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The 6 Best Mountain Bike Lights — Buying Guide For 2021

So you are still using your crappy mountain bike lights? If you are ready to ditch that (you better be), now is the time to look for a new mountain biking helmet light that will make you proud of yourself. Because having a new bike light is great for night riding and you know how great it is to have a bright illumination when riding on the dark road. But if you haven’t try night riding yet, then you need to read this from top to bottom.

Night riding is never the same without any light. The feel is different and it’s much more adventurous particularly if you are equipped with decent quality and enough to illuminate the pitch dark road or while you are traversing the wooded area that is full of obstacles and awesome challenges.

That said, we save you from the trouble of searching for numerous hours just to find the right mountain bike light for you. We made sure that what we present here passed the standard of professional, enthusiasts, and even for casual bikers. Among the features we considered are form factor, beam quality, ease of use, battery life, durability, and price.

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The 6 Best Mountain Bike Lights — Buying Guide For 2021

OUR TOP PICK: Topside Bike Helmet Light

Product Name: Topside Bike Helmet Light

Product Description: Our best-rated pick for this listing is none other than the Topside Bike Helmet Light by the Brightside Bike Lights. This is the ultimate choice if you want a bike light that will endure even the test of time. In addition to that, the brand is known for making the best and high-quality bike lights ensuring safety whenever you hit the dark road. You'll be surprised by this product which offers more. This is among the favorites because of its lightweight feature yet it has a secure fitting without having any flimsiness. What's fascinating about this is that it's great for all sorts of weather conditions and even from other elements which makes this dust, frost, and waterproof. It's incredible, noting that this is only small bike light but it amazes you more. The materials used are sturdy enough.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Weatherproofness
  • Brightness
  • Value for Money


It’s a dual-sided light. The front uses white light while the rear is a red light. Also, this constantly illuminates your way with 100 lumens. Perfect for day and night use. Powered by lithium metal battery and able to last up to 43 hours.

Why buy this? This is your perfect companion when you are going for extreme night riding. Because the power and brightness it gives are so powerful enough that can serve you long enough. Another thing, the features such as lightweight, sturdy materials are very impressive. That’s why this is our best among the mountain bike lights.


Can run up to 43 hours of consistent run
Lithium metal
Rechargeable battery
Lightweight and stable mount for bumpy rides


It only has beam lights up to 20 feet ahead


CECO-USA F1000 Bike Handlebar Light

mountain bike lights

Our next featured product is the CECO-USA F1000. Few Mtb lights passed the criteria of avid riders of both enthusiasts and professionals and among those products are the CECO-USA F1000.

This gives an impressive illumination and engineered with greatness and specifically designed to for hard trails from low visible light to pitch dark areas.

It’s your perfect companion to guide you and give you light while traversing the road.

The F1000 CECO bike light is able to project 1000 lumen which is pretty powerful for a bike light both far and wide. It features a waterproof case and has a rating of IP67 that is able to withstand rainy conditions. In addition, it has FL-1 impact resistance for sturdy and for extreme hard trails.

Not only that, this light is so versatile that has both day and night modes. It has 5 modes for the night and 3 distinctive modes for day time.

What’s more to this product is it features lock mode for safety features protecting your light from switching on unintentionally during transit or storage. It also has a mount upgrade which makes this light tough and made from Zytel material.

All in all, no wonder this is in our best mountain bike lights due to stunning performance and this ables you to position on the handlebars with ease. It’s also flexible to any handlebars. The only downside is that this is not suitable for helmet lights.

  • IPX67 waterproof rating
  • 1000 lumens of light
  • Sturdy material
  • 45 hours of runtime for extended use
  • Not suitable for a helmet light

RAVEMEN PR1600 Bike Helmet Light

mountain bike lights

Rule number one in buying a mountain bike lights: never skimp on the products. You must always choose the best like this product especially if you’re going on a hard trail ride at night time.

This will ensure your riding both day and night will be as smooth as one. We offer the Ravemen PR1600 bike helmet which accommodates different functions from hard trail to commuter, this is your suitable choice.

Features DuaLens for optical low beam and provides visibility when you are approaching be it on pedestrians or riders.

In addition, there’s no dazzle and even glare. The beam system is equipped with HiLo providing greater lights that’s comparable to automotive headlights which also have low and high.

There are also mode indicators which are LED displays, this will ensure the remaining time of each brightness level.

In addition, the range of lumens is 400 up to 1600, and you can use this maximum of 20 hours. Not only that, but this can also connect with an external battery pack which gives you more runtime.

There’s also a wireless remote to adjust the brightness level of the bike light with ease. The brightness level is superb and this is something to have.

What makes this among your finest selection? If you want to maximize your mountain bike night riding, then this is your go-to when it comes to versatility and darker places such a woods, tunnels, dirt roads, and other places.

  • Great for commuter and mtb hard trails
  • Bright lights with up to 1600 lumens
  • HiLo beam system
  • Display indicators
  • Wireless switch
  • The battery life is not built to last given its bright power

Topeak Bike Helmet Light

Our next on our list is the Topeak HeadLux Bike Helmet Light. This is not flashy compared to most of the bike lights here but it’s a perfect choice and will give you better visibility to others with this product.

Not only that, it’s affordable and very lightweight which is ideal for your helmet while you are on night riding.

In terms of weight, these are the lighter models we have featured for this product listing.

This is extremely innovative in design and weight and also in performance. It has double-sided light. One side shines a white light facing forward while the back emits red light serving as a rear light.

This also features 4 LEDs that wrapped around the lenses for increased visibility among other riders and drivers. There are also button control and blinking modes for certain situations.

The Topeak Headlux has a visible range of 220 degrees. The bracket of these is versatile which opens for more mounting options on handlebars and helmets.

In addition, this lightweight product is able to give you illumination of up to 100 hours depending on the usage.

Powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Plus, it zips ties for quick and easy installation.

Plus this has 100 hours of runtime which is impressive compared to other products. In addition, it has tons of light modes for a better ride at night.

Should you buy this? If you are not after flashy lights and prefer to have the right light with adequate brightness then this is for you to consider.

  • It has three modes for nighttime and daylight
  • The battery is long-lasting and can last up to 100 hours Two-sided lights
  • The strap may not fit well on some helmets or handlebars

NiteRider Lumina Bike Headlight

Among the best bike helmet light that we have curated is the NiteRider Lumina. This will surely give you an edge whenever you are going for a night riding activity be it on the wooded, road, tunnel, or anywhere else that’s dark.

It features a unique design and the performance will is designed for extreme night riding. It’s not just the design and performance that are notable in this product but also its impressive affordability.

The NiteRider Lumina includes impressive features. The lock mode feature makes the biking helmet securely powered off.

There’s also daylight visible flash which heightens your visibility when in use. Also, there’s a battery indicator that able you to know if it’s ready for charging. Perfect to let other drivers for your awareness especially in dark areas.

This bike helmet light is made from a durable and rugged design featuring DuPont fiberglass with a reinforced nylon case which makes this among the durable on the market right now. In addition to that, it has an aluminum heatsink which makes the Lithium-ion operates optimally.

Powered by a Li-Ion rechargeable battery and it has a maximum runtime of up to 45 hours. This only requires 4 hours of charging. But it has 1100 maximum lumens.

All in all, the NiteRider Lumina is very durable and the design is sturdy enough to last long. In addition, it’s totally lightweight, resilient, and it’s abrasion-resistant. No wonder this is among the best mountain bike light.

  • Impressive design
  • Features a low battery indicator
  • Last up to 45 hours
  • Not mountable on a helmet

Greerride Bike Helmet Light

Our last featured product is the Greerride Light that is mounted on a helmet. This will probably exceed your expectations because we also did. The brand is not known.

Although don’t be alarmed because this has great overall performance and the mounting system is great which is built for long night rides whatever trails you are traversing.

Why it’s worth checking? Just read this further.

This mountain biking helmet has 100 lumen that’s bright enough and makes other drivers see you even from yards away. Also, the flashing modes are greatly visible even in the daytime, especially at night time.

Mount this on your helmet, handlebar, or under the seat, this works perfectly. It also has a wide beam which increases your visibility from multiple angles. You will feel safe while on the road with this.

In addition, it has flashing and steady modes. This will heighten your presence especially in the pitch dark areas where your light can stand out. The light has six modes.

All of them are extremely useful during your biking mode at night. Also, Greerride is fully USB rechargeable and doesn’t need any disposable batteries which is a waste of money. Powered by a 500 mAh lithium-ion battery. This light can be used for up to 22 hours.

All in all, this is more than just a bike helmet, it’s more of a companion that will guide you through your darkest trails. Not only that, it’s great for camping trips and other outdoor activities that needed illumination. It’s a perfect product for you.

  • Bright light with100 lumens
  • Up to 22 hours of usage every charge
  • Versatile
  • Has six light modes
  • Manual is not detailed oriented

What Makes The Best Mountain Bike Lights Worth Buying? — Ultimate Buying Guide

There are at least few factors on how to choose the best mountain bike lights worthy of investment. It’s not that hard to pinpoint which is which. All you need is to have some a bit of knowledge and a common. Otherwise, you will end up buying the wrong one.

So, if you are really investing in quality mountain bike lights, make sure you have the key factors. Lucky for you, dear reader, we have listed the common key factors to look for when buying your ideal product. This is to make sure that you won’t buy the wrong one and to make sure you have a sound and wise decision.


This refers to how powerful lights can be and rated in lumens. Obviously, the greater the lumens the more powerful and bright the mountain bike lights can be. Good thing that the advancement of LEDs and batteries is rampant and most of the quality bike lights have greater lumen ratings.

However, as good as it may sound, it’s not always the case that greater lumens mean powerful lighting especially when it’s in a real-world application. Because there are certain factors that will limit the lumens and it may now maximize the lumen rating because of limitations such as thermal rollback and circuitry.

Although, the good thing is, most bike lights particularly the quality lights are designed for trail riding. These lights have 1500 lumens at their minimum which is a suitable choice and ensures your safety and visibility, especially in dark places.


Another important key factor is the battery. If you are going for a regular night riding, you will need to have a larger battery capacity and quality battery input. Nowadays, the majority of bike lights on the market are powered by lithium-ion which has a greater lifespan and durability compared to disposable batteries.

Although some have the option to use a separate battery pack, other lights are completely self-contained.

Self-contained bike lights are a popular choice because it eliminates the use of an awkward cable and inefficient battery packs, however, they are bigger and more substantial compared to its counterparts. This is the easiest type of bike light

On the other hand, with bike lights with a battery pack that has a head and the battery, you will be obliged to put the powerpack that’s somewhere comfortable. Among the advantages of these is the batteries are replaceable when it’s degraded over time.

Helmet or Bar Mounted

These two options are the major choice for riders. If you are looking for either bar or helmet-mounted, make sure it has decent power to illuminate your path and flooding a wide beam while on a trail.

It’s important to have these two kinds of lights. One is for the handlebar and one is for your helmet making sure that you are visible and you can see the road.

Helmet mounted illuminates wherever you look, which allows you to see corners, rocks, and other obstacles that hinder your way. It’s important that this has a higher lumen rating so it can give you enough brightness when traversing the road.

The same goes for the bar-mounted bike lights, it should have decent power to illuminate the path you are traversing and to make the other drivers and riders aware of your presence on the road especially at night or in low visible light.

Waterproof Rating

Riders defy any weather condition be it rain or shine, night and day they will keep on cycling whenever they feel it. And bike enthusiasts and professional riders know what we are saying here. That’s why if you are going to buy some mountain bike lights, make sure it’s waterproof.

But don’t get content with the waterproof label only. Pay attention to its rating. Other manufacturers have created pretty sturdy bike lights that are able to withstand heavy rains.

Obviously, the best waterproof ratings are always rated higher. So if you are picky and meticulous in considering waterproof bike lights, be sure to pick a bike light that has the highest rating. Much better if there are also features which include dust or a snow proof.

Beam Shape

Beam shape is another thing to consider although not that important, it depends on what environment you are riding. It’s not just the highest lumen rating that determines if the bike light is great.

There’s also the beam shape that needs to take into consideration. In looking for the perfect beam shape, you want something that has a smooth transition from the spotlight to floodlight without any hot or dark spots as this can distract your bike riding.


It’s amazing that there are some manufacturers who are producing bike lights that offer hassle-free and convenient use. Sometimes switching the light modes can be tricky especially if the trail is hard. There are bike lights that have a remote which able you to cycle the light modes without pressing any button.

Although this is not as important compared to the preceding lists above but they are great to make your night ride smooth and convenient enough, which you can only think is the road and nothing else.

Don’t forget the rear light

Another added factor that needs to be considered is the rear light. Rear lights for mountain bikes don’t have much importance when you prefer to ride on trails. However, you will need one if you ride on city roads. Because this will increase your visibility on the road so drivers and riders are aware of your presence due to your rear light.

Rear lights are an added safety feature to make sure you are seen on the road be it from low visible light to extremely dark.

Bear in mind that bike lights don’t need to be bright as the front. A 70-lumen rating will do for city commute and for the countryside. Although you need to keep the rear red light in constant flash mode. Also, rear red lights should have different power modes such as daylight and standard night modes.

Questions To Consider Before Buying Your Ideal Mountain Bike Lights

Where Are You Going To Ride?

If you are going for city night riding, you will need a dual-sided bike light which increases your visibility among drivers and other riders, and even pedestrians.

But if you are going for trails with steep and technical, you may want to choose brighter lights that are not flimsy and can stay intact even when there’s a bumpy path.

Also, if you are going for a trail that has many turns, dividends, and somewhat flowy, you may want to have both a bar-mounted and helmet-mounted bike light. You can look above for the complete product lists. All of them are of the best quality and perfect for certain types of conditions.

How Long Do You Usually Ride at Night?

Another important question to consider is the length of hours for your usual ride at night. Are you going for an all-nighter ride n a regular basis? Or are you riding once or twice a week or an hour-long of ride? These are all questions that are important for you to figure out.

Considering these factors will make your decision better. You can go for a super bright bike light that has longer runtime with at least 1000 lumen ratings if you are going for a long mountain trail or even an all-nighter ride.

However, if you are going for a light ride say once or twice a week and an hour city night ride, then you should go for lesser lumen ratings.

What Type Of User Are You?

Are you the type of user who put time and effort to set up and program the light system? Or you are the type of user who wants a quick and easy installation like a plug-and-play type?

There are many types of bike lights. Some are technical but mostly they are easy to set up just like the plug and play method.

There are bike lights that are brighter than an automotive headlight which is ultra fancy and expensive. Other bike lights are very practical and super simple. Some bike lights are rechargeable and others are powered by disposable batteries.

You need to figure out what’s best for you and how are you going to use it according to the environment and trail conditions.

What’s Your Budget?

The most important question to consider is what’s your budget? Because your budget will determine the type of bike light you will have. If you are aiming for decent quality and durable bike lights, you may want to have more patience in saving money.

But if you don’t have any problem buying the cheap ones, then you should go for the uber-cheap “Alibaba specials” or in the Facebook Marketplace.

Although those cheap bike lights that came from those market platforms will not last and designed to have a short lifespan compared to the fine quality that we have listed above.

However, at the end of the day, you are in full control of what Bike light you are going to buy. But be sure it’s affordable yet it delivers a nice performance.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what are the best deals for the mountain bike lights, it’s up to you to choose what’s best for your ride. After all, what you are aiming for is a smooth and convenient all-night ride. That said, you must choose a bike light that is built to last and has longer runtime for more fun during the night ride.

But if you are still undecided and don’t know what to expect in choosing, you can refer to our buying guide and the questions to consider a guide to making sure you have the best product for your next big night ride. Most of all, have fun in bike riding and be sure to practice safe riding, and make sure you have the best gear equipped.

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