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Why Did My Car Breakdown – 10 Reasons to Check Out!

The car that immediately breaks down is a real nightmare. This is actually true for driving out on a long journey. When this happens, the initial response of the driver is to panic especially in terms of the cost of repair. Yet, the important thing is to know the reason why my car breakdown.

There is actually a number of reasons behind that car breakdown. And, in this blog post, you can generally find it all out! So, come and read with us!

Various Reasons Why did My Car Breakdown

Most cars today are mechanically powered by marvelous engineering which makes them complex and highly computerized. However, even so highly powered cars can still experience breakdown for some time. Here are the most common causes why did my car breakdown:


Initially, one of the primary reasons why did my car breakdown is due to its battery. Usually, during the winter season, car batteries tend to be faulty. Remember that having an issue with the car battery may not allow you to start up your car. It is actually the car battery that gives power to the starter motor. Meanwhile, the engine switches on the alternator which will then recharge the battery.

Moreover, the battery of the car may also tend to be flat. This battery problem is generally due to lights being left while the engine is already shut off. Aside from that, the car battery may also encounter issues of shutting down because of a number of short trips or poor connection of electricity.

Here are the most common causes of flat car batteries:

  • Unused car for a period of time or car used for short trips
  • Defective component
  • The issue with the charging system of the car
  • Damage to the battery itself
  • Old battery age

2- Keys

why did my car breakdown

Actually, when you are on a highway and ask yourself for the reason why did my car breakdown because of lost keys, this will end you up thinking that it is technically impossible. However, lost keys, keys left lock inside the car, or damaged keys may be factors to prevent your car from going out somewhere. Old school technique to deal with this issue is to ask for the assistance of a locksmith.

Well, in these modern days, computerized cars have keys with embedded microchips. These are designed for the purpose of preventing your car from being stolen. And, that makes it difficult for you to replace the car key once lost. Lost or trapped keys is actually one of the major causes behind the question of why did my car breakdown.

3-Tires and wheels

If the keys are there and the car battery is okay, you may keep on thinking about the reason behind why did my car breakdown. Damaged tires should not be excluded from the list, anyway. In general, punctures due to a sharp object are the main cause of tire damage. However, other reasons may include:

  • Failure of the tire’s valve
  • Hitting a curb or deep pothole
  • Separation of the tire and rim due to collision
  • Old tire age because of worn thread

4-Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF

Usually, the DPF or the Diesel Particulate Filter is a component of an exhaust system within the diesel engine vehicles. It acts normally by trapping fine particles from soot and will eventually burn them into a less harmful form of gas. This process is known as regeneration. The DPF looks after itself and does its job. However, taking a number of short journeys may generally lead to the blockade of DPF.


Generally, AdBlue is a car additive that assists in the lowering of nitrogen oxide emissions from the exhaust. That lowering process normally utilizes SCR or the Selective Catalyst Reduction. The AdBlue is also commonly known as the urea or the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Topping it up regularly is actually needed to make it work properly. Moreover, the engine will not start up and the car will breakdown if this fluid runs out.

6-Engine oil

why did my car breakdown

Another reason that causes a car breakdown is the wrong engine oil level which is highly damaging to the car’s engine. On the other hand, it is also risky to have too much oil as same as having low oil. In case you are driving using diesel with DPF, expect oil dilution once DPF regeneration doesn’t take place. This will generally lead to a serious problem with the engine and require changing of the oil.


Damage to the alternator may usually lead to persistent problems in the car’s battery. Moreover, this is also the main responsible for the dim headlights during idling of the car’s engine. Why did my car breakdown due to a faulty alternator may also come from a broken belt that controls the alternator and water pump? This normally takes place when there is an ignition of the warning light and the temperature of the car’s engine quickly rises.

8-Fuel issue

Sometimes, the majority of drivers tend to put the wrong fuel in their car’s engine. Believe it or not, this normally happens to about 133,000 drivers annually. Incorporating the wrong fuel is usually one of the reasons behind your query why did my car breakdown.


The most common cause why did my car breakdown is overheating. You may generally know that there is a problem with the car engine or its cooling system in case the temperature warning light is on. Moreover, the car will also breakdown if it runs out of fuel.

Additionally, there are also instances when you stop the car immediately after the startup. This will lead to the engine flooded with fuel. Most likely, this happens during the cold season

10-Starter motor

The car’s starter motors have these tough and robust characteristics. However, they may even fail in the long run.

Avoiding the Reasons for My Car Breakdown

Now that you know the reasons for having a car breakdown, it will be very easy for you to determine the ways on how you will avoid them from occurring. Well, for me, following the below tips generally helped me from preventing my car breakdown frequently. See how these will also help you from keeping away from this kind of car problem.

*Negate a flat battery

In order for you to keep away from experiencing a flat battery, always remember to turn everything off once you leave the car. Yet, simple removal of the ignition key doesn’t mean that you already switched off the lights. Thankfully, modern-day cars have an alert sound for a ‘lights on’ mode once you open the car door.

Moreover, consider charging your car battery overnight on every 2 weeks schedule. Keep in mind that without frequent long journeys, the battery of the car doesn’t have that chance of getting charged. In case you bring your car into a car service, part of their job is to check for the security of connections and determining if the battery terminals are still clean and keep from corrosion.

Additionally, also remember that car batteries do have a shelf life. Their service can last for only about 3 to 5 years. Beyond that time, you will be borrowing additional time for it. So, it is better to replace the car batteries before it fails you.

*Visit the car’s authorized dealer

 In case the car keys will be trapped inside the car or get lost, the assistance of the locksmith will no longer do the trick anymore. For the innovative designs and features of modern-day cars, you have to go to your authorized car dealer in case this happens. Another helpful tip to deal with this is to keep a spare key to your car at home. However, that won’t also be of big help is the car breakdown in a far distance from home.

*Check the tires for any signs of damage

Normally, hitting the curb or pothole really causes damage to the tires. And, in case you hit once, it is advisable to look after your car’s wheels and rims immediately. Moreover, it will also help if you will talk to a tire dealer specialist as soon as possible if there is any presence of tire damage.

*Change the flat tire

If a flat tire is the cause of the car breakdown, it is actually better to replace the tire right away. Well, doing so is really straightforward. Moreover, if you will be replacing a flat tire, make sure that you have jack or wheel removal tools that are in good condition and easily reachable. In the case of a spare tire, check if it correctly inflated before replacing the flat one.

There are cars that have available post-puncture sealant rather than a spare tire. The sealant works by injecting it into the valve. However, this is just a temporary repair so you still need to replace the flat tire.

*Keep away from clogged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Here’s how you can prevent the DPF from clogging:

  1. Have your car run in the motorway on a weekly basis.
  2. Drive the car at motorway speeds for a serviceable period the moment you notice the warning lights on. That way, the overloading of the DPF will be cleared out.
  3. Check on the vehicle handbook for the proper instruction of maintaining the cleanliness of the DPF.

*Top up the AdBlue regularly

As we’ve mentioned, topping up the level of the AdBlue is generally important to prevent car breakdown. Always check the mileage countdown to make sure that the AdBlue level is not yet running out. During refilling, be very cautious not to mix up the tank of the AdBlue from the fuel.

*Always inspect the engine oil

Aside from checking the AdBlue level, it is also crucial to inspect the engine oil through the dipstick. Normally, the amount of oil that lies between the top and bottom line is 1 liter. In checking, make sure that the oil’s level is in the middle of the two lines. Don’t forget to do this regularly. Also, check the car’s handbook for the correct specification of the oil.

*Make sure you’re using the correct fuel

Well, mistakenly using the wrong fuel is the easiest one to commit that leads to car breakdown. It is very simple to avoid this, just double-check the pump nozzle prior to pulling off the trigger. It is also color-coded – green is for petrol and black is designated for diesel. Moreover, the nozzle for the diesel tends to be larger.

*Don’t let to run out of fuel

Most of the time, the car’s engine needle goes on the red or creates a beeping sound when the fuel is running out. Yet, overestimating the amount of fuel left on the tank is actually easy. With that, it is advisable not to depend on the car’s display alone. The best accurate way to do with this, especially if your tank is low is the following:

  • Fill the fuel tank as soon as possible
  • To up one day prior to a long journey

*Avoid your car from overheating

Below are tips to consider keeping your car away from overheating:

  1. Check and always top up the car’s coolant regularly.
  2. Also, don’t forget to inspect the cooling fan of the car.
  3. Look for any leaks the moment you notice a drop on the coolant levels.
  4. For a modern cooling car system, it does not require a top-up. With this, just simply check it out in the garage.

Final Thoughts

There is actually a long list of why the car breakdown and generally all cars may be affected with some kind of issues. Thankfully, those causes of car breakdown are all easy to fix and deal with. Just don’t forget to follow the tips stated above. Moreover, it is really crucial not to forget to ask for the assistance of a car service or authorized vehicle dealer if the problem tends to be technical. Doing it all will definitely help you avoid experiencing the embarrassment of having a breakdown.