needed to be fixed right away. The condenser coil has an important role in the function of the air conditioner. A condenser coil can be found on the outside part of the AC that enables release the of heat from the inside at home. 

So, maintaining it clean is important. You need to make sure that the maintenance of whatever electric appliances you have is important.

Tips To Maintain A Good Air Conditioner In Your RV 

Schedule to open the roof for a check-up and cleaning. 

This is one of the most important things you need to do with your RV. Once in a while, you need to open the roof where your AC is located at. Through this, the moisture inside can be absorbed naturally by evaporation. 

This method is very helpful for the safety and cleanliness of the air conditioner. Doing this can help you to save money in preventing more damage to the AC. 

You need to put oil on the fan

The main reason why you need to put oil on the fan of the AC is to prevent the presence of rust. Another reason is to keep the function of the AC. This is also one way of cleaning and maintaining your air conditioner. 

The oil keeps the fan circulate and carries its task and role to the AC. You need to choose the oil that you will put in this electric appliance for safety. 

Clean your AC At least twice a year 

This is very important, especially for your condenser coil. You need to ensure that the condenser coil of the AC is clean. If the AC is clean, then you will be able to experience the cool air from the air conditioner. 

One of the indications that your condenser coil is dirty is when you don’t feel the cold air from the Aircon. So, in preventing this to happen you need to ensure that you schedule a deep cleaning to your AC at least twice a year. 

You need to cover AC when you are not using it. 

This tip is very important for RV owners. You need to ensure that you have a good cover for your RV once you don’t use it. Do not get the moisture from the environment as it may cause a big problem like having rust from inside and dirt as well. 

Dirt is the main reason why a lot of AC today gets various problems. So, if you don’t have trips or upcoming adventures it is recommended to cover the AC. 

Manage well the settings of the thermostat

In thermostat where everything about controlling the aircon is here. From the settings, you need to ensure the right temperature for the room. Choose the right setup for the type of AC, and also depends on its capability. 

One tip that you must remember is to put the settings on the middle temperature and not too high. This is to prevent the AC from overheating and any serious damage at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is it okay to use your air conditioner on RV all day? 

A: Yes, it’s okay to use your AC on your RV all day. However, to ensure that you are safe and this will not be overheated you need to adjust the thermostat. You need to put the settings on the middle temperature so that there will be no problem at all. 

Q: How AC can work on RV?

A: This will depend on the owner of the RV which one they prefer to use. There is a special type of generator which has the capacity to power the AC. Hence, one of the practical ways in powering the AC on your RV naturally is by solar energy. You just need to have a big solar panel that can power the air conditioner. 

Q: How long could an RV air conditioner last? 

A: According to a survey from the RV owner, the AC of the RV lasts from 3-5 years. Of course, the life span of the AC depends on how the owner takes care of it. 

Q: Can you run your AC at night?

A: This must be the most question by everyone. The answer depends on the equipment you use to run your AC. if you choose a generator and you want to use your AC at night this might disturb your neighbor campers and also can disturb you. While, if you choose to use solar energy then this might not be a problem as there is less noise. 

Q: Can you run your AC while driving your RV? 

A: Yes, it is definitely fine to run your AC while you are driving. The same with your car and van, you can feel cool even if you choose to have an adventure in summer. 

Q: Is that easy to clean the AC in your RV? 

A: Cleaning on your own is not advisable, you need to seek help from a professional. You need to get their services as the condenser coil, fan, capacitor of the Ac is needed to be check as well. Dirt is the number one cause why AC experiences a regular malfunction. 

Q: How to maintain your RV air conditioner?

A: To maintain your air conditioner, you can clean its plastic shroud that can be found on the ceiling of the RV. You can use a soap with warm water in doing this thing. You can use as well the vacuum in cleaning your air conditioner. Hence, you can try to clean as well up the ductwork of the AC. Through this, you are able to maintain the cleanliness of your AC and prevent bigger damage. 

Final Thoughts 

One of the reasons why many people prefer buying an RV is for them to be closed to nature. They use RV as their shelter when traveling and at the same time going to various kinds of outdoor adventure. You can feel like you’re at home when you use this RV on your road trips. One that can make you comfortable with your RV is its air conditioner. 

Thus, having a problem with your RV air conditioner is a nightmare especially if you have kids with you during camping. The right thing to do to prevent this to happen repeatedly is to have a good maintenance schedule and work with the experts. Professional help will do the rest and will definitely give you an answer to every question you have. 

So, if you are experiencing one of these problems, try to fix this on your own first but if you can’t seek professional help. 

What is your current situation with your RV today?