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The Best Axe For Splitting Firewood — OUR BEST PICKS FOR YOU!

Are you considering buying the best axe for splitting firewood? Also, probably you might think that all axes are pretty much the same because of the same concept, design, and how it is being used. Well, there are actually different kinds of axes and they are used for different activities. But in this case, you wanted an axe that could tear any kind of wood, be it maple, oak, or ash trees.

Maybe you are on the verge of buying your ideal axe for splitting firewood. However, you seem so overwhelmed because of the widely available axe. Worry no more, because we have prepared some of the best axes for you to make your work as efficient and accurate as possible.

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Choosing the right axe for you

Choosing the right axe can be daunting at first. As you know, there are various types of the axe. Also, you will have to consider the weight and the handle length.

That said, people are under the impression that the heavier the axe, the better you can chop a fine wood. Of course, that isn’t always the case.

In fact, most seasoned hunters who are adept at chopping fine firewood would probably recommend starting with a three-pound full-size axe pr a two-pound boy’s axe.

You can start here if you are going to split firewood. The reason why you should start with these weights is to get you comfortable using them. In addition, it’s much easier to learn the right swing with light axes.

After that, you can try the 31-inch full-size axe or the 36 inches long, although these two axes are too large and it’s not for common use. Some say it’s better to have the boy’s axe or the 28 inches. Because this size is perfect and an all-rounder when it comes to size.

Also, the 28 inches almost good for every chore be it in camping or at your home backyard. It’s great for felling trees, splitting firewood, and kindling.

Different types of axes for a specific purpose

If you are going to chop down some firewoods to keep you warm from the cold and wintry nights, you should at least know first each type of axes. This is to make sure that what you are going to buy will be fit according to your stature, strength, and comfortless.

Small sized Axes — Tomahawks, Camping Axes, Hatches


This axe weighs about 1.5 to 2 pounds and they are usually 18 inches long. They are great for an all-rounder, especially for camping. With this, you can use it for splitting firewood, chop down trees, and even clear out some bushy areas and twigs.

Most axe users are content with hatchet axe because it’s versatile. Also, the usual price is lower compared to other quality axes. So if you are the type of axe user who will engage in too much felling, limbing, splitting, chopping. This hatchet alone is very useful in any activity.


Originally came from Native Americans, this type of axe is very similar to the hatchet axe. Although they usually range from 14 to 20 inches, when it comes to materials used, it’s made from very light materials; and the blade and handle size varies.

Tomahawk is not just for splitting wood or cutting wood. In fact, it was used as a war axe and usually for throwing hence the light material and the handle design. This type of axe is great for self-defence or for hunting tool.

Camping axe

Camping axes are the regular axe used in camps and in homes. Commonly used for splitting or chopping woods. Not be confused with a hatchet. Although the there’s only a subtle difference between the camping axe and the hatchet.

The latter used only with one hand while the former uses both hands. But there are camping axes that are for one-handed and others for two-handed.

Medium-sized axes — Boy’s Axe, Limbing Axe

Limbing axe

as the name suggests is mainly for removing limbs of the felled trees. The usual weight of the limbing axe is at least 2 pounds and the handles measures 24 inches long. This kind of axe has more chopping power and versatile use. Since this is not too heavy or large, you can use this as a one-handed.

Typically, the limbing axe is great for working with wood at home, some have used this for camping which is an excellent choice because of the balanced weight. They may not weigh as the hatchet, but the handle size is enough for you to chop the wood or split the wood efficiently.

Large-sized axe — Mauls, Splitting axe, felling axe

These large axes are for heavy-duty or for those who have stronger physical attributes. Most of these axes are used for splitting big chunks of wood and felling large trees. The common measurement of these axes spans from 32 to 36 inches in terms of length and weighs about 3 or more pounds.

This type of axes is usually for felling. Mauls, on the other hand, can weigh up to 7 pounds and normally the length can go up to 40 inches. The commonality between the two is both needs more kinetic energy in order to make a swing.

Maul axe

Mauls are usually longer and heavy. The axehead is fat and the axhead is similar to a sledgehammer. This is because mauls are great for splitting wood. Its design is to push the wood apart, not to cut it. That’s why if you are going to look closely, the maul axe is not sharp compared to regular axes.

Maul axes are not suitable for camping. Because you don’t want to bring a heavy axe for your camping activity. That’s said, this type of axe is good for home wood chopping or felling your own tree. It’s also great for stronger axe users who are experienced have developed muscle to the point they can easily use the maul axe at ease.

Felling axe

Felling axe can be seen as the main axe used of woodcutter depicted in the cartoons, and it’s the most popular symbol of the axe. Besides that, felling axe, as the name suggests, it’s for chopping down large trees. This axe can be used for splitting firewood.

They are not suitable for camping because of its heavyweight and it’s not portable at all. This is the ideal axe if you are going to split some firewood.

Also, if you want to master the art of axemanship, this is the best tool to begin learning. This is mainly because the weight of this axe is suitable to build your endurance and to improve your upper body.

The Best Axe For Splitting Firewood — OUR TOP 5 BEST PICKS FOR YOU!

OUR TOP PICK: Husqvarna Splitting Axe

Product Description: Our top and best pick is none other than the Husqvarna Splitting Axe. If you want something that will work in most cutting jobs, this is probably what you will need. You don't actually need to buy different types of axe for a different purpose when you can have only one axe that can almost do anything. The shaft is made from reinforced fibre ensuring the axe's efficient and robust the moment it strikes the wood. This is ideal for splitting logs to make firewood. The axe measures 23 inches and weighs only 2.65 pounds. With this axe, you can accomplish many chopping and splitting work. The handle is greatly designed for maximum and comfortable grip. The axe head has a dual function, one is for cleaving and the other is for hammering. That said, this is may not be great for heavy-duty use such as cutting large trees, but for most people, this is pretty convenient. It's superior enough for regular wood and it gives a striking balance so people are comfortable using this one.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Craftmanship
  • Value for Money


All in all, if you are comfortable with lightweight and versatile function, you should consider this one. After all, this will work for most of your job. It has a great performance and reinforced with fiberglass for a robust and precise cut. The handle can handle the shock very well. With that, we give this product the best axe for splitting firewood.


Last for long time
Fiberglass handle
Reduces shock vibrations very well


None so far


Fiskars IsoCore Splitting Axe

Our second-best pick goes to Fiskars IsoCore Splitting Axe. This brand is another top of the line and globally recognized for being excellent in manufacturing cutting tools as well as a gardening tool.

Of course, when it comes to axe making, they guarantee that they got the best overall performance and style.

The Isocore edition quickly became a favourite of gardeners and even campers. Because the sheer quality it gives and the customer satisfaction is very much prized possession. That said, Fiskars Isocore is built to last. This features a dual head which is for striking wedges and for cleaving wood.

Perfectly designed for splitting wood, the axe head gives a striking power every time it hit the wood. Given the blade geometry offers striking balance and chopping power, this will give you a precise and clean cut whenever you use this.

Let’s not forget how this absorbs the vibration exceptionally which largely reduce the shock vibration every time you hit the wood.

In addition, the axe head is strong enough to split the chunk of wood into two. When it comes to the gripping power, it also stands out and makes you comfortable the moment you hold it.

With that in mind, we consider as among the best ace for splitting firewood because of the overall performance. Not only that, it features IsoCore which greatly absorbs shock. But it’s our second best axe for splitting firewood.

  • Reasonable price
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Superior quality
  • Heavy duty use
  • None so far

ESTWING Splitting Axe

You don’t need a heavy and large axe when you have this Estwing axe for light jobs. Admit it, it can be extremely difficult to handle and to make a swing in a large axe.

Besides that, you don’t need heavier axes for you to cut the smaller chunks of woods. Because this hatchet style will just do the job for you. This can create a kindling of tin shards or cut into smaller pieces.

The Estwing splitting axe is made in the United States. Forged with high-quality steel ensuring the axe head is capable of cutting through chunks of wood.

This axe features a maul head on the other side for driving splitting wedges. The handle measures 14 inches and equipped with leather for a more comfy grip and flawless striking power.

The overall performance of the axe is great. It’s lightweight. The axe head gives a better striking power and with precise whenever you swing the axe. The grip is perfectly designed to absorb the shock vibration by 70 per cent.

Overall, the Estwing is not bad for people who are not used to axemanship. Given its hatchet-like axe and its superb lightweight that is ideal for one-handed use, it’s definitely worth recommending. This will be your excellent choice if you have smaller chunks of wood for quick splitting.

  • Nylon Sheath Included
  • American steel
  • Perfectly designed for splitting
  • None so far

Hultafors Spliting Axe

Hultafors needs no further introduction when it comes to their undeniable reputation across the globe. They are the ones who mastered the art of craftsmanship. Known for their reliable and innovative tools, yet durable in every way.

The one thing you need to look for when picking the right axe is that it must be made from Scandinavia. Because they have been recommended by many professionals.

The axe head is made from premium quality and sturdy Swedish steel. The handle is made from American hickory wood treated with linseed oil and measures about 20 inches in length.

This gives the right amount of power and perfect for experienced axe users or for those who are into heavy-duty cutting tools.

Hulfators is what you need if you want to split or chop wood with accuracy and efficiency. Also, if you are into vintage and classy appeal that looks very traditional, you won’t regret having this.

Everything in this axe is majestic, from its aesthetic appeal to its overall performance.

All in all, Swedish quality steel, balanced axe, curvy yet smooth handle, this is what you should consider when you are in search of your ideal axe. Hultafors also comes with a traditional leather protective sheath. The only weak point for this product is its high price point.

  • Swedish quality steel
  • Classy appeal
  • Very sturdy
  • High price point
  • Can be heavy to others

Husqvarna Splitting Axe

If you want something classy and smooth to touch, we give you the Husqvarna Splitting Axe. This may be our last on the list but it doesn’t mean it’s the least.

And you know how well good is Husqvarna when it comes to reliability and customer satisfaction in all of their products. Besides that, they are among the top-tiered brand in outdoor power products. So you are very safe to consider this.

Made from the traditional material used — hickory wood and measuring 19-inch axe handle, the axe’s performance will never let you down. Delivering its balance and power when striking the wood.

In addition, given its lightweight feature, you can efficiently cut through the wood with the accuracy and in the perfect strike. The contributing factor to this is the smoothness of the handle which gives you comfort and allowance when gripping the axe.

Forged with greatness that came from high-quality Swedish steel, the axe head will give you enough power. You can rest assured that you will expect consistent fine chopping of wood. Also, with its high-quality materials, this will undeniably last for a long time.

All in all, as an avid user of Husqvarna, we certainly recommend this stunning, lightweight axe for splitting firewood. Besides its well balanced and smooth handle, this gives an impressive outcome when chopping the wood. Also, you got to love the edge cover that is made from leather, because it matches the axe’s design.

  • Hickory wood handle
  • Swedish steel
  • Well balanced
  • Durable
  • None so far

Factors you need to consider when purchasing an axe

If you are going to buy the excellent axe for splitting firewood, you will need some factors and quality check in order for you to make your experience in the product is worthwhile and it will last longer and able to withstand the tension when splitting the wood. So, we have listed some of the common factors you need to consider when buying your ideal axe.

Consider the handle material

The typical materials used in axe handles are fiberglass, hardwood, forged steel, and composite material.


Fiberglass is a relatively new material used as an axe handle compared to steel and wood which was used thousands of years ago. However, even though fiberglass is relatively new, this is among the great material in axe handles.

Typical fiberglass materials are smooth to touch and they can absorb shocks from splitting impact, but the downside of fiberglass is it may be ineffective in sub-zero temperature.


Probably the most popular material used in the axe handle. Despite being the oldest material used in axe handle, it’s the most lightweight among the three common materials used. The wood handle is smooth to touch (depending on the finishing). Also, wood is great in absorbing shocks from chopping wood, although it can weaken when it’s several years old. But, this case will depend on the type of wood used.


The steel material is the toughest axe handle material you can get on the market. They sometimes forged in a single piece combining the handle and the axe head.

This type of material is the toughest among the three. However, they don’t absorb shock compared to fiberglass and wood effectively. That said, you will feel more reverberation every time you chop or split a block of wood.

The axe handle’s length

Most of your force will come from your arm and the axe handle is just an extension in those force. That said, the length of the axe will also affect your chopping power.

Although finding the right length of the axe handle is purely a matter of personal preference. The most important thing is to feel that you are comfortable and what’s the suitable length to make it easier for you.

Job type

As this article previously mentioned that there are different sizes and types of axes. Each of them has its specific purpose. That said, before you are considering buying your ideal axe, you must know first the types of wood you are going to split.

For medium chunks of wood logs, you will need medium-sized like the felling axe. A smaller axe for splitting firewood works best for softer wood. While the larger ones are good for chopping down trees or splitting large chunks of wood.

Maintaining your axe

Now that you know how to swing and hopefully manage to buy your ideal axe, you should probably learn how to take care of your axe.

This is so vital in the overall performance of your axe as it affects the cutting power which we don’t want to lose that.

Instead, we give you some tips to somehow preserve your axe in pristine condition so it will work properly for a long period of time.

The head

In order to make your axe consistently cut precisely and efficiently, it’s important to maintain the blade’s shape by sharpening them regularly. Besides that, the blade of the axe should be regularly oiled.

This will help prevent moisture build-up which increasing the lifespan and durability. Improper maintenance if will lead to rust and dull making it inefficient for chopping down wood.

The handle

The handle plays a large role in the axe. Give the fact that it’s the area for gripping and this is where the power comes from. That said, it’s best if you will regularly maintain this and must be kept in the best condition. The factor that could affect your handle’s condition is the environment.

If the handle is exposed to the elements, then there’s a huge chance that it will be going to deteriorate. To prevent this, you can apply some boiled linseed oil with a rug and then rubs it into the wood handle.

The Sheath

After you are done using your axe, it’s important to make it a habit to use the sheath to cover the axe blade. Because the sheath’s main goal is to keep your axe safe, this also keeps the blade in better condition and increase its longevity.

More information about maintaining your axe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a splitting axe worth it?

They are great for chopping the chunks of wood into smaller pieces for firewood. Also, most splitting axes is versatile and can be used at any cutting job you want.

However, there are some different kinds of the axe that serve each purpose. In addition, splitting the axe is worth it because it’s lightweight and easy to carry allowing you to swing is easier and performs very well when cutting the wood. That’s why it’s worth to buy axe for splitting firewood.

What are the best brands for splitting axe?

There are actually great brands that offer supreme quality when it comes to their axe. Some of them can be seen here in our reviewed products. You can definitely consider these products listed are the best according to our personal experience and hours of research. Among the brands that produce great quality axe are Fiskars, Husqvarna, Hultafors, to name a few.

However, when it comes to the best brands, sometimes it will be a matter of personal preference. With that, the last person who will judge if the brand is worth it is yourself.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have your finest selection when it comes to choosing the best axe for splitting firewood, it’s up to now on what will work best for you. Also, you need to be careful when choosing your ideal product because there are lots of axes out there but only a few have the finest quality and able to last long.

Be sure to carefully look and consider some factors before you even buy. You can scroll up if you haven’t read our buying guide. because this will help you narrow down and finally choose the right axe for you. So, good luck and let us know what axe did you pick.

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