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Types Of Mountain Bike Handlebars — Top 5 Must Know!

Biking is fun, isn’t it? But do you know the different types of mountain bike handlebars? Well, you might need to check this for your information. It’s not enough to go ride on a bike without even knowing the basic parts especially the handlebars. Because choosing the appropriate handlebars will have to gain some advantage for a rider. If you are a newbie rider that wants to know more about bike parts or the handlebars, in particular, it’s best to open this topic.

This article is perfect for newbies and experienced riders who want to know more about the different types of mountain bike handlebars. With so many of them, what’s really the right one for you? We will cover some o the most common mountain bike handlebars just for you! So, scroll down further as we dive deep into the topic.

Benefits of Biking

It’s a smart move for you to ride on a bike. Biking offers various benefits. Mostly all of them are good and almost nothing is bad against riding a bike. People have been using this for about 200 years now and it’s amazing how the structure of the bike remains the same.

A wheel, pedal, handlebar, cranks, and chain. These simple things are what bikes are commonly made of. Although there are some recent innovations and technological developments still, the basic design and concept are still the same.

Now, you are wondering, what are the benefits of riding a bike, well not just riding a bike once in a while, but when you are riding a bike regularly. You will be amazed by the benefits of riding a bike regularly and these are:

Raise Awareness and Alertness

Nowadays, there are not only bikes that are on the road. Mostly, there are cars, trucks, buses, and people. As a bike rider, you should be aware of your surroundings and watch out for incoming objects and even watch your back or literally watch out on each side.

Doing this increases your level of awareness. Over time, you are on full alert and you can even apply this while you are not riding a bike. It gives you mental awareness of the road and you can prevent any danger.

That’s bike is the precursor to riding a motorcycle and driving a car. If you know how to ride a bike well, clearly you know how to ride a motorcycle and drive a car with full alert and watching out for road safety.

Leg strength

The major part of your body that will likely develop when you are riding a bike on a regular basis is your leg and the lower body. That said, biking enables you to strengthen your leg muscle without going into the gym or even over-stressing them. Biking targets your hamstrings, calves, glutes, and quads.

But if you want to make your leg get stronger, you can try leg presses, squats, lunges, and other weightlifting exercises. This is great if you want to take your biking to the next level.

Also, doing these exercises will likely increase your cycling performance. That’s why athletes go for a bike ride for building their leg strength.

Boosts Mental Health

It’s really amazing how cycling can ease and alleviate your mental health problems, such as depression, stress, or anxiety. Cycling helps you clear out your mind and only focusing on the road which creates mindfulness and awareness at the same time. This will definitely help you if you have an ongoing problem in life, work, and every other thing.

So, if you are feeling lethargic, stressed, or anxious, just go out and go on cycling for at least 10 to 20 mins. Because biking also releases endorphins which alleviates your stress level. that’s why the more stressed you are the more time you should go on bike riding.

It’s a Cardiovascular Exercise

Diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, stroke, and heart attack, are the common enemy of the people. In order to prevent any of these, you should at least take a bike and go on cycling on a regular basis.

Because cycling improves and stimulates the circulation of blood, lungs, and greatly improves the heart, also preventing you experience other cardiovascular diseases.

Cycling not only strengthens your leg but also your heart muscles and even decreases the blood fat level.

There is research conducted that people who ride a bike regularly have a low chance of having these diseases than car commuters. Because cyclers greatly improve their lungs while the car commuters are not.

An Excellent Workout For Beginners

The bike is for everyone doesn’t matter what age are you or your experience level. This is the easiest and highly effective form of exercise.

Plus, this can take you from far-flung places without the needing for gas. All you need is energy and lots of stored food while on the road. But be careful to overeat because it’s not advisable, you may end up throwing up.

That said, if you are new to the world of workout, then this is the tool you want in order to stay fit and have healthy well-being. As you gain more experience in cycling, you will increase your strength and your pace.

You can even try trail biking if you are up for it. So if you have a friend or maybe yourself, who wants to work out, then biking is your starting place.

Weight Management

The easiest way to reduce your weight is through cycling. If you don’t like going to the gym and take some weight loss supplements, then your last resort is cycling. Because every time you ride on a bike and spend at least an hour or two on a daily basis, you will see an amazing improvement.

But be sure to combine it with a healthy eating plan. This is one of a most comfortable forms of exercise. What great about this is you can vary your cycling pace which can be changed from slow to fast and vice versa.

If you cycle twice a day, there’s an undeniable fact that your weight loss plan will succeed. Keep in mind that you need to be consistent and combine it with a healthy diet plan for better results.

types of mountain bike handlebars — Top 5 Must Know!

Now, going back to the topic, are we talking about the best brand here? We are actually talking about mountain bike handlebars types only and their specific function. A brand can be subjective because it’s all about a matter of personal preference. But the important thing you must know is how these handlebars differ from each other.

Flat Bar

Probably this is the most common and standard type of bar for a bicycle. Technically, flat bars are actually not flat at all, some are slightly bent.

This type of bike part is popular among experienced and beginner riders because of its versatility. When it comes to availability, these flat bars are always on the market and their price range can go from cheap to expensive depending on the material and the brand you are buying.

Plus, this can fit in all types of bikes even for a low-end mountain bike. This is far cheaper than road components. The brake levers are easy to access.

Flat bars are more comfortable according to some bike riders and it’s great for beginners for posture training. Not to mention, the grips of the handlebars are easy because it’s fir and ergonomic allowing you to fully control your bike.

Most entry-level mountain bikes feature flat bars. Because it’s very accessible and easy to handle. Suitable for new riders and noncyclists. It’s comfortable because of the riding position and greater visibility.

Although the downside of this is the aerodynamics. Although it’s great for posture when it’s slow speed, once you speed up for about 15 to 20 mph, it will drag you slowly. But to avoid this, you can crouch down for a bit, however, maintaining the position is hard especially for new riders.

Drop Bar

When it comes to bike enthusiasts, drop bars are always popular due to their versatility, greater balance, and also visual appeals. The drop bars are similar to flat bars only the end of each side is curved downwards and towards the rider. This is great for cyclists and road bikers. Because the essential feature of drop bars is the aerodynamic advantage.

That’s why if you are going to observe some seasoned or experienced cyclists, they favor drop bars because using this type of handlebar can greatly increase your efficiency and pace.

Unlike a flat bar, the drop bar is designed to allow you to reduce the drag and crouch down. Drop bars are handy especially when you are descending a hill or riding into the wind.

Drop bar’s main highlights are, highly versatile, excellent for aerodynamics, an advantage for increased pedaling, they are visually appealing.

Most of all, drop bars offers more hand positions namely on the bars, on the hoods, and in the drops. This will provide great comfort especially if you are on a long ride.

But they are downsides when using the drop bars, these are, shifting gears can be more difficult, the components of the drop-bar are more fragile, they aren’t controllable compared to flat bars.


Similar to drop bars, but this time the curved is upwards but towards the rifer. A bullhorn is also quite similar to a flat bar and similar to a drop bar (because of the curved end).

Bullhorn handlebars are for aggressive riding experience. When it comes to visual appearance, this handlebar is more of an athletic look. But the control is steadily gaining more aerodynamic with high speed.

Bullhorns are also efficient for riders. The handles are perfect for decreasing the wind drag and make your pace faster. If you want to take an uphill course, this handlebar will definitely fit your cycling course. Because this allows you more power exertion and you can pedal with little effort.

The materials of bullhorn definitely don’t come from cheap materials. They are made from aluminum which is lightweight, rustproof, and for better control. The appeal of this for bike enthusiasts is enticing because they look too classy, edgy, and very stylish.

But bullhorns are preferable for road bikes and off-road riding. Also, bullhorns are much preferred by fixie riders because of being comfy, upright feel, and allow more control, especially on the road.

The only disadvantage of this bullhorn is it’s hard to curve which gives you less leverage compared to flat bars. Bullhorns are also rigid and there’s a chance of snagging especially when you are in tight spots.

Cruiser Bar

Cruiser handlebars are usually an excellent choice for city dwellers and urban riders. It’s among the handlebar that’s very simple but it’s very stylish making you a hipster.

In addition, you will often find this kind of handlebar in Japan and in Europe. The fact that the aesthetic really and really blend with the countryside. That said, cruiser bars are for short distances and ideal for a quick run for a convenience store.

It’s suited for casual riders who want to explore the city districts or go to the nearest beach and other equally smooth terrains.

Cruiser bars are not for sports nor ideal for long rides because the mountain back is heavy and it’s not ideal for off-road or uphill courses. Also, the overall handling of this is difficult. Comparing to bullhorns, drop bars, and flat bars, the level of maneuverability of this is somewhat low.

But overall, they may not perfect for trail biking or long ride courses, but they sure are useful whenever you are going for a quick city tour or go to the nearest beach or run for a quick shopping at your nearest grocery. Although, the material of the cruiser bars is usually metal which is built to last they will rust if not maintained properly.

Riser Bar

A riser bar is just a modification of a flat bar. As the name suggests, the mountain bike handlebar rises upward on each side and the design is from a flat bar. The backward sweep angle is around 7 to 9 degrees. This is commonly or mainly used in trail biking. This is very much controllable than flat bars especially if you are an extreme or exhibitionist rider.

A riser bar allows you more control and leverage. That said, twist, turns, and even bunny hopping is easier because the bar is raised which requires you less consumption of energy. You can easily handle and run through debris, rocky roads, and winding roads.

This handlebar offers more ergonomics and grip power. Riser bars make you sit farther which gives you less weight. This helps riders with risk problems and with the design of the handlebar, it will allow relieving the strain or stress in the wrist. Also, if you are a freestyle rider, this is definitely what you need to install in your mountain bike.

Because not only you have much more control over your bike, it also gives you less weight allows you to perform some stunts and tricks. But these is the most preferred types of mountain bike handlebars of riders.

One of the common downsides of this is the high price point. Also, the handlebar is wider than flat bars which likely to snag bushes, twigs, and tree trunks. In addition, this is only ideal for trail riding not for the road because this offers bad aerodynamics.

Tips on Choosing the Right Handlebars


The depth and shape of the handlebar will affect the lever, although most levers are adjustable. That said, it’s best to choose carefully and determine what’s fit for you.

Of course, at first, this will involve some trial and error until the time you understand your comfortability with the reach. Also, almost all bars are adjustable so, you can just adjust according to your own comfort.


This is among the biggest dilemma of both new and experienced riders, especially for riders who are upgrading their handlebars. Although the most commonly used material is aluminum because it’s more affordable, lightweight, and rustproof, some have their preference towards carbon handlebars.

Because it’s lighter than alloy but this is one of the sturdiest materials at the moment. For the price, well you know carbon is more expensive than alloy.


Aero roads created a buzz in the bike community because it’s much more controlled and you have more aerodynamics compared to drop bars. Also, they are great for decreasing drag. Most cyclists will favor aerodynamic over aesthetics and appeal.

Because if the handlebar has more aerodynamic, they can cut through the air almost easily, and also it makes them more comfortable be it uphill or downhill.

These qualities and types of mountain bike handlebars are what makes your pace good and even your posture.

Final Thoughts

What do you think these types of mountain bike handlebars are ideal for you? Each of them has its own purpose. Some handlebars are superior to the others. But at the end of the day, what matters is how you are comfortable and enjoying the experience when using the handlebar.

It’s not easy to upgrade or buy bike parts because it deals a huge amount of time of making decisions. Because you need to consider all of the factors, such as the material, aerodynamics, and the reach. Always keep in mind that before you buy your handlebar, make sure it will fit on the type of terrain you are going to ride.

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